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KG’s Blog Post #19 – 10/4/09 11:03am

My Friends,

It has been long since I’ve blogged but it will be worth the wait.  First, I will tell you about Monday in CT.  It was the most pivotal moment in my life.  I have never been humbled as much as that day – the support and love from all was amazing.  What my friends have done for me is beyond comprehension – i will never give up in my effort to play professional golf.  This i promise you all – i will play professional golf again – not exactly sure when though.

D Feherty was his classic self – his jokes were unrepeatable.  The pros who showed up will forever have my admiration – they all were so good with my friends – it was just awesome.  Jaime Garamella had a classic musical composition of my good & bad times in life.

I’m not sure how else i can describe the day.  I thank all who gave their money and also those who helped with the day.  But especially all who just showed me love – corny but true.  It was just a phenomenal day – M Goodman, G Michaels, C Landry, G Begler, W Mcelree, D Baker have my love for life for organizing and coordinating the whole day, although i admit this under many pills, so my judgment may be impaired.

Now for the news on Mr. Munch – also known as the german shepard from Texas.  The trip from Dallas was long but different.  He is only 9 weeks old & already seems to be poop trained.  If my new friend had not helped me with the trip, Munch & I would still be stuck in Mississippi.

My leg will be fitted with a new socket with a vacuum system, which will allow me to walking better & swing a club.  I look forward to this next step.  The nerve pain is still disgusting at times, but i feel the doctors will be able to freeze my nerves, which will be a life saver.

Thank you all for caring and I pray that I will never let you down.  I will fight till the end of days.


7 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #19 – 10/4/09 11:03am”

  1. Mike Durkin says:


    You were terrific at the tournament. There are clearly a lot of great people who are behind you. Keep up the hard work and I know there will be many other great moments in your life – just like there was a Ridgewood.

  2. Larry Eaton,PGA Professional says:

    Larry Eaton,PGA Professional says:

    October 6, 2009 at 3:56 pm
    As Head Golf Professional at Grand Lacuna Golf & CC in Lake Worth, FL, and a former Tour caddy (’82-84) I knew Ken Green while on tour, as I also was from Connecticut. And although he was, quite often, hard to get along with, Ken NEVER had a bad thing to say to me. If I can do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to help Danny St. Louis, Dir. of Golf at The Breakers West , and to assist him with this GREAT undertaking, please let me know. My cell # is 561-302-0622.
    Regards and God Bless You.
    Larry Eaton
    Head Golf Professional
    Grand Lacuna G & CC
    Lake Worth, FL.

  3. Todd Blosser says:

    Hello Ken,

    My name is Todd Blosser I’m a amputee right leg above the knee. I have been playing golf since the day I had the stitches taken out and playing on the Amateur tour. It can be done! I made a goal for my self when I lost my leg and that was to be the first above knee to play on the tour. There are so many really good golfers that are amputee’s, but you have the one thing that they don’t have is the drive. Like my self It’s all I think about every minute of everyday to get to that level. I play for Team Hanger in CT maybe we can work together and teach people about how being an amputee isn’t the end. I give golf clinics at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford,CT to amputee’s, Stroke and People confied to wheel chairs. I will try my best to get down to West Palm to play in your tournament and we could show the world amputee’s can hang with the two leggers. So if you ever need a fourth let me know! and Congrats on your tournament in CT.

  4. package says:

    Pro, ditto and back at you…we love you man! As you know, I’m not one for many words but as soon as you get fitted with the new high-tech light-weight-aluminum-alloy-22-turning-positions-progolfer-model leg with responsive reciprocal mobility, calibrated by the Bureau of Standards Chapter 09 Division of Weights and Measures…You can have a rematch.

  5. Pam McCarthy says:

    That made my day!! I love how so many of your friends were there to support you. You are amazing. I am proud to say that I am a friend of yours. I can’t wait to meet Mr. Munch. Sounds like all your days are filled with adventure.

  6. Ralph Johnston says:

    Keep up the good fight – we’ll see you on the course.

  7. Chuck Almond says:

    Hi Ken,
    Great to hear that all went so well at the golf outing! Congratulations on the new puupy and more importantly the great attitude and inspiration you are showing!
    Hope to see you soon at the Dog track.

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