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KG’s Blog Post #17 – 9/22/09 1:19am

From CT to all of you,

Closing in on my day of golf with my friends at the fund raiser they have organized for me in Ct.  This is really good news, but the really bad news is i had to fly.  The air pressure sent my leg into shock and i paid the price.  I felt like Ike Clanton at the OK Corral.  On top of that i have had two awful nights with the leg, which i do not understand.

But the worst part of the trip was when i was walkn in the Charlotte airport when it suddenly hit me like a brick wall – i was really alone – my two mostly loving girls were really both gone.  In the last 8 years i may have been away from both of them a grand total of 30 days and now gone.  I was walkn & crying down the corridor.  I must have looked like a complete fool.

Will try & keep you posted this week even if they are quick hits.  Take care my friends.  8 days to go for my new boy!!!  Bam-Bam was given to me as a name.  But, no good – i might yell out O Bama, sit!


= = = = = = = = =
[PS, Everybody: I’m an idiot and had to look up Ike Clanton: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ike_Clanton  Great Story – I assume there was a Movie! – Col.]

6 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #17 – 9/22/09 1:19am”

  1. You are as brave as they come~~~I am honored to have met you, to know you and hopefully know you for a long time.
    Oceans of Love and LOTS of respect

  2. Sandman says:

    Green Machine , Sorry to hear about the tough trip to Ct. My daughter wanted me to send her pick for your new boy…..”Lucky”……have a great time up there this week. Sandman

  3. Dick Lallos says:

    Greetings from Russia.We arrived at 7 AM and will spend the day. Enjoy the tournament and have a drink for me.

  4. Ralph Jognston says:

    Hope all goes well in CT, I’m sure it will. Look forward to seeing you in Ormond Beach.

  5. package says:

    Hello Pro..glad to have you in CT. 11:03 on Friday at Richter, Bring your good leg. You and Chablee vs Ertz (if he doesn’t fall off another bicycle) and myself since Chablee is probably the best player in the group – hahaha (wow! that’s like saying Helen Keller had 20/20)…who loves ya.!


  6. Jack Garamella says:

    Welcome back to your home base. You will be as good as gold by Monday. Good move coming early. Troops: the article on Ike Clanton may make you glaze over – Beware.

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