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KG’s Blog Post #44 – 3/18/10 10:02pm

Five Idiotic Thoughts,

5. I’m way too tight about the upcoming board meeting that decides my fate on Tour.

4. I respect Ian Poulter for at least speaking his mind – no one seems to do this very often on the PGA Tour. He is forking nuts if he thinks there is nothing wrong with the rankings and him being #6 – but at least he has won now – well done I may add.

3. Washington and the Tour seem to have way to much in common these days – _ _ _ _ _

2. I just read a movie script that is about this nut who has had good and awful things happen to him in one life – not really believable when you think about everything. Then I realized it was my life – I was crying through out most of it. No clue

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if it will ever happen, but if they can make a “Blindside” movie (very good too), maybe they can do a “Greenside” – “Greendrive” – “Greendog” – “Greenmulligan” -”GreenIdontknow” – “Greenstop” ok

1. I realized today why Tiger is playing so soon – he has realized that the world is coming to an end in Dec of 2012. So he must win 5 of the next 12 majors if he wants to pass Jack.

Be good my friends.


6 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #44 – 3/18/10 10:02pm”

  1. When does the Tour make a decision on your medical extension? If they don’t grant it they will create a public relations nightmare. Surely they realize this?

  2. Kim Adele Hastert says:

    Dear Ken,
    It’s great to hear you in high spirits. I’m sure that the PGA will DO THE RIGHT THING & grant your medical extention. I think a movie about your life will be a huge success; especially when you get your first win. We were all put on this Earth to teach and inspire others. Keep up the great work. Best wishes for continued success.

    If you ever need a boost in your positivity please feel free to call me. Sincerely, Kim Adele Hastert

  3. Bob says:

    Glad to hear you think your game is coming around. Any thoughts on whether you might try to play the Endicott, NY tournament in June?

    It seems like a common sense no brainer for the Tour to give you the medical extension. The problem is that once they help you, every Joe Shmoe with a hang nail will be asking for the same treatment. Seems to me you will be getting many sponsors exemptions anyway. The Cahmpions Tour puts on a nice event but there are not many intriguing story lines to capture the attention of non-golf fans. You can certainly change that!!!! And you can bank (pun intended)on the fact that if the Tour can make money off of you, they will be your best friend.

  4. Deacon Greg Sherman says:

    Greetings Ken,
    First of all, congrats on your play at the Coors Light Open in Ft. Myers. As you stated, you made some real golf SHOTS and you see the next levels in sight even though it will take more time. Keep making the progress you are. I sent a note to Tim Finchem and the PGA regarding your medical extension. I will say some special prayers on the 22nd that the PGA Board acts on justice, fairness, and wisdom on your requested medical extension which you have earned.

    Be well and God bless,
    Deac Greg Sherman, Boynton Beach

  5. Todd says:

    Mr. Green,

    Now is the time I wish I could put my big mouth to better use against the dictatorship. Though I know it’s best not to rock the boat(again). Considering Eldrick finally announced what we had known all along it bewilders me as to why they’ve drawn this out!!! And not corrected their own indiscretions.

    I see there are some movie titles being thrown around. When your movie does get made! What about> SEEING GREEN?(Sorry= all I could think of on short notice)

    As always, Thanks for Being Real,


  6. Frank Fonda says:

    5) Stay strong, positive and tough show them that you are going to make it back in a big way

    4) Agree on Poulter – Another note – I like his outfits!!!

    3) Washington a joke – a bunch of takers – PGA tour players – a bunch of achievers

    2) “Green in Regulation”

    1) No comment

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