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KG’s Blog Post #43 – 3/15/10 3:38pm

Bud Light Fans,

After a nice drive back from the Coors Light Open in Fort Myers, I said I was going to blog immediately. Wrong, as I fell flat on the bed.

Some of you know that I shot 73-77 over the weekend. I want you to all know that for the first time I really have seen that my dream is GOING to happen. The scores don”t matter, it’s what and how that shows me whether I”m going to reach these goals. I absolutely saw Golf SHOTS. There is still a long road ahead, but we have finally found the road.

The biggest problem is going to be my left ankle, its just not healing. It must be stronger for success. I will be having an MRI later this week and maybe we will be able to see what’s going on in there.

I was also amazed how many people thought I was an inspiration, me – scary. I think it”s the new tooth. I must now try and get more consistent and develop some more power.

I”m so psyched about playing with “Radar” Mike Reid in the LEGENDS. [ April 23-25, Savannah, http://tinyurl.com/yhkx4ur ]. I will have enough time to bring my game up a notch or two. I am currently at level 2 with yersslot.org only 3 to go before I can honestly say it”s time to go play out there. I can get one more by Legends time, and the other two will probably take the rest of the year. I don”t want to play out there if I can”t compete. I will not to be a “show and tell“.

The news on the PGA Tour giving me a major medical is still up in the air.  There’s a slim chance, but there is a board meeting on the 22nd and all will be determined then. I”m still baffled as to how it has not been decided all ready. Tim Finchem, the commish, has decided not to do anything himself. (he has the power).  I believe in my heart that they will do the right thing, and give me what I have earned.  The game of golf is what keeps me going. The thought of playing professional golf keeps me going. I refuse to believe they will not give me what I have earned.

Mr. Munch wants to caddy.  He is so smart I”m toying with training him to pull a cart so he can caddy. Sadly, he may be smarter than me already. That sucks.

Take care and know that spring is close,


12 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #43 – 3/15/10 3:38pm”

  1. Pam says:

    Glad to see your spirit strong…keep up the good work….

  2. Dave Dunville says:

    2 GREAT ROUNDS!!! Being an amputee for 7 years, I still have not my game back, but then again I am not a pro in golf. I had a friend that was there for the first round, and called to say you were doing outstanding.
    “I was also amazed how many people thought I was an inspiration, me – scary”. Yes you are, my driving range opened was open today, and I was there, trying to get my drive to go straight.

  3. Tom Batewell (Fort Mill, SC) says:

    Super News Ken…..

    Glad the hear the pep in your blog, if that ankle can come around….watch out! Hopefully TF will do the right thing and give you the exemption you deserve as a long standing member of the Tour.

    Keep us updated on the progress!

    Tom – Fort Mill, SC

  4. N.G.Simon says:

    good news,and may I say Happy St.Patrick’s Day to you,Ken,and the luck of the Irish awaiting at your door!Keep up the good work!

  5. Matt says:

    Good luck Ken! I will be following you every step of the way.

  6. Walt Shirey says:

    Hey Ken,
    It was really great finally meeting you in person at the Coors Light Open in Fort Myers. I have followed your career since the 80′s. I don’t believe that your “NEW TOOTH” is what is giving your fans INSPIRATION! I believe God is working through you and giving you the STRENGTH and WISDOM to ENDURE each day! I will continue to PRAY for you! Thanks for the hats, the picture and the autographs for my daughters school auction! They also see you as an inspiration! Your friend, Walt

  7. Bags says:


    Sounds like a you had a good weekend.

    Hopefully the tour will do the right thing on the 22nd.

    See you in a month or so.



  8. andy macleod says:

    Ken great to hear you’re back swinging well .
    love the blog you really are inspirational we hope that one day you’ll be able come over and play the british seniors open again as we all have happy memories from the time you were here.. You know the offer to come and stay here in Scotland still stands, after all we have to defend our unbeaten pool record at the South Beach and theres a few beers waiting behind the bar….. you know theres a great physio here as well haha
    take care my friend and hope the rehabilitation continues to go well
    andy macleod
    Troon uk

  9. Bob Carbone says:


    You sound positive. I hope you play well and get what you deserve.
    Looking forward to seeing you on TV.

    Best regards,


  10. Justin says:

    Ken, I don’t know where else to post this: First off, glad you’re starting to play better, it WILL come around! Looking forward to following your scores at the Legends. Are you aware that when you’re in a tournament, they NEVER show you TV? Hopefully that will change!

    Now for a funny/embarassing/infuriating story…at least you have clubs to play with! I play on a fairly big mini tour in NC. Got my clubs reshafted last week (by a guy that has supposedly done clubs for 30 years), everything was going really nicely. Spent a few hours at the range every day with them, played a couple rounds, and played a practice round at the tournament course yesterday, everything was right on track. Get to the course today, hit some really funky looking iron shots the first few holes and did pretty good to keep it at 2 over. Off the tee I looked like your buddy Radar plus 30 yards, just killing it! Get to the 7th hole, dead middle of the fairway 157 yards into a stiff breeze, perfect for a low boring 7 iron. I hit literally 5 inches behind the ball…because….I felt the head twist on my backswing. Wouldn’t you know it, went back to my bag to check, and yes sir, every single last one of my iron heads were loose. $800 down the down the drain, and a 4 hour drive back to Atlanta – oh the fun! Only to have the club guy try to make it sound like it was MY FAULT! I guess it was somehow my fault he doesn’t know how to mix epoxy after doing clubs for 30 years. After an expletive laced rampage, I took my business elsewhere – they’ll be done tomorrow. Such is life!

  11. David Smothers says:

    Glad you “found the road” and are happy with the results. I know that Savannah will be a great moment not just for you but for the golf world…as well as your fans! Keep on doing what you do best and we will be here supporting you every step of the way.

    Hey if Mr. Munch needs a “wheel dog” let me know. My 92 pound Siberian Huskey is ready to go to work!


    David, Joanie & Matt Smothers
    Raleigh, NC

  12. Ken everyone in Savannah is excited about you playing in our event. Let me know if any of us local yokels can do anything to make your stay more enjoyable.

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