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KG’s Blog Post #34 – 1/29/10 10:30am

Thank you my Friends,

I would like you all to know how much your words have meant to me. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this has been a downright awful stretch. Your heart gets cut in half in June, and then another half now.

With your support, love and encouragement I will not surrender to the depression king or any other demon out there, his mother being one. I will wake up with sadness everyday, but then I will wash it off and attack the day stronger than ever. I will do whatever I can to help whom ever I can, and will someday do something extra special for the dog world.

It seems Hunter was taken from the funeral home and transferred to a facility in NEW MEXICO – a place that our family as zero connections, except Hunter spent a half a semester there in the fall. He is supposed to be buried tomorrow. I’m in shock and stunned at his mother’s decision to move him to no where land. He grew up in Florida and should be laid to rest near all is family and friends. Her actions are simply evil and the good news is that Hunter is know longer in the body, so if I can not stop this I will know he is in good hands. Mom, Dad, Billy, Jeanne and even Nip will take good care of him till I go home.

I will continue my fight to recover and play professional golf. WE will get through these strange days of pain and agony and learn to play the game like a pro. My little foot has been named ‘Hunter 6 Bravo’. It has been performing extremely well and do believe I have hit on something that will help me achieve my goals.

Be good my friends and know that we can do this together.


23 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #34 – 1/29/10 10:30am”

  1. digsouth~~~<3 Best ever~~<3..hate and un forgiveness is not a good combo!!

  2. digsouth says:

    Ken, we don’t have to know ‘why’ when we know what we need to do. The weight of ‘why’ can eat a man up. Forgive your ex and don’t let anger eat at your soul. The power of forgiveness is amazing.

    When you feel like it, Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson is as inspirational an essey as has ever been written, and I often cling to the wo words that say it all from this classic….”Trust Thyself”.


  3. Colonel says:

    This post from Joey Doceti to #32 worth repeating here on #34… I can’t emphasize the quality of this young man, having the pleasure of visiting often with him, his Mother, and KG in WPB back in the 90′s.

    Joseph Doceti f.a.trucking@charter.net (to KG #32)
    January 27, 2010 at 9:12 pm
    Let me tell you about the Kenny Green I remember, My mom and Kenny started dating when i was 5.When i was 6 he moved my mom and I from a bad neighborhood in Bridgeport Ct. to his lovely home in West Palm Beach Florida. My mom and I went from eating TV dinners to 3 course meals. I felt like I had won the lotto.We spent 10 years with Kenny Green, and in that ten years he taught me so much. He taught me respect and morals and most of all he taught me how to be a man. Kenny treated me like his own son.
    There is a lot of speculation on how he treated Hunter and let me say, I was there for it all. Hunter and I had a childhood most kids can only dream of. We had wave-runners, Paintball guns, motor scooters, anything we could possibly want. We even had a real arcade set up in the garage.Whatever we wanted we got, money was no object. Kenny would do anything to make us happy and make sure we were never bored.We would do some of the craziest things, like playing paintball inside the house. Or playing night golf through the neighborhood, banking shots off the neighbors garage through the fence and into the garbage can. Green has an amazing trick shot.He used to bring us to golf tournaments all over the country. Despite the stress of the game he would make sure Hunter and I were having fun no matter what. I remember going to Vegas for tournaments. Hunter and i ran around the mirage hotel like we owned it with VIP badges around our necks, we played golf in the hallways, And we spent countless hours playing video games at treasure island and Caesars palace. It was an unreal Experience. Kenny never once raised a hand to us. Yea when we screwed up we got in trouble, but we never got hit. We got sent to our rooms, where we had tons of video games and toys to play with so we really weren’t upset.Kenny has had quite a battle with hunters mom. I remember she used to drop Hunter off and an hour later the cops would be taking him from us because she would call the cops and make false police reports saying he was beat and hated it there. But it was all a lie, he always had a smile on his face.She made Hunter hate his father.I remember hearing her on the phone telling him to run away. I remember one day i was skating in the driveway and Hunters mom and 2 other kids drove by and shot me with a pellet gun.. Ellen and her 2 other kids are the most sinister people i have ever met, They would break into our house all the time and steal our stuff. I remember them going trough our garbage every week despite us shredding all our papers and putting dog poop in the garbage. She would show up to court with taped together documents that smelled like crap..They are just evil people.I know karma one day will catch up with them.Kenny is a great father.He spent thousands of dollars and tons of courtroom hours battling to see hunter,He loves his kids!He is a great father its a shame Ellen never gave him a chance.Ken Green is my role model.
    Kenny I never got to thank you for the things you did for me and showed me.It was the best 10 years of my life. You made sure i went to the best schools, you took me golfing at least two times a week after school and taught me the game.You introduced me to many celebs and athletes I look up to today. You taught me a lot of lessons. I have taken the lessons you have taught me and applied them to everyday life and now i own a successful Construction company in Danbury and still have a great swing.Its your words of wisdom that got me to where I am today. You don’t get the credit you deserve. you have donated thousands to needy kids and have held tons of celebrity fund raisers to raise money. You are the strongest and most kind man I have ever met. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the accident let alone this.You don’t deserve this. You are a great man and you are a hero. You have to keep your head up. We are counting on you to stay strong..My thoughts and prayers are with you.If there is anything i can do please don’t hesitate to call.God bless you..
    Sincerely- Joseph Doceti Jr.

