KG’s Blog Post #194 – 10/20/13 6:59pm (Golfing/Pumping, Macy Recovering)

Well the world was 4 miles from the dreaded meteor blast, so I figured I’d give you a quick update before it returns and wipes us into dusty humans.


I’ve finally started golfing and it’s a bit shaky but getting better each time. I also have done a few exercises for the upper body and quickly realized that my son’s new baby to come is stronger. I look forward to teach him how to golf assuming meteor man misses.


I now must tell you of the continuing Green jinx. My rescue dog Macy, who has been a blessing for the Munch dog by the way. She was rolled over by a vehicle. I watched in utter horror has she was struck head on by the car and dragged under the car. I truly thought she was dead. She was stuck in the grill and after somehow pulling her out we put her on the side of the road. We all assumed she was dead ‘cause there was not a movement or breathing. We were counseling the young lady who was in tears when I saw her eyes blinking. I then rushed her to the hospital an after repairing the broken femurs & multiple plates in her body she is semi stable. It will be a long recovery but at least she has a chance.


This was an accident, but it was my fault. I put her in the van and Munch and I went to bring in the garbage can. Munch listens so I wasn’t concerned about the road. I didn’t shut the gate because I knew Macy was in the van. Somehow the door opened and she came out running and I wasn’t able to stop her when I saw her before the accident. I’m so glad she has a good chance of a good recovery because this has opened up so many windows from my past it’s scary.  The emotions have set the nerves in my leg off like the old days. Nasty stuff. The nervous system in my body needs to be donated to the psycho science ward.


So Macy has a tough couple of months and I will keep trying to improve the golf game. I believe the leg will return to just hurting when I calm down. Anyway I hope all is well in your world and you all have a good Halloween.



PS: Tell me it’s not strange to have a guy win a tournament in October that counts for next year but will get you in the first Tournament of Champions event that’s supposed to be for the following year but really it’s this year. Who’s on first?

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  1. Brenda Roberts says:

    your PS is a pisser

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