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KG’s Blog Post #30 – 1/20/10 11:19pm

Hello Nip Hope-to-Be’s,

Some exciting news in the world of golf – Sir Jimmy Mercer and Young Gun Shane White (mostly known as being the son of Shelley Green, my sister) have secured their invites to The Masters for 2010 – they have recently won the first real major of the year – “The Nip 2010 Classic” – at Six Dog CC.  There were 13 teams who earned their way into the field at the Green complex.  Unbelievable talent all assembled on a Sunday to compete in the Nip Open, a classic course designed by the ultimate master of creativity – me.  We had the toothlessjews – rockytraes – romansaints – kennelmutts – juniorithism – walkbacktocanada – holethisoneron – just to name a few.

The cheating scumluckers won the medal qualifier by 4 shots with a 38 on the par 48 12-hole course.  They then won their first match one up over the rockingtraes.  It was then off to dentureville to take on the toothlessjews – dead tied after the match, which meant sudden chip n dive – the opening shot from 20 yards to their partner who was patiently waiting to catch their bullet shots in the death chair.  The homeless jew misfired and chunked his chip – no catch.

It was then up to the young gun Shane to fire away.  He too succumbed to the pressure of winning his first major by hitting a skulled blade to the right ear of his partner.  A red sox lover lunged to the right and snagged the screaming callaway as he fell to the ground.  When he jumped up with ball in hand, it was a win for team Mercer-Shane. 

We had shots off the roof – through the house – kennels – aviary and all over but not one broken bone or glass.  It was truly a classic day.  Their win gets them a trip to Augusta, if they so desire to accept, to attend my Hogan Award dinner and a day or two at the Masters.

My friends are the best and it was a amazing day.

Now onto some foot style news.  I just received my new foot in the size of SIX.  I must say that i do like the fact that i can now move my foot better into the bal.  I hit some great shots while i was hitting balls with the new foot.  I must honestly say i choked my nuggets off on the course, as i was just to exciting on actually hitting real shots again.  I will settle down and do believe the quality of shots will improve quickly.  I will try again on Friday and eagerly await the day.

That’s my long story of the day and will report back on my results for Friday.


5 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #30 – 1/20/10 11:19pm”

  1. Paz Sobeck says:

    Exactly what I was thinking. Your writing was unbelievable. To get back up with your ex is not the easiest of the jobs But it for sure may take some effort

  2. richie w says:

    hey ken my prayers are with you oh by the way i am a stranger from danbury ct. from what i hear if anybody can comeback its you. so do what you gotta do and keep on keeping on. god bless and stay strong ken. the stranger

  3. Package says:

    2010 Nip Classic??? The winners are lucky you forgot to invite The North Team. We would have run-away with the prize. Glad to hear about the foot. Keep swinging, all if us up here in the snow are rooting for you. Just go to AskErtz.com. or AskVee.com and get all your questions answered.

  4. Sandman says:

    Green Machine , Great to hear you are getting back to your old looney ass self !!!! Sandman

  5. Lindsay says:

    Hi Kenny!!
    I hope your foot is feeling better and same with you!. How’s Munch?
    well i do feel gret bcuz im the first to comment!!!!!!
    Hope all is GREAT!!
    ~Lindsay <3 haha

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