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KG’s Blog Post #31 – 1/24/10 1:48pm

This Football Sunday…

Just a quick note to let you know how the little foot went.  All & all after 2 days of golf, which I’m paying for dearly right now (ankle-leg, & back – ouch), I was very pleased as I have picked up yards with the irons.  Down to only one club shorter on the 7-W and club and a half with the 3-6.  Much better and hit numerous quality shots – although no consistency.  The driver is still another story – I have picked up some yards but not nearly as much.  Still having a hard time driving down and around the ball (the back is part of this also),  All & all a very positive sign – good sign – makes those idiotic surges somewhat acceptable – never mind that thought.  I can’t wait to try again, although it might be a few days if I’m lucky.

For those of you who do not know, we either have or about to file a lawsuit against Goodyear, so i will not be able to discuss any info on that situation – not that i have now.  Those of you who know me know I don’t do anything with out just cause.

I’ll keep you posted on my golf, and be good to all…

Oh, by the way the Sunbelt Tour ( http://www.sunbeltseniortour.com  ) and myself are running a 54 hole event on March 2-4 (Tue-Thur) at Breakers Rees Jones, WPBeach.  Sunbelt is a tour for 47+ year old pros that I used to play.  One pro with one amateur for 36 holes, and then a cut for the top 8 teams (pros keep playing).  Only 24 pros, so if anyone has an interest, please let me know asap* as the spots are filling up.  $600 for amateurs – good price for that facility.  I’m hoping this will give me an idea of how much farther I will have to go).

Again, Be Good All,

*KG’s email address: kengreencomeback@gmail.com (no ‘s’ after kengreen!)

3 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #31 – 1/24/10 1:48pm”

  1. steve dobson says:

    Keep fighting the fight Ken. i followed you way back on the tour.. and im following you now in your greater cause.
    Well Done!

  2. Neil Hirschey says:

    Sounds like you’re doing great KG. Keep up the good work and know that the back will come around so you can drive down and around. Remember, you still have the gift, it’s just wrapped in a different package. Love the attitude – it’s key!
    A fellow amputee,
    Neil Hirschey

  3. Deacon Greg Sherman says:

    Ken, keep up the fine progress and positive attitude. Glad the new shoe size seems to be working better. Be well and God bless. Deacon Greg

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