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KG’s Blog Post #41 – 2/23/10 6:15pm

Two Feet – One Mouth,

Slap me silly, gentlemen.  All sorts of news flying round my little world these days. I’m not going to open my mouth too much and set all the facts straight right at the moment, as I told the Tour I would wait and hear from the director of the Champions Tour first.

I want to tell you all that I will absolutely tell you the whole truth after my conversation with Mr. Stevens. We should all try and remember that I am, and always will be, What & Who I am – period.  I will not play a PR game as most do in the world.  I will explain my point my way.  I will save my dog from any gator again!!!!

Well bull doggy to that political world…

We speak now of some neat new facts:

1) I can fly my driver 245 yards – not often but damn close – that will only be about 15 short of “systems all go”.

2) I have developed a new whacky looking stance for my bunker shots – the monster leg gets in my way.

3) I bowled a 233-189-205 to lead my team to first place – I started with a 117 average 6 weeks ago, and now have a 172 average – my goal is to finish with a 180 average.

4) I know I will be able to represent myself well when I tee it up at The Legends with Sir Reidomatic – not counting the choke factor. [ April23-25/Savannah http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/s504 ]

5) I have nothing else to say – Be good my friends,


10 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #41 – 2/23/10 6:15pm”

  1. Ken you might not remember me but I played with you in the Liberty Mutual Pro Am last year(I was one of the volunteers). I just read that you are playing in the tournament and we are all very excited. We became huge Ken Green fans after that round of golf and we think and talk about you often. If there is anything we can do for you to make your trip to Savannah better let me know (hey we own this town). You were great to us and we would love to return the favor. We are pulling for you and look forward to seeing you again!!

  2. Bob Carbone says:


    God bless Mike (Radar) Reid. You two should be the favorites to win.

    I can’t wait.


    Bob Carbone

  3. Colonel says:

    KG, I might get 245 on a downhill, hard fairway if I happen to hit a sprinkler head and get a 50 yd. roll, and you’re talking about Carrying It 245??!!! – you Legless Wonder!! I lost my chance around last September of EVER putting one by you in this lifetime. That’s OK, you just wait for the next time around – You=ME, and Me=YOU golfwise – your worse nightmare in about 2060!

    Condolences to Mike ‘Goodballs’ Goodman, our man who organized the 1st Friends of Ken Green Pro-AM Benefit in Danbury last Sept.28. He lost his Father a couple of days ago, but Oh, What a Man and What a Life he led!!!

    2-23-10: Hatting Company Manager, Danbury Civic Leader Dies
    A Danbury leader whose influence is reflected in commerce, education, government and even the physical layout of the city, died Sunday at the age of 92. Originally from New York City, WILLIAM WOLF GOODMAN was the last local owner and manager of a Danbury hatting company, part of an industry that once ruled the city.
    …In 1932, when only 15, Goodman established a reputation for being committed to equal rights and speaking out against societal stereotypes. “He died the way he lived, with dignity,” his son Michael Goodman said Monday. “He had great faith in people and believed that people had an obligation to take care of people” who had less than they did…

  4. Sandman says:

    Keep the Green machine powered up and rolling forward…..love the progress !!!! Sandman

  5. N.G.Simon says:

    I always take my bowling scorecard when I golf,and my golf scorecard when I bowl,I do real well!Keep up the prgress,Ken,we know you can do it![stubborn Irishman!!!]

  6. Mitch Gross says:

    Damn, I couldn’t bowl 245 with two good legs. That’s just sick. :) Love you for it and your fighting spirit.


  7. J says:

    You get that 245 carry as straight as your buddy “Reidomatic” and you’re good to go! Short and straight never hurt anyone.

  8. Neil Hirschey says:

    Allright KG!!!!! That’s the kind of blog we want to hear. Good luck with Mr. Stevens.

  9. Bill Winne (Bethel, CT) says:

    I wish that I could fly my driver 200 yards…..I need some help….would you be willing to teach me?

  10. Bill Winne (Bethel, CT) says:

    Holy s—, Ken,
    You are bowling like that? Damn, I want to bowl against you to see if you can beat me!!!! That can only be a positive as you bust your ass to get back on tour!!! I am with you, man!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!!
    Love you awesome,


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