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KG’s Blog Post #26 – 12/12/09 1:48pm


Today was a shock to the brain.  I just shot 81 at the Vero Pro-am.  Today was the first time i realized how far away I am from returning to professional golf.

This is very hard to explain, as only I or another pro golfer can understand what it really takes to perform at this level.  I’m not sure what to really do as I just am in shock at how few quality shots i am hitting.

The steps ahead are big and for the first time common sense is entering the brain.  I’m sorry to throw any of this at you guys, but I guess i need to spit out my venom from today.  I just can’t imagine life without playing pro golf again.

Now I must go and fight the battles that are ahead.  Thanks for letting me spit.  That level is along ways off but i will die trying.  Besides playing like dirt, I got soaked too.

Be good and thank u – I will let u know how day two goes…


8 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #26 – 12/12/09 1:48pm”

  1. Craig says:

    Greenie –

    Not to worry! It’s just the first step of a long journey back to where you belong. Honestly, this was quite a bit sooner than you or anyone else thought you would be playing at all, let alone competing in a tournament of any type. Hang in there! Hope day 2 was better. Speak to you when I return from Argentina.

    The Kid

  2. Norman says:

    Del Kinney started me on golf at age 45. I was, of course, horrible. I spent my first few years in the Men’s Club at Richter with only a handful of scores below 90. Del said: “Don’t count your strokes. It will make you too anxious and you will concentrate on a score and that will take away from working on the keys to your swing, etc.” Good advice. A few months later I played with Gene Eriquez at Richter and shot 81. That was an incredibly good score for me. Since then I play a somewhat respectable game. Yes, I know it’s not at a professional level. But, you get the point. I have no doubt that you will play professionally, Ken. You are right, we don’t know what is required to play professionally. We simply have confidence in your ability to invent a swing that works for you. The scores will come when they come. If you get your leg under control, build up your strength, keep up your spirits, practice, and listen to Kostis, good things will happen. We all want to help keep your spirits up. Someone once said that he who wins simply shows up for work every day, putting one foot in front of the other. Tenacity is responsible for far more individual success than brains, education or money.You may have only one foot but you have the resolve of a tiger. That’s what it takes! Keep on keeping on, Ken.

  3. Jim Nelford says:

    Hey Kenny,

    Sometimes, it is better not to count. You and I can both remember times when we were more whole that a 79 or an 80 or even an 81 happened to us. They weren’t fun then either. Don’t be too tough on yourself. It will only eat you up. You are a strong and determined guy, and we all are sitting back and admiring your courage. Stay focused and brush off those minor setbacks. They are only there to make you appreciate the good scores and pure shots you DO hit! The bank of good shot memories you hit from now on need to be built up, and just imagine how fun it will be to execute those. Believe me, those pure ones feel better and better as time goes on. Enjoy the small victories, forget the inevitable setbacks. A short memory for the bad shots and a long memory for the good shots will serve you the best right now, and it will keep you motivated for the future!
    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

  4. Todd Peterson says:

    This day was a rather bitter taste of reality for you. There’s so much to get acclimated to that one can’t really fathom it all at once. This Hogan-esque quest has a lot of turns. You’ve got support here and that’s one thing you can bank on!

  5. Ernie says:

    I agree with the Cajun — you of all of us should know how hard it is to feel confident in your game — you are on a journey – one step at a time – stay focused — I know you will have your swagger back soon…


  6. Tim O'Connor says:

    Hang in there, Ken. You have it in you. It’s going to be a long re-learning process but you can do it!

  7. Ditto Chuck!! You have to crawl before you walk..and you have to walk before you run.
    I just read this article about Patrick Swayze where he talks about his fight with cancer. One of the things he says in the article is
    ” You never know what kind of soldier you will be until you are faced with the fight of your life ”
    I know there is no one out* there that doesn’t believe in you,and I dare say, not one friend that isn’t fighting along side of you in their heart and soul!!
    Kudos to you today …tomorrow is another day…with fresh paper and a brand new box of crayons…
    Waves of ..

  8. Chuck Landry says:

    Stay with it–I know you will eventually get the game back . These are just the first steps on a long journey so be patient and continue to work hard .


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