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KG’s Blog Post #27 – 12/13/09 11:27pm

Good Sunday to all,

Keeping with my creative idiotic poems, I will voice round 2 in such a manner…

I started with a nice Yankee off the tee right into a “stump”,
Left handed i went with my swing and produced a mighty thump.
A quick bogey followed by many more for the front which score me a 41,
One quality shot is all I hit on that damn first nine making me wish i was done.
The driver off the deck on 10 from 215 quickly revived my game to being hot,
Disgust anger and hatred would rear its ugly head on 11 with a slap shank tee shot.
I muffed puffed a putt on 13 for the team from 10 feet and was steamed,
But a quick smile from my team brought my face to a beam.
Followed by a skum-pucking pop up i quickly sent my driver to death against the fence,
The big guy then let me know that i was still dense.
Being the true tiger I am i grabbed a young lady and asked for a kiss,
With love on my side i quickly had a birdie putt that i missed.
Grinding hard and fast i finished with birdies on 2 of my last 3,
Knowing that I ended my day with a satisfying pee.

Somewhere out there is a psychologist who might be able to explain to me what in the hell im saying or thinking.  Feel free to help me – a 79 was my final score.  Truth be told i did actually hit 3 quality shots.  However, I’m still scared at the possibilities that I wont get distance and quality shots back.

Once again i say kudos for you who help and support my quest,


11 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #27 – 12/13/09 11:27pm”

  1. You inspire me to stay strong because I’m dealing with the worst of my tribulations right now, but I know I’ll rise above it.
    I’m a survivor and something in me is too stubborn to give up.
    XO my friend,
    Sharee in Iowa

  2. May the New Year and the new Decade be all that you want it to be, and may it be as kind and gentle to you as a summer breeze <3
    This aired in Europe today ;) .. please click and allow time to load


    Endless Love your way

  3. Bob Carbne says:

    Ken, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I pray that 2010 will be kind to you. Keep up the good work.


  4. Ellen G. says:

    I’m not good at this public forum, but needed to respond. I don’t want you to get down on yourself or second guess your ability or potential. The good shots are there, you’ll just need a bit more time and practice to get them out on the course, patients my friend, keep grinding and don’t give up, because you have NO career as a poet.

    Jim and I think of you always and wish you all the best for a merry Christmas and a pain free, healthy New Year.

  5. Jason Ball says:

    Mr. Green,
    I am hopeful that Tim Finchem will get enough pressure from your peers on the Champions Tour so you can have the remainder of your exemption back. I think your will to succeed is very inspirational and is a tremendous lesson for all of us. Have you thought about trying a return at the Legends? Partnering with Calc or Reid might be a good way of stepping back into this great arena. I wish you the best and I sincerely hope to see you teeing it up at Sahalee in 2010.

  6. Jim says:

    Mate I know the feeling. I have been there, but it gets better. When you get to the point when you realise that your leg issues have nothing to do with your bad shots, you have arrived. Strength will come naturally to a degree, but a bit of exercise does no harm. Early days for you Ken, it has taken me two years to get back to low 70′s. There is nothing wrong with a little impatience. Keep setting and hitting goals.

  7. Rob Pke says:

    Don’t worry about distance or quality– it will all be there in time (sounds vey pontifical, doesn’t it?). There aren’t many folks who would be thinking about what you’re doing, much less doing it AND WITH SUCCESS. Famous Chinese philosopher, One Hung Lo, once said, “It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.” Merry Christmas, friend. Rob Pike

  8. Ralph Johnston says:

    Sounds as though you and I could be quite competative. You still may have to give me a couple of shots – but you always did.

  9. HowNice says:

    Merry Christmas Green. Wishing you the best from the North. Keep grinding out the putts and the poems. BTW, there are websites that will help you your rhyming if you get stuck or you need more words that rhyme with Tiger.


  10. Package says:

    Hello Pro – at least your trending the right way. Keep swinging pro…it’ll get better as you get stronger…Vee says hello, or at least he will as soon as he reads this blog. I made sure to beat him up on the pool table Sunday with my partner Rogo applying many winning shots. Vee was sticking his chest out until the Rogo/Pack team shut him down. Hey Vee, go back to paddle tennis – I heard you’re good at wacking off eye glasses!

  11. Tim O'Connor says:

    Let’s see . . . 81, 79. Is it a trend? Looking at all the lousy shots you mentioned, there must have been some great ones in there to post a 79! Maybe you have to PRACTICE like the rest of us! Keep it up, Kenny!

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