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KG’s Blog Post #39 – 2/14/10 8:32pm

Foot in Mouth Time,

So quick do I blog.  This time it’s strictly about golf and my valued opinion.  So, if you are not golf knowledgeable some of this will make no sense – go potty.

I believe it may be time for me to see if it’s possible to put my only real foot in my mouth, or some may say at least to the ars region of the body.  I’ve been noticing some issues that have popped up recently and since I’m resting my lazy tail in bed doing zip I thought I would give my opinions.  Remember, just opinions – but I’m right on all them…

OK, first don’t go see Wolfman.  I got out of bed for this crap movie.

Now, I speak of the recent McCarron-Phil point.  Scott did not do his homework on this one.  I can personally attest that the “grandfathered” Eye 2 wedges don’t even come close to any other clubs in the spin department.  It is a disadvantage to have it in your bag (today’s ball is the difference).  I use it cause it’s my club forever.  Now, on whether he should have said ‘cheating’ or go the political way is bull.  We all know that this is what he thought, so give him is due.  At least he spoke.

Now, I’m about to get in trouble.  Scott should be fined according to our regs, for the old “you-can’t-say-anything-negative-about-anyone/course/sponsor/dog” (or even swine) rule. This is an idiotic reg., as we are all human and may have different opinions on issues, but our “bosses” say not good for the game.  I’ve been hit hard for my views and it’s baloney.  Don’t forget that Finchem was a HUGE figure in the law suit against Ping.  He and the Tour lost big, and if it weren’t for the kindness of Karsten, who knows what would have happened.  For those who don’t remember, I was on the side of Ping and I took a lot of bull from the media & players who weren’t getting the truth fed to them by Finchem, Beman, and others.

I also agree with Scott on young Mr. Kim not playing in his home town, so to speak.  I believe this may be the second year in a row for him on this subject.  It is flat out wrong when players don’t support their area events.  We the players owe golf and our hometowns, regardless of what you think of the course.  I’m not positive, but maybe there are more women, wine, and money over there in Dhabi.

Next, I’m baffled as to why a player makes a caddy change and says “it’s time for a change” or our “chemistry is just off”.  I’m here to tell you that there are demons in those players heads and they are just lying to everyone, especially themselves. (this is a comment in ref. to Luke Donald – I have never met him and have heard nothing but wonderful things about him, so I do hope he wipes those demons away – I know personally the damage those devils cause.)

I just saw that there are 24 Europeans in this week’s World Match Play Championship, plus 20 other foreigners, and only 20 Americans in the field of 64.  Doesn’t any one else have an issue with the World Rankings that we use so much?  They give way to much credit for events “over there” – they are good, but how on earth can you be in the top 15 and never have won on the best tour going? How in God’s name are Kaymer, McIlroy & Poulter ahead of Ogilvy, Paddy & K Perry?  The first 3 have not even won here.  These rankings were set up by IMG way back when as a way to market their foreign clients so they could get more $$$$ in endorsements and appearance fees, and now its pure bull porkbelly.  When will we do what’s just right for golf?

I see that Jim Thorpe has been suspended by the tour for his IRS issues.  I personally have had issues with the IRS, but isn’t there something wrong with a man being suspended for what he does off the course who nobody real cares about (no offense Thorpe my boy) yet another who created hysteria for months and months can come back anytime he wishes?  I believe neither one should be punished by the tour – they are paying their own price.

All the best to Funk in his recovery – he is a very good man.

If I’m lucky enough to play again, would my leg be “wrong with the integrity of the game”?

Well my novel is done, so I say again thanks and I’ll be in touch.

I lied – it may come out so now I will tell you, I’m honored that the PGA Tour players have decided to vote to donate 50% of their Wed. Pro-am purses for all of 2010 to myself & Chris Smith.  This was a wonderful thought and I’m proud to be part of an organization that produces so many good-hearted men.  Many of these young men have never even met me, so that means they just have a good heart.  This well help me tremendously as I move forward.  The tour will not say, but I’ve heard Jerry Kelly and Glen Day may have started the ball rolling.
[ KG, news for U, it’s already “out” !!! – Col.
http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/14/sports/golf/14tour.html ]

I hope some understand some issues just vented are just my opinions. 

If you so desire, I will give my thoughts regularly if you all want me to.  If not, I won’t.  Pending suspension of course.  Cheers, Tim, my dear friend (he sends me Xmas cards) real tight!!

Be good everyone,

13 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #39 – 2/14/10 8:32pm”

  1. Robert Ward says:

    Keep us informed buddy. Where are we on the medical issue? Maybe Finchem should tell us the “tour’s” side. Like Beman before him the PGA continues to do dtupid thoughtless things, never gets punished or called out for it due to fear of members and takes all the credit for
    growing the game when it is the pros and their personalities responsible for our love of the game. You are right on with the Ping thing and the Thorpe issue. I’d give anything if you and Mac O’Grady were allowed to state your cases (along with others). I might not agree but would like to hear your viewpoint. One only needs to look at the failures of Carolyn Bivens on the LPGA side and wonder when Finchem gets his just due. Hope that you and Scott Simpson
    continue to represent the true golfers as you always have, you are lucky to be pros but the fans like me pay for the Policy Board’s shortcomings. Let me know about the signatures/petition thing. I’ll help if we need to. rward0621@yahoo.com

  2. Ed Martin says:

    I really enjoyed this post, Ken. It provides a unique insight on issues that we most likely could not or would not hear otherwise.

