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KG’s Blog Post #42 – 3/4/10 10:24pm

This Game Is Tough,

I”m desperately trying to figure out something positive regarding my first step forward. I may have to go with the “step”.

My first round Tuesday from the 6,800 yard course at Breakers Rees Jones, Sunbelt Seniors Tour, in the cold and just brutal winds of 30 was an ouch = 80. 10 pars & 8 bogeys.

I have to tell you, I had no chance as the cold weather sent the nerves off and I just couldn”t even come close to making a shoulder turn which equals disaster. As you can imagine, I”m limited with a shoulder turn now and the cold just made it tougher.

The score itself is not a complete disaster if you consider how nasty it was out there. The 2nd day was even harder, and when I lost a ball up by the green on 16 I just didn”t have it in me to go back and replay another one. I was well on my way to a mid-80 and was hurting worse than the first day. No real excuse but I was just zapped. I clearly got the message that I will never be able to play quality golf in bad weather again.

With that being said I am not throwing in any hankies just yet. I intend to regroup and play in the Fort Myers “Coors Light Open” event next weekend.  I do hope that normal weather does reappear soon.

I”ve been taken a godzilla amount of pills these past few days so my normal humor is comatose at the moment.

I don”t have any new news from my friends at PGA headquarters, although I was promised a update call today which I never received. I don”t understand why people say one thing and then don”t execute. Since I said ‘I do’ twice and didn”t, I must realize there was a valid reason. I still refuse to believe the right thing will not be done in regards to me getting my major medical year exemption given to me so I will not open my mouth any more and explain all the facts. Kind of like a lawsuit. Can”t wait for those facts either!!

Good day my friends and the best to all,


24 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #42 – 3/4/10 10:24pm”

  1. Norman Puffett says:

    I read your interview after the Coors Light Open. You have embraced a very smart, very tough attitude toward competition. No quarter given, none taken. Your standards have to be high, higher than ours would be because you want to play against the best players in the world. Even the best players have to work extremely hard to hold their positions in the world of golf. You can do no less. And you expect to do no less. We,the members of your extensive support group, are pulling for you. We believe you can overcome. We believe in you, Ken!

  2. mike says:

    And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.
    — 2 Corinthians 12:9–10

  3. N.G.Simon says:

    hey,Ken,check out Traditional Irish Blessing-E-Water.I don’t know how to copy&paste,but I think it’s all you need!!

  4. Rob (Redding, CT) says:

    Ken – I’ve tried to keep you in my thoughts/prayers since I became aware of your double tragedies.
    Now I don’t know if you read these entries but if you do, please allow me to share something I went through 10 years ago.
    I took a fall that resulted in my tib/fib and about everything else that keeps your ankle attached to your foot broken. 7 operations in total at the Hospital for Special Surgery to try and put me back together. I spent one year sitting in a chair that now sits in our living room unattended all these years later (too many memories – lol ).

    Anyhow at one point during all my procedures I remember speaking with my Doctor and telling him that I was smart enough to figure out how to make a living, but I would have quite a problem if he told me that I would never be able to play golf again. ;-)

    I’m sure that you probably had those same words with your Doctor.

    One way or another, guys like you, myself,Rick Allen(Drummer/Def Leopard) – who lost his arm in a car accident and continues his career – figure out a way how to continue what we love.

    My motto has always been – Non illigitamus carborundum…

    Who knows, I might catch up with you some day at Richter, Smith, Tashua on your practice day.

    All the best – Rob

  5. Todd says:

    I’m sorry to use Mr. Green’s blog as my own personal forum, and will do so just this once. I am overwhelmed by the support I have rec’d through everyone involved, and didn’t know where/how else to show my gratitude. @ 1st I was very embarassed upon learning my entire life story was sent to each of you(sorry, Col. I misunderstood u@ the time, lol!!!) but upon further reflection> if Mr. Green and other’s can be truthful and open to the world then I’m ok with it as well!!

    Thanks, Again.


  6. Albert "Sea Leg" Jamieson says:

    Hi Ken, I’ve been following your progress since your accident. I too was in a very bad accident in Aug 2009 and I also lost my lower leg. I know the pain you are going through first hand both physically and emotionally. That being said, keep the faith and push that rock up the hill. Every time you hear that thump that rock is getting closer to the top! We all have our own rock and only some of us get it to the top, keep it up!
    All my best, Ken. Maybe we will get to play a round some time! I am not at your level yet – still trying to break 80!
    Sea Leg!

  7. Lianne Thayne says:

    Hey Ken, you are doing great! you just don’t know it yet.When you look back on this in a couple of years,and you will look back,you’ll know the wonderful progress that you’ve made. It will be fine one day you’ll see. Everything comes together whether we want it to or not. We are
    rooting for you.Hang in there!

