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KG’s Blog Post #18 – 9/24/09 12:20pm

Hello all good people,

Just a quick note from CT.  It’s been a rough few days but we seem to have turned the corner.  I really hope they can freeze my nerve issues as it is just downright pitiful.

Look forward to finally seeing everyone.  On a point of complete proof that i no longer have any marbles in the tank, I stopped by the house i grew up in, and just stared at it for awhile -more tears – this tear thing is really whacked.

I hope to go out and swing the weapons soon, so I’ll keep you posted on day two in the legless world.

I’ll leave you with one more point of proof that all my marbles are in the Mississippi swamp land:  I will break 80 from the back tees when i play Richter Park and my mentally challenged friend Sir Package will lose.

Be good & swing harder,

10 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #18 – 9/24/09 12:20pm”

  1. Hack says:

    Just in case you haven’t heard of Manuel de los Santos, it may be of interest to you: http://golftwitt.com/oneleg

  2. GolfGirl says:

    It great to see you blogging and getting back out on the golf course. I live in Danbury and have been blogging about golf for a couple of years now. It’s a great way to get word out about our pretty area and courses. All the best.

  3. McElbee says:

    Just beer Vee.

  4. Lindsay says:

    thats great hearing that you are in connecticut! :) !!!
    i will see you at the tournament on monday!!
    bet you cant wait because i know i cant!!!
    hopefully your feeling better:)

  5. Brett Hooper says:

    Props to Ken Green. Thank god there are still men like you in this world.

  6. Vee says:

    Keep it up Mcalbee, don’t forget I have 1 major and and a half this year with partners( “The Husky One” and “Bags”.) Yes Package, it’s right about now i am awaiting your comments also.I better call Wes and make sure there is enough ” Vodka ” left @ Chuck’s for the weekend as, i”m sure Mr. Mcalbee drained a few.

  7. Bob Carbone, Danbury, CT says:


    I don’t want to sound like I know what your are going through, but I beleive the emotions you express are very normal; rest assured that your “marbles” are all intact. If I can offer any encouragement, it is that TIME has a wonderful way of healing all wounds. It will take time, but rest assured you do not face your journey alone. You are loved by many for who you are, not out of sympathy, but for all the good you have done for others and will continue to do.

    Looking forward to seeing you Monday; I will be one of many honored persons to have volunteered to help at the tournament.


  8. Carroll Blackledge says:

    Hello from the th Mississippi swampland! Glad you are making progrss. Glad you are swinging the club! Really enjoyed the GD article. We are praying/pulling for you down south!…c.b.

  9. McElbee says:


    As we discussed at Chuck’s last night, I think an appropriate kickoff to Monday’s event should be dueling eight irons on the first tee.

    You against Vee to see who can really hit an eight iron 120 yards. I’m backing the “One Legged Wonder”.


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