  4. Joseph Doceti says:

    Kenny green is the man! I have been to a lot of golf tournaments with green and let me tell you, Tiger isnt half the man he is. No comparison Kenny has the skill of tiger with the attitude of happy gilmore. He is the the funniest and most genuine guy i have ever met. I remember we were at his dads house in west virgina and green was chasing me around the house playing tag and i was running so fast to get outside i had no clue the sliding screen door was closed i ran right threw it! It happen so fast i was in shock and had no clue what happen. I believe it was the same week we went to the local golf course and i was driving the golf cart down a steep fairway, the grass was a little wet when i went to slowdown, the brakes locked up and we did a 360 right passed greens ball! I was so shaken up i immediately started crying it was so funny!!He want even madd i recall him saying ” Bet you wont do that again!”

    I would not be here today if it wasn’t for Kenny Green. New years 95′ we were having go cart races around the neighborhood and i wanted to take one last lap as i rounded a corner the cart flipped and the steering wheel went into my ribs taking out a kidney and splitting my liver in half. When i awoke i was stuck between the cart and a tree. i crawled about 200 yards back to the house and i passed out from internal bleeding just before i got to the driveway. Kenny and his buddy Craig “the kid” were in the garage i dont know how but they saw me lying in the middle of the road, and immediately came to my aid the doctor said if i hadnt made it to the hospital when i did, another 10 min i would not be here due to the internal bleeding. Thank you kenny and craig for saving my life! I owe you both BIG TIME!!

    I have a million memories about the time I spent in Kennys life, There just simpily is not enough room on this site.. Will be posting more memories and crazy storys!!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Hi Kenny!!
    Im soo sorry but you should know that we love you and are here for you. :) <3
    We might be coming down in april over our vacation time so we are definitly coming to see you!! (and munch!!)
    WE miss you and love and cant wait to see you! :)

    Lindsay, Morgan, Donna, and Bags

  6. Nurse Deborah says:

    I’ve had the privilege of helping Ken the last 7 months and I know that he is very committed to his family, as well as the game of golf…He is a very loving, kind-hearted man with lots of friends both near and far…He’s been a blessing and inspiration to me as he continues to journey forward, despite the afflictions thrown his way…He’s a man of faith, and that will ultimately carry him through these hard times…I had the privilege of meeting Hunter and he was a very nice young man…I will attest to the fact that he and Ken stayed in touch frequently and Ken was always ready and willing to help him,despite the limitations that were attempted toward him…through it all…by your side…we love you…

    Deborah, Munch, Black, Sugar, Mama

  7. Marc says:

    Ken, I was chatting with a friend during a lesson today, we were discussing hardships/ depression etc, I have explained your situation and he will be another one of the people praying for you. I wish there was something a guy like me could do to help, I have had troubles so similar to yours but cannot imagine how you fell. My heart goes out to you. You have bounced back from so many things, you will do so again. The Lord is always with you, I hope your sis and Slugger are taking good care of you if you are still there. Take care,, Marc