  8. Richard Murchison says:

    One of my best friends and long time golf buddy has a prosthetic leg. He lost one of his legs when he was twelve years old in a tree accident. He is now sixty years old, shoots in the low eighties, and you would never know he has one leg unless he wears shorts. When we were twenty years younger he used to beat me like a drum playing racket ball. Can you imagine how embarasing it is to get beat by a one-legged man playing racket ball. It is my ferverent prayer you will be encouraged by this story. By the way, this same man is a 3rd degree black belt in some type of martial arts discipline that I can not even spell. His attitude is the key, he does not view himself as handicapped. Keep your attitude positive and stay the course, you will win the war!

  9. Ron Davis says:

    Yo Ken-Keep your head down (or up???) and fire away there Flipper. I got my luck KG green hat in the mail a couple of weeks ago and have worn it around a few courses in town. Thanks for the autograph. Do you still have that 16″ putter? I can use that sometimes…..Fore!

  10. Kim Adele Hastert says:

    Dear Ken,
    Please be proud of what YOU DID ACCOMPLISH & FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE! There are SO many people who believe in you, like you do (maybe even more) YOU CAN DO IT! Keep up the great work & please feel free to contact me if you ever need a positivity boost. Sincerely, Kim Adele Hastert 816 442 8298

  11. Karl from CT says:

    Ken, Just the first step in the comeback. The weather will get warmer, the pain will subside and your skills and strength will continue to return. Chin up pard, we are all proud of your progress and proud to call you friend. And as you would say…SWING HARD!

  12. Bill Winne (Bethel, CT) says:


    I realize that you are a Professional golfer and you know what you could do and can do, but I just want to say that I wish I could shoot 80 just once……and I have two good legs!!! Keep on toughing it out. You will get there.


  13. Karl Sobieski says:

    Ken, 80 under those conditions is a damn good start. It will get warmer, the pain will subside and your skills will continue to return. Chin up pard the courage and progess you have made continues to impress us all. As you would say “Swing Hard”

  14. J says:

    Tell ya what Ken, and I’m sure you already know this: 80 in a hurricane wind, cold weather, from the tips…first competitive round in like 10 months = not too bad at all! Hopefully it warms up for you pretty soon…and all of us! Baby steps my friend, baby steps!

  15. N.G.Simon says:

    it’s just the beginning and we know as the weather improves you will,too!Keep fighting,KG!!

  16. Bob Dennison says:

    Hey Ken, I can relate to your pain…over 30 years ago I lost a finger and when it goes below 40 degrees even today the phantom pain where the finger used to be is excruciating…best of luck and keep the faith

  17. Todd says:

    Dear Mr. Green,

    I’ve always sat by the wayside as a casual observer, but come on! You tried, you keep trying, so who care’s if it’s not today! It will be. When the tide settles, yet once again for you, regain ur perspective, re-evaluate what u must, breathe deeply, and then enjoy the sun.

    I know at times we all feel as though we r @ the end of that rope, but please remember you only need to check in with yourself. NEVER ANYONE ELSE

  18. Jim A says:


    Poor weather golf sucks anyway; intense pain is a perfectly valid reason to avoid it. The warm sun will shine on you soon, and then give it hell! Jim A

  19. Bob griggs says:

    Great to hear you were in a competitive event Ken. Those are the things that will get your juices flowing even more as you well know. Take your time and keep your patience. You are on the correct path!

    Best wishes from the Griggs in Greensboro!

  20. TRISH says:

    Ken, this was a baby step and there will be more. I know it felt like a gigantic leap, especially after the pain established itself. Weather is such a huge factor with chronic pain conditions, more than most people realize or acknowledge. Remember Grandmothers’ knees? Hope Ft. Myer’s is better. Keep a positive outlook and keep taking the meds as prescribed. The meds assist the body in healing. As the body heals, so do the emotions. San Antonio has been cooler this winter and given me a hard time. Looking forward to 100 degrees again!!! Trish

  21. mike says:

    Was there in the weather with you and trust me what you are trying is much tougher than what any of us experienced this week. I wish you all the best in the future and hope for good things to come. thanks for being an inspiration to us.

  22. Brenda Roberts says:

    Love you, Ken!

  23. Neil Hirschey says:

    KG – As a fellow amputee with a passion for golf, I understand the roller coaster ride you are on. If I can offer anything, remember to focus on your desires. Like the golf swing, sometimes you’re in the groove, everything is clicking, and everything works out for you. But sometimes the swing is not so perfect and all we can do is work on getting it right again. That’s our desire. Just know that you have gone through a lot and have come further than most could ever imagine. Chin up KG, you’re going to do great!

  24. davejb says:

    Without going into detail, physical disadvantages are what can and will be overcome. As I am sure you well understand. Some days are good, others not so, and a few are just not worth crawling out from under the covers. We all (physically challenged) have them.
    It’s the mental challenges, and thinking that lead to quantifying the physical ones. And from reading these past months, your mental attitude is supporting and enhancing your physical, ……that’s a good thing!
    I also know that shooting 80′s is not what you’re working for, but also know there are many others that 80′s is a life long effort, even many able bodied.
    So keep plugging, keep working, and keep positive.
    Up north here the weather is cold and snowy, but hopefully when the summer gets here we’ll see you out on tour.
    Keep your head down, but not your spirits,
    Dave Babcock

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