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KG’s Blog Post #200 – 1/28/14 8:58pm (What are you thinking, Senior Tour? – Sincerely, Col.Gaddy)

I’m about to break my code of Greenism. Never speak while you have emotion in your body. A great friend, Sir Walker from above the USA and those “AY” dudes came over today and pressure cleaned my whole house and walkways. Good exercise for him, but how many gazillionaires would do that kind of hard labor? Anyway I did a few things and then did more stuff after he left and for the last 2.5 hours I went through forking hell.


So why am I an emotional idiot you ask? I opened my emails and found out that I got the Dear John letters and will not be playing in either Florida event. Jay Sigel and John Harris, really? I got pumped out by 2 guys who never played PGA Tour golf, much less win or play on Ryder Cup. I won’t even mention my story again. I will retrace now and tell you that I talked to the tour yesterday and I told them that I’m running out of fight due to the fact that what was supposed to be a slam dunk in getting spots has turned into a ‘go away young man’. I simply said that I know you know the value of me being at an event, but I’m not going to keep getting slapped in the face. I’d like to tell you that it doesn’t hurt when you get bill bonged, but it does. I told them my hope and goal was to play every city once and then I would’ve hit people for the first time and I would walk away into the abyss with my leg hanging high.


I don’t know if I told you this way back when so I’m sorry if I did. When I applied to get my 14 months back, the tour was on my side and they just needed the players to do a formality and we would be good to go. The policy board elected to decline my application because they didn’t want to change things and go through the bells & whistles because they were absolutely positive I would get invites wherever I wanted. I was fortified as you know, but I too thought they were probably right. I truly feel that the powers that be at the tour were surprised by the policy board’s decision because I know they understand the possible PR benefit of getting the story out. The thing is that it’s a selfish world, and I’m sure they are not giving it much thought at all. I’m not mad at them for their mistake but disappointed that they simply took the easy way out and now not much good might happen. I’m so pissed because when I woke up in the hospital and my Sis told me what happened, I decided I was going to take the mess and TRY and do some good with it that. I used it as my sole purpose which has kept me going through all this pain. I was throwing away my ego to be able to do good which is so rare in “us golfers”.


My life has been an unbelievable coaster for sure. When you read or hear about what happened to me as a young boy, and what I did, you will be kind of shocked that so much can happen in one’s life. I’m not bitching at all about it, but I really wanted to try and do something good. I’m not giving up but it will be harder without the tour’s help & guidance. I’m scared I will just give up and enjoy my friends and family who love me dearly. I have the best friends & family on the planet Green. In my stupid brain i feel I’m letting them down. My brain has lost it, no?


I’m so sorry I used you guys to spill out my frustration and anger. I thank you for allowing me to vent. When I was talked into doing this blogo thing, I was reluctant because I was wondering what I could do for someone by writing my insane thoughts down. I mean I could frighten the ship out of people the way I think. Now I’m glad I did it and I try not to do it too much so I don’t bother you guys too much. Writing my bizarre words of Greenism has been good for me and I just don’t want you to forget that please.


Thank you.


4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #200 – 1/28/14 8:58pm (What are you thinking, Senior Tour? – Sincerely, Col.Gaddy)”

  1. David Schroeder says:

    Keep me in mind when the FT Open comes up on your radar screen – we know folks at the MP Foundation and can try to to lend a hand. Would love to see you at Pebble and Del Monte…

  2. Marc Sichel says:

    Ken, you have more “shipmates” than you realize. We hope you keep fighting and playing and getting better. Be ready when the tide turns and the golfing world finds its advantage in falling in love with you for its own benefit. Stay Green!

  3. N.G.Simon says:

    I have to believe the World is being run by selfish, inconsiderate fools who care less about doing what is right. I can understand your pain and disappointment, but I know your stubborn Irish Green heritage will help you fight through this and win! God Bless!

  4. Brenda Roberts says:

    Oh, those stupid bastards.
    Keep your head up, Ken Green!

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