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KG’s Blog Post #4 – 7/19/09

Good day friends,

Blogging late but better than nuttin’ unless i say idiotic things…

Immensely painful day with leg but that’s all I’m going say – tryin’ to suck it up.

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Felt bad for Watson but he knows it was his own mistakes that did him in. He hit such a good second on 18 bad break rolling over – he is too good a chipper not to have chipped instead of putting that one – the putt was just awful.

OK a couple of strange thoughts about my leg – bonuses so to speak…

1) When a take a leak viagra cialis levitra generic outside i dont have to worry about wissing on my shoe

2) Proud new owner of a hdcp sticker

3) Bang of http://augmentin875-dosage.com/ toe in the dark may be hard to do now

4) Socks will last twice as long

Just a few thoughts – have many more but don’t think your ready for them yet.

I want to say thank you to all the people that sent cards to the hospital and to Kevin after the accident. It was amazing how many letters i received it was truly touching. some were from people i played with in pro-ams over 20 years ago and they still remember playing that round of golf and how much fun they had. i guess i might not have been as big an ass tadalafil 20mg as i thought. received a boat load of cards from fellows pros and many more from just good people who wanted the best for me.

Love to hear back from you and i hope i dont bore you too much. Thank u for caring.

12 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #4 – 7/19/09”

  1. Kevin Richardson says:

    you used to have a big ass, but you were never a big ass.

  2. Rick Pearson says:


    A blast from the past – know that you are in many friends thoughts and prayers for a total recovery. So saddened by your losses! As I remember college days and your determination to accomplish things, I am sure that you will reach your goals – nothing has stopped you before – never will. I look forward to keeping up with your progress through your blog. Best of luck my friend!


  3. Bob Carbone, Danbury, CT says:


    I am so sorry for your loss. I am keeping you in my prayers and hope you will recover fully. No one can really appreciate what you are going through, but with time I’m sure you will get back to some sense of normalcy. Keep up the positive attitude, and try not to dwell on the negatives; some things in live just gives us more challenges to overcome, and you are certainly one who has dealt your share of challenges. Know that we all feel for you and are here to help in anyway we can; not because you were a golf celeb. but because you are a good guy with a kind heart, although you can be mistaken at times.
    I look forward to seeing you in Sept.


    Bob Carbone

  4. pots.and/pans says:

    Nice to see you keeping your sense of humour..be well.

  5. Richard White says:


    Just found the website and blog. Will be a must read every day. Great comments, great wit and very good to hear your words. Am looking forward to another outting at the Hills with you. I learned alot in the 5 hours we were together and now I am learning more about life and what is inside a person. Be strong, you have my support.


  6. Hanne Raby says:

    It is such a pleasure to get to know you and we look forward to your visit in September.
    Please let me know if there is anything you need!
    Warm regards
    P.S. I blog in a couple of environments also, but my Golden Retriever does a much better job then I do, so I left you with his website URL :) He has blogged for ca.2 years now..so lots of “older posts”
    P.P.S Check out http://www.facebook.com too ..everyone in the world is on FB :) )

  7. Beth Sargent Meister says:

    Hi Ken,

    Glad to hear you still have your wits about you. I sent out some requests for golf rounds to some of my clients and friends in the NY/CT area for the tournament. Hope they come thru. Glad the date is set for the PB tournament. I’ll call Kevin when I get home from NC and see about getting the local club managers association on board and trying to help with the tourney if I can.

    Funny about the socks, I remember you pairing socks after my Mom did yours and Calc’s laundry and it was obvious you were color-blind. Seems like a hundred years ago…

    When you get back down to WPB, call if I can help, Stan can get you my number. Keep the faith.

    All the best, Beth

  8. Jim Mostad says:


    Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon! So glad that you are doing better…Ill have you know that I just bought a KG hat, and will convince all the others I can at BW to do the same.

    Off to London, Liverpool and Northern Ireland for some golf next week. Will have a pint of Guinness for you!

    Jim “Most”

  9. john sanford says:

    Green machine , It’s hard to fathom why Watson putted from that position on 18….was he scared he would chilly the chip ?? It was clearly not a lie to putt from. Too bad for TW , he almost had one for us old guys ! Me and the kids wanted me to say hello and and wish you all the best in your recovery , they still talk about the day we all played and you were their partner. Keep on bloggin and look forward to seeing you in S. Fla.! Sanford

  10. Chris Brion says:

    I am glad to hear that you are taking such a positive attitude toward the challenges that God has set forth for you. I miss playing golf with you down at Breaker’s West. I will continue praying for you. God Bless.

  11. jew says:

    hey greenie i dont think your an ass. i think your a wonderful person with a HUGE heart. theres a boat load of people in your corner my friend so. theres a lot of love for you. keep your head high and push foward. we know you will make it back

  12. Michael Roberts, The Woodlands, Texas says:

    Too damn funny about the mis-wissing on your shoes! Good ‘tude, Mr. Green, in your recovery efforts if you can poke fun at yourself. And if you may have been an ass all those years ago, here’s your chance to prove the world wrong after all. See you in The Woodlands come October at the Administaff Classic.

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