  8. Kim Adele Hastert says:

    Dear Ken, Best wishes for love & peace in your heart & mind. How would you like to be able to let go of all the sadness & negativity that has been in your life? I was able to do it & would love to tell you how. Please feel free to call me if you need a positivity boost. What I can teach you will also help your golf game and get you back on tour faster. I promise. 816 442 8298 Sincerely, Kim

  9. Julie says:

    You know Ken there are two great sayings ‘You can’t put a young head on old shoulders’and ‘you can choose your friends but not your family’ I am sure if Hunter had lived a longer life through his lifes journey his curiousity and natural instinct would have bought him back to you. We have to live and learn to deal with the things that life deals us. Tough I know but sometimes we just have to accept things the way they are and move on. Looking forward to your comeback which will now be made even harder for you with your recent tragedy! Be strong and focus on the great game of golf……….

  10. Bill Winne (Bethel, CT) says:

    I can only say that I admire your confidence and your “I CAN” attitude after all that you have had to deal with.

    My Dad’s favorites were you and Fuzzy. Dad loved playing golf and I enjoyed playing with him. We used to attend the GHO in Hartford every year. He now suffers with Alzheimer’s and doesn’t watch much golf anymore. I took him to a Par 3 last August and he still played pretty well at 79 years old. Since August the disease has progressed so quickly that I see no way possible that he could play again. I am sure going to miss playing with my Dad.

    You have endured considerable heartache for a long time now but after reading your blogs I know that you have God’s strength within you and will get stronger each and every day. You are a fighter and I know that one day in the near future I will hear your name announced as you prepare to drive off that 1st tee.

    I will keep you in my prayers.


  11. Diane says:

    Maybe you could have a memorial service for your son in Florida? Invite all YOUR friends and family and say a few words in rememberance of your son with photos, etc. Your ex has NO say on what you can do to memorialize your son. At a funeral home or even at your home…I believe it would help you to get some closure too. Why not write Hunter a letter and tell him all the things you wished you could have told him? You could read it out loud or just keep it to yourself.
    Prayers and may God’s comfort be with you,
    Diane Spallone

  12. Pam says:

    Stay strong. We are with you all the way!!
    Love, The Fedigan’s

  13. Patrick Somers says:

    I am now a forever member of your site and you have my support now and always. I discovered your blog after reading the news of your son Hunter. As a father of three sons, I know the tribulations you are going through as my oldest son passed away 3 years ago this month while a senior at college. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think and talk with him as if it was yesterday. But I am keeping you in my prayers and thoughts as I know that God will grant you the peace that he has given me. In that period of time I have lost 5 other members of my extended family, but I have learned and have the faith that God is always with us, and his peace has been given to our loved ones. I also am glad to hear that your recovery is moving along, and I admire your spirit you have given it. UMC is a great facility, as it is in my hometown where I grew up. I know that it takes time to adjust to the mortal feelings we have of missing a loved one, especially a child. But I now miss seeing people meet him that did not have the chance to know him, and I see his strength in his 2 brothers, who are now in college. They give me the strength to carry on in things I want to do, and I hope you find that same power in your family and friends, for which you have many here. I will forever give you my support in your efforts off and on the course, and hope to see you soon in tournaments again. I will look forward to seeing those in person whenever I can. God bless you in all you are doing Ken, forever and a day. I look forward to hearing of your progress updates, for I know you will accomplish them. Godspeed. Patrick

  14. Cam O says:

    Mr. Green, you’ve been through too much. It’s amazing to me that you can still keep your faith. Keep holding on to your beliefs and your goals. We’re all behind you. I realize that this is really easy for me to say, but it will all work out in the end. From all your supporters up here in Canada: May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  15. Roberta Rice says:

    WOW! Life can be messy. I will just say that you have touched the lives of two children who went on to become positive assests to society and whose childhoods were better because God chose to cross your path with their mothers. The young man from Connecticut and the young lady from North Carolina both took the time to stand by your side when they didn’t need to and they did it of their own free will. It speaks volumes of your character and the influence you bestowed upon them.

