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KG’s Blog Post #22 – 10/31/09 12:15am

Fellow Americans,

My niece Cortney mentioned to me today that I once again have dropped the ball on blogging. So I have gotten off my tail and become a blogger again.

The good news must be given first, Mr. Munch no longer has his cast. He seems to have heeled faster than me. Please check the photos and you will see how cute Mr. Munch is with his cast and without. He is currently 12 weeks old, and weights a mere 35 pounds. His paws look like they belong on a Siberian tiger. That is the news on my honorable new son.

I was imprisoned today at Psycho Stan’s office – we had to replace practically everything. The pump system, the socket, both had to be replaced due to the fact that they were causing too much pain. The new shock rotator in the lower part of the leg turns more than any that I’ve had to date. Which will hopefully in the turning, make the golf swing easier. We had to repair the upper left side of my socket, because my knee was taking a beating every time my right knee tries to come down in the down swing.

I will be out on the golf course this weekend with my nephew Stain the Shane. We play about even now.  I’ll let you know how bad I beat him. He putts like my sister Shell so it shouldn’t be that hard.

The November event seems to be going very well.  There is a wonderful 3 night 6 rounds of golf at Cap Cana Resort in the Dominican Republic. I personally can vouch that the hotel and the golf course are wonderful. If you have an interest in this package give me a call, you will not regret it.

We also have a 2 day pro am with a champion tours player March 22 & 23, with 3 nights stay at Cap Cana plus the usual gift packs and parties. I intend to be playing that week so i would love to have 4 friends come over with me (by the way I will not talk to you that week).

That concludes my blog for evening.  I will keep you posted on how my new leg, and socket perform this weekend.


P.S. Has anyone noticed that the Yankees are in the WORLD SERIES!!
PPS: my speech is still slurred and its starting to piss me off – they say its to meds but my memory & voice say bulldankey.

3 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #22 – 10/31/09 12:15am”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Happy Halloween!!!!!!!
    Good to hear ur feeling better!!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) 8-)
    Glad about Mr. Munch that his cas to gone !!!
    Best of Luck playing golf!


  2. Bigcat says:

    Happy Halloween! Lots of jokes won’t stoop to them. Go away rain and go Phillies! All your rich friends beat me out on the other auctions. Lost the club championship on the 35th hole 3 and 1. Lots of people you don’t know are pulling for you as well. Gotta go eat more candy. Bigcat

  3. Bob Griggs says:


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