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KG’s Blog Post #2 – 7/16/09

Hello all – me again – i’m not sure if i’m supposed to be blogging so much! but i’m kinda stuck in bed with not much to do so i might has well bother you guys. today will be a mini update on where i’m at.

1. I currently still have a monster cut in my head – i could easily play in a horror film as a victim of the dreaded ax to the head.

2. To add color to my role in the horror flick i have this scar right under my left eye and some orbital damage under the eye (no clue what that means).

3. I have a special smile now – missing some teeth and chipped many others, plus there’s some sort of slide of the teeth – that means i can’t eat real well, talking funny but clearly i’m as good looking as i was before this horror flicking started. that covers my head.

4. My supposedly good leg – Mr. left foot was jealous of the lack of attention and has created his own issue – medical speak is foreign to me, so in my words we currently have a brace in it for 3 weeks and pray it heals so we don’t need surgery on those whacky tendons and ligaments that are screwed up.

5. Now to my leg – sadly i must admit that i’m in a lot more pain that i thought i would be at this point – i hope it ends soon – the infection that caused so many problems seems to be under control at the moment – i’ve been told that its heal well and may get the stitches out next week sometime.

That pretty much covers my body – my brain is fluctuating – if truth be told i’m really tired of the pain – sadly today is one of those days where my mind constantly thinks of my loved ones that

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i have lost – i assuming these days are natural.

Take care everyone – may your days be good.

6 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #2 – 7/16/09”

  1. Hey Ken,

    Hang in there! My dad and I watched part of Tiger’s tournament last week on TV and talked about you. Stay strong! See you at Ridgewood in September.


  2. Deborah Homan says:

    Family and friends send best wishes to you from Tupelo, Ms.
    You are in my prayers and may I offer encouragement as a nurse and say,”Stay positive and take one day at a time.”
    I thank God for your continued improvement.

  3. Harry Hearns says:

    Man, I almost fall over when I swing with two legs. I am calling shenanigans if I don’t still get 7 shots a side.

  4. Michael Roberts, The Woodlands, TX and Smith County, MS says:


    Becky Bolliger sent me your website link, and I sent my mother to visit you in the hospital in Jackson. Glad to hear you are gone from UMC. Hope to see you in The Woodlands come October!

  5. Howie Busse says:

    You keep on blogging pal! We all think of you ever day and we love to hear from you. With the creativity you have always used in your voicemails I am sure we will be in for some exciting blogs. I am looking forward to it.

    If you want to laugh and see one of your friends in action go to youtube.com and punch in Doug Ramey. There is a nice tribute to him there. Enjoy.

    We can’t wait to see you. Get well and keep being you.


  6. Justin says:

    Blog away! Maybe it will help you feel like we are all alot closer and your recovery won’t feel so lonely
    God bless, may your faith be your strength

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