    Keep ‘em coming.


  3. Hey Buddy,

    What a great blog!! Couldn’t agree more with your opinions, and the idea of playing with legal equipment and being called a ‘cheater’ by a guy with a putter longer than his driver was pretty ridiculous. Not sure about those clubs spinning less, but I know it’s not a big deal. And Jim Thorpe is really a sad thing. I can’t believe the Tour needed to suspend him, and it’s so stupid. Like a year in jail isn’t bad enough!! He’s a big strong guy, but it will be tough for him to come back. He’ll still be exempt and hopefully he’ll be able to do it. It sure is an amazing thing the tour membership did immediately for you and Chris, and shows that even those young guys understand the true spirit of the game. We sure are blessed to be pro golfers. All the best to you and Mr. Munch, and hope you keep getting better slowly but surely. Keep up the great blogs!! Scott

  4. All (O.K. most) well said Ken! This post was quite interesting…being able to hear the opinions from a guy who has been in the trenches for so long was very refreshing. Definitely not spit shined and polished by an agent before being released….keep it coming. Swing by WPCC next time you are O-Town….would love to say hi again. Be well and keep on keepin on!

    Brendon R. Elliott, PGA
    Winter Park Country Club

  5. N.G.Simon says:

    well,done,Kenny,remember your stand against Commisar Finchem,glad you had the resolve to support Karsten!I also support your views on today’s issues,who the hell makes them judge/jury.so perfect without sin!Keep blogging and get your game in order for March!!

  6. trish says:

    You are a breath of fresh air. Sometimes sitting on the sidelines for awhile gives very insightful perspective whether it is golf or life. No way should Thorpe go to jail for IRS woes; IRS is wrong half the time and the other half is lawyer/CPA errors or faults. Keep up your therapy and manage your pain with meds, prayer, stretching exercises, intestinal fortitude. Keep up the blogging. Blessings, Trish

  7. Brenda Roberts says:

    Ken Green, I love how you write.

  8. Dick Cote says:

    Hi Ken, Enjoyed your post.Do keep them coming.If there is a pro sport that needs a breath of fresh air it certainly is golf.I agreed with most of the points you were making.Also great news
    about the pro tour and what they are doing to help with expenses.Not surprised to hear that Jerry Kelly was involved.Hope you’re having a good day and keep striving towards that dream.

  9. Chuck Almond says:

    Good Morning Ken,
    Your recent blog was great! It reminds of when you, Billy, Farmer and I would sit around at Fridays and dicusss certain matters regarding the tour and it’s Ivory Tower mentality!

    Looking back maybe Karsten should have burried Finchem and removed him from his “Hi Chair”.

    Best wishes and hope to see you in Augusta in April.


  10. Jim Curley says:

    Hi Ken,

    My mouth gets me in trouble all the time and I know you’ve been there as well. Keep it up, nobody would expect anything less. Golf, being the honorable sport that it is, never gets enough criticism, in my opinion. I agree with your opinion on the world rankings. It’s graded as if all tours are the same, and they are obviously not. I also agree that Thorpe should not be suspended because he has issues with the IRS. I guess what it comes down to is that he knowingly committed a crime, Tiger only committed a crime against human morality.

    Keep at it, and remember this, if it’s physical, it’s therapy.

    Jim Curley

  11. Steve T says:

    Kenny, I hope all is well–I have following your blogs, very interesting. I spoke with the old dog last week, the pressure for suspension was coming the golf community and sponsors–you know those folks — who think guys like Thorpe are bad for the game…he talks too much, gambles too much, and says MF too much. The game will always be filled with these people…the Mr. Cleans I call them. I wish it was the 1960′s sometimes, and I think Thorpe feels that way sometimes, post Charlie Sifford that is. I know Thorpe is absentminded…no doubt about that…but why put a 61 year old in jail and take away his living? They will kill him in the can, the man was not made for jail–he may be big, but one thing he is not, is tough. Take care, and see you on the Champions Tour soon!! We are all pulling for you.

    Steve Tantillo · Group Sales Manager · Lake of Isles
    P 860.312.2181 · f 860.312.2106 ·
    stantillo@troongolf.com http://www.lakeofisles.com

  12. MC says:

    Yes, please post your thoughts regularly :)

    Thanks for the tip on Wolfman. I’ve been wanting to see that!

    I like you’re honesty and bluntness on these issues. You’re saying what everyone is thinking.


  13. Tom Batewell (Fort Mill, SC) says:

    Hey Ken,

    I like the golf and culturally relevant opinions you tackle. I often think you would be great in the booth on ESPN or the Golf Channel for a little KG perspective. Some of the thoughts you present are things others are afraid to talk about but in reality should be discussed as a point of view.

    Thanks for sharing —- I say….keep them coming!

    Tom in Fort Mill, SC

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