    Your pain and suffering will not subside for a long time. But don’t push it away. Feel it and deal with it and then you will be able to go on. Remember: Real Men Cry! The heartwarming thinig that we survivors know is that your lost loved one will always be in your heart. And they will spring up and the most uncanny of times. They will speak to you at times most unexpected. You will have a funny or loving memory that will put a smile on your face at the most insignificant of times like walking to the mail box or pulling laundry from the dryer – whatever. The cool thing is that it’s a nod from them to say, “I love you, don’t be sad for me, I will never leave you, and you’re going to be alright in time.”

  16. Diana Vaughn says:


    Let me first say that I to came from a divorce family growing up and yes to say the least there was alot of pain there for sure. But, how in creation anyone can be so heartless and cruel especially the mother of your children is a outrage! We don’t plan to get married have kids and later find out it isn’t going to work and get divorce. but, it does happen and for the most part we try to do what’s right for the kids! And, yes it can and will get ugly at times but, it doesn’t mean let it continue to grow so bad that you would actually allow it to get to the point of not taking any consideration of how the father might feel having his son’s body taken clear across the country. Do I see hate behind all of these decision’s being made on your son’s burial decision most definitely! But, what I really see is absolute “Disgrace”
    and as a mother I could never imagine even going through the worse divorce ever making such a cruel and heartless decision without the input of the father. Shame on her and others who would think that making the decision without your input as well would be anywhere near right! And, if they think that they are so perfect and have never made any mistakes they are bigger fools then they already are. Its amazing to me that as long as the money continues to come in and life is wonderful with vacations, nice homes and cars how one can act. But, boy when a blizzard sweeps through and things start falling apart its amazing how people change to someone you really never new at all! Ken continue to keep your head up and though I am sure you have already acknowledged things that you’ve done wrong along the way continue to know that “GOD” is the only one that forgives and he has and will always do as long as we continue to admitt to our mistakes. You know your son loved you and yes you aren’t perfect but, with the decision your x just took on merely shows she’s far from perfect as well. Hang in there and much prays to you and your immediate family. God Bless!

  17. Lianne Thayne says:


    You know my heart and prayers are with you. You will get through this. As far as “E” goes, “what goes around comes around” and it will one day. Put the evil one behind you and be happy with the wonderful memories that you have. Hunter knows and that is what is important.
    See you soon hopefully.

    Love, Lee

  18. Laura says:

    Ken, I don’t know you nor you know me….in fact I’m from Canada and don’t know alot about golf either…although I’m trying. I somehow come across you page, and I just wanted you to know how sorry I am for your loss, and the rest of the strife in your life. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people and that in it’s self is not fair! I’m glad to see you are trying to keep strong, take one day at a time, keep faith, and take advantage of leaning on the ones closest to you! By the looks of your blog you have a bountiful supply of support that’s wonderful! Lean when you need to lean, and stand tall to hit the ball outta this world….here’s to wishing you all the fame, fortune, and all happiness in the world! From the land of the true..take care of you!!

  19. Travis Cayea says:

    You will get through this and you will get back on that course professionally again. Your fighting attitude is such an inspiration to me and countless others, we are in your corner!

  20. Larry(sr) says:

    Ken, not that a little corner of British Columbia, means much from far away in Florida but I want you to know you have our blessings and thoughts from up here. No one should be put through what you have had to endure this past year. From now on everyhing is on the way up for you,it has to be!, YOU WILL SURVIVE! Iam looking forward to the day I can watch you debut on the tour. All the best, my friend,

    Larry (the older one) Walker

  21. Corey says:

    Keep your head up. God’s plan usually isn’t very clear for us but it is there. I’m keeping you in my heart. Praying that you will find comfort and peace during this horrbile time. If I can help please let me know.

  22. Mex says:


    I was very sadden to hear about your loss – I lost my own son at 23 (10 years ago)and understand exactly what you are now having to deal with. You will have the hole in your heart that you are now feeling forever but time does close it somewhat. My only bit of small advice is to focus on the good memories and not the what could have been thoughts. I know the caring of your friends and their true concern/support also helps one get thru times like this.

    I’m looking forward to be able to give you a big hug when I see you next – take care and know that you are in my thoughts.


  23. Flo Godino says:

    Ken, We are always here for you. I have read and watched a lot of horror stories but this latest Ellen event takes the cake. Hunter will always be your baby and only you and he know how much you cared about him through all his growing up years. My love and admiration for you incfeases every day. Here’s to Hunter 6 Bravo!!


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