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KG’s Blog Post #202 – 2/16/14 5:24pm (Thinking about Tournaments)

So, I have to ask you guys who live up there in the deep tundra – why? I get those that are stuck there due to their job or other circumstances. Those of you who have a job that can be done down here in the warmer areas of this country, why are you there?  Move an move now an 5 years from now you will be pissed at yourself for not doing it earlier.  Ok, that’s enough of that please don’t take anything I said as being intrusive.


I’m now breathing again. Friday night I can only conclude that something I ate at a Japanese restaurant caused a reaction in my body that was just awful. The pain in my leg was insane, and no matter what pain meds I put in my body it had no impact. My stump became hard as a boner. Sadly I didn’t have the happy ending. (sorry, it’s me and I just had to say what my brain pumps out). It lasted about 40 hours and I’m back to my normal stuff, which now seems like a joy to the world. I had some company and I felt awful that due to my issues – they were kind of stuck but they were very tolerant That’s enough of my bitching.


My pathetic golf continues, but I refuse to stop and say uncle. It’s great to be stupid and stubborn, is it not? I’ve concluded that if The Senior Tour doesn’t want me, maybe I will play a few Web.Com Tour events ( http://www.pgatour.com/webcom.html ).  I know that it would be a 2-round event but, it’s not how good I play, it’s the story and that trumps all, don’t you think? (see: http://www.pgatour.com/webcom/schedule.html ).  I know the event in Boise is doable – it’s only 6700, so I have a chance to maybe shoot a par round. But it’s really the story and trying to give that tournament some early media attention, plus showing people about how you never give up.  I’ve played there before, and I think I can play it without finishing last.


I have to tell you a classic story.  Now that Jeanne’s mom has passed, I will tell you that Jeanne had an awful problem with alcohol. She was caddying for me in Boise one year. I had brought my clubs in the night before to clean them up. When I woke up to go pla,y she said that she put all the clubs in the bag and off we went. I only gave myself about 20 minutes to warm up, so I grab a wedge and a driver and off I went to the range. I teed off and then I the 2nd hole I noticed I only had about 8 clubs in the bag.  I then noticed that she was hammered. So I told her to go get someone to drive you to the RV and come back with the clubs we left behind. I then grabbed a guy from the ropes and off we went. I have no clue what I shot that day, but I didn’t get the rest of those clubs for about an hour, so it was an adventure. I know I didn’t embarrass myself with limited clubs, so maybe I can do the same with no leg. I loved Jeanne and her parents with all my heart by the way. They were my friends before Jeanne and I became a couple.


So me being me, I’ve started to think what Tour event I might be able to not make a fool of myself. I’ve come up with Hawaii, Hilton Head, Colonial, and maybe Hartford. I prefer Hartford but not sure I can handle that one due to the fact their fairways are pretty soft so might be too long. I’m going to play there quite a bit this summer, so I will know if I have a chance. I think Greensboro is having their 75th year and I think it would be 25 years since I won there, so that might be a possibility. Sedgefield is very hilly so that might be an issue, but it’s not terribly long either. I use to play there often when I was living there with Jeanne. Jeanne’s family has been members for quite some time. I would only consider doing a Tour event if I knew I wouldn’t disrespect the game of golf. I would only do it if I improved my game. By that I only mean being healthy and my game is half way decent.


I’m not sure if I’m still have some reactions from the food, so if I am and this blog makes no sense, all I can say is keep reading because some day I will. Am I the only one who thinks Karzai deserves a bullet to the head?! I hope to be walking by Tuesday. Crutches suck you know. Once again I’ve typed away and said little but you like me, don’t you?  Forrest Gump I is.



5 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #202 – 2/16/14 5:24pm (Thinking about Tournaments)”

  1. N.G.Simon says:

    stay positive, and stubborn!! Just read this today, while enjoying [??] the fun everyone’s having at Doral!! Truly a game to challenge the senses!!

  2. Gene Trombley says:

    Try to do what you can to keep plugging away. You are of a benefit to golf more than you think. Also, I’ve been going to the Hartford event every year since I was a teen some forty years or so. Watched you play there quite often awhile back and you were fun to watch. You almost had it one year until the 15th hole. I hope Hartford can find a spot for you which would bring alot of the fans out to see ya!

  3. Ray Van Stone says:

    Ken, congrats on making Golf World’s Top 100 modern day golfers.
    Quite an honor, I’d say.

  4. You’re on target about the weather. Damn groundhog did it again.
    Just keep up the blog if it helps keep you sane, dude. It doesn’t have to make perfect sense anyway!

  5. Brenda Roberts says:

    This made a LOT of sense! And, it is funny you mention Forrest Gump because my grandson has been talking and acting like him a lot lately just to entertain his mom and me. Hope to see you on TV before the year is out.

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