KG’s Blog Post #195 – 10/23/13 3:19pm (Brandel/Tiger, Macy doing Better)

It’s baby sit day in my bedroom while I hang with the Macy dog. So, with that in mind, I watched TV all day and watched first take on ESPN where the Tiger & Chamblee incident popped up. I’m not sure where to start but it’s going to be longish. Skip Bumless and Stephen Sour are complete idiots regarding this subject, most of the time actually.  Tiger is not a cheater, but let’s be honest here folks, he has clearly been having a rough stretch when it comes to the rule world. I’m baffled has to how he has made the mistakes he has been making most recently, but it’s from carelessness I feel and not the cheater gene.

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I’m not a pycho Doc, but when you feel you are above the rest on the planet, does that mean you make these kinds of errors?  You dig your own holes so to speak due to your behavior. The errors he’s made this year that gave him those penalties were pure stupidity and I’m not sure how else to say it. Now I’m a complete idiot, but to my knowledge I don’t ever remember getting zapped like that in my whole career. This may shock you but I would be willing to say that myself and most every pro out there has probably violated the rule of golf and didn’t even know it. That happens more than we realize but because we don’t know it, we don’t believe it. Who’s on first?


I’ve beat up Chamblee a few times but he has nothing to apologize for – he’s entitled to his opinion. As golf goes, Tiger had a really good year. As blunders goes he had a Tiger year, normal. The old Tiger used to boycott a channel or writer if he heard you say something bad about him, so it will be interesting to see how he handles it now. As for the agent referring to suing, he’s full of crap, Tiger is a public figure so that pretty much wipes out that thought. I truly feel the only reason the media world beat him up so much when he was doing the horny golfer show was because it was their turn for payback for all the time he was the supreme ruler of how things were dictated by Tiger.


There is another legendary golfer out there that everyone knew was enjoying himself whenever he could, but because he treated the media with dignity and respect they never let that cat out of the bag. The really sad thing about the Tiger incidents is that he could’ve used all these incidents to show the world how much he has changed as a person and evolved as a person. How you react to adversity, small or big, tells you all you need to know as a person. To date, he has just shown us that he still feels he’s above the average guys like you and me.  He’s still young and he could do so much for golf and people so to date I refuse to believe he can’t accomplish more by doing even more great things on and off the course. I’m wrong a lot though.


Three straight rounds of golf under par by the way, no more than two but not bad. I’m also thinking of playing a small event in Bermuda in December, because I need to retool the way my brain thinks in tournament golf. I must stop thinking swing thoughts and putting strokes while playing and to date I suck at that. I’ve got to stop laying in bed – it clearly causes diarrhea of my mouth. Good day. Macy doing bit better too!



4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #195 – 10/23/13 3:19pm (Brandel/Tiger, Macy doing Better)”

  1. Marc Sichel says:

    Looking forward to more good news reports on the course. Always appreciate your honesty.

  2. Tom Hyde says:

    Still can’t figure out the Masters. Tiger knows the rules too good to take that drop. By the way, I haven’t broken par (3) times in my life. Keep punching!

  3. John Viniello says:

    I agree Tiger is not a cheat….however at the Master’s Joey should have stopped him from making a wrong drop….gald you and Macy are on the mend…I think you might be able to tell some of these Prima Donna’s on tour and on ESPN a couple of thing about handling adversity…You have a PHD in that department partner Johnny V

  4. Brenda Roberts says:

    Well, I enjoyed that except I think he cheated on purpose to win.
    Glad Macy is doing better – that had to have been so painful.

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