KG’s Blog Post #197 – 11/21/13 9:21pm (I appear to be on a Hole-in-1 Roll)

Xmas has come early for the 1-legged mental midget. I’ve managed to close the gap on hole in ones. The 13-1 edge has been altered to 13-2. Yes indeed, I managed to drain another one. A sweet 7-iron that was screaming out in flight I’m going in duck.


The really good news is that I just spent 2 days in Orlando with Stan the protho man. I’ve been pounding him for 3 years on trying to make some more alterations so I might be able to clear my hips and drive down with my right knee and foot. We have tried many ideas but he has shot the duck right out of the water with this one. He now makes the socket in 3 phases, which allows him to shape it such that now I’m able to actually rotate and pivot down with my right knee in the downswing. I know it sounds uninteresting but to me it’s a scream at the top of my lungs story. For the first time I actually can hit down on the ball with my irons and flight it with some spin & control. I’ve mentioned that distance control is an issue and now I’ve cut that problem in half. I played today for the first time and I was using the heavy computer controlled leg which was hard but incredibly successful. When my new mini foot socket is done, I think I will be able to fire that side even better which will give me even more power. The heavy one is 5.5 lbs more, so you can image it’s not so easy to fire it down.


The fun thing is now have to develop swing #104 since the adventure began because now I’ll be somewhere between the new funky swing I have now and the old ugly swing thing I used to have. It was orgasmic hitting some iron shots with a thud vs the slapping spank shot I’ve been hitting.


So now I will give you some info on my pyscho dog Macy and her adventures on healing. Her leg breaks are great but her road rashes are not. Infections have set in so back we went to the vet where they had to put her down to clean it all out, but that was not a Cesar Millan moment. Her refusal to let the vets get anywhere near her was wild for sure. Two hours it took to get her to finally pass out – 3 different shots of the sleeping juice before she dropped. I can’t tell you how much I admire her fight to live. It was impressive how despite being out she would somehow create an adrenaline rush to try & bite and fight off her perceived killers.


That’s my news for the moment. Oh wait. I’m not sure how many amputees read this but if you are one and a below knee who wants to have more ability to bend your knees or play better golf you would be a fool not to look into this. Whether a golfer or not your life will be easier.


Mr. 13-2 out.


PS: I forgot, I’m not too sharp when I’m on a high of hope. We also have a proto type of a foot that will have some rotors in it that can split the foot in half that will hopefully allow me to get my toes up on the ground like a ballerina or a good golfer. It’s a mini long-shot, but again if we don’t keep fighting you can never reach your goal. If we fail I will stay on him to make sure he uses his brain to create the best possible leg we can devise.

3 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #197 – 11/21/13 9:21pm (I appear to be on a Hole-in-1 Roll)”

  1. Mike Towle says:

    You planning on taking up ballet sounds like.

  2. Brenda Roberts says:

    Good, good, good for you! And that woman in your life (Macy).

  3. John Viniello says:

    Great news all around happy holidays will call you week of 2/3/14 to see if you can play with us at Lake Nona…on 2/7 9:00 AM stay well JAV

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