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KG’s Blog Post #46 – 3/24/10 7:41pm

Strike Three,

Ouch! Woke up with that lovely sensation that those porcupine quills are still located in me. Strike one.

After that became reality, I heard the your “Comcast TV problems” can’t be fixed until tomorrow between 1 – 4. Sick & now no TV, strike two.

Swing Kenney Swing is the tire burning from the Tour office after they told me my major medical was turned down. So much for that warm snuggly feeling I had that the right thing would be done. The PAC (player advisory council) and board have both rejected my request.

The only thing left for me to do is sue, and I refuse to do that. Even though Mr. Finchem has no issue throwing the Tour’s money away on bad lawsuits that they are going to lose (I’ve been told my case is terriffic), this time around I will not because it revolves around me and not all golfers.

The PING suit I was involved in against the Tour was for ALL GOLFERS and this one is just me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m disgusted with the Tour for their decision on this issue. I’m just numb right now. I just wanted to let you know their decision. I’m going to stop typing right now, ‘cause I’m losing it and want to say only the right things.

Be good and SHK to all.


19 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #46 – 3/24/10 7:41pm”

  1. Bob Carbone says:


    Focus you energy on winning every tournament you get in, and then let them have it.


  2. Larry Mowry says:

    I’ll never understand the thinking behind the ridiculous decisions made by fellow players once they get on these committees. Hang in there Ken. Best of luck at the Legends with Mike Reid. Enjoy the week!!!


  3. Bob Carbone says:

    If I was you, I would hire the best speach writer I could find and let them all have it at the Augusta event. Bobby Jones would wake from the dead after he hear what I had to say.

    Go get-em.


  4. Kim Adele Hastert says:

    Dear Ken,
    I don’t understand how your medical exemption could possibly have been denied. WTF !! I agree with Montana Mike & Craig the Kid. Please voice your opinion at the Masters & take them to court afterwards if they don’t reconsider their misguided values. It makes me sad that we live in a country that values litagation above education, but you must fight fire with fire. You are a GREAT man & you’ve been doing the work to get back on tour full time; please don’t give up & don’t let them dampen your spirit! Hugs and love, Kim PS feel free to call if you need a shoulder or someone to talk to & vent or if you need a positivity boost.
    I’m here for you,

  5. Chuck Almond says:

    Ken, What a disgrace the PGA is reflecting in their decision! I do beleive that YOU have a wonderful opportunity in Augusta as I’m sure the golf writters and media will be discussing this “bullshit” decision.
    Once again the PGA is able to work their “Magic” for the few and is showing their colors with regard to fairness for all!

    We will be back in Augusta for the week of “Gallery Guarding” I hope I have a chance to see you there.


  6. J says:


    I personally feel your reasons for not suing the Tour are incorrect, and I really hope you change your mind! You say your reasons for not suing are because this only about you. But my friend, you are dead wrong! This is about ALL golfers, and certainly about ALL permanently disabled people, and about every single person on this planet who are discriminated against on a daily basis. It is simply not right. You, me, and everyone else knows it. DO NOT let them walk all over you like they are, you’ve been through enough already! At this point you are the only one who can do something to change the situation, so take full advantage of the opportunity and put them in their place. If you want it bad enough you can do it, you know you can!

    P.S. It’s too bad you’re not friends with Finchem or Elkington, you wouldn’t have to worry about all this, you would be set for life with sponsor exemptions!

  7. Bob says:


    It’s really unfortunate that the PAC doesn’t see the positive side of allowing you this opportunity to compete. I think of other people who are fighting to overcome a physical handicap, particulaly the vets who would be so inspired by what you have accomplished to date. I would have thought that they would jump on this opportunity with two feet to get all the exposure they could as everyone is inspired when they see individuals overcome obsticles in pursuit of their dreams. Stick it to them by qualifying and playing on your own. You don’t need them and they are passing up a good opportunity to do the right thing.

  8. Deacon Greg Sherman says:

    Hello Ken,
    Like all of your friends, I am very sorry and disgusted with the PAC’s decision. Whatever your decision for your next step, you have my support and prayers. The only advice I have to share is to rest with it for at least 48 hours; then listen to those around you who have your legal and moral “back.” Some of the best decisions I have made in the few “crisis” I have faced in my life were after listening to others whom I trusted; some of the worst decisions I made were made in anger, frustration, and pain and ones I made myself without listening to others I trusted.
    Be well and God Bless, Deac

  9. N.G.Simon says:

    PAC=piss ant consortium.Nothing like grinding your foot into someone when they’re down.Screw ‘em,sue ‘em,you’re not asking for anything you haven’t earned/deserved!
    In the meantime get ready for your journey with Radar!!

  10. Bruce Berlet says:

    Just brutal, Ken. Doesn’t the tour know a major medical problem when they see it. Then again, you’ve never been one of their favorites, as I know while covering your for more than two decades in Connecticut. Haven’t seen you since your accident but hope your recovery continues at an even better pace. If you have a chance, email me your phone number and I’ll be happy to call. Keep up your inspirational comeback and God bless!!!! Bruce

  11. Ralph Johnston says:

    The serenity prayer above should be your mantra. I know you have the courage, SUE, and change the things you can.

  12. The Kid says:


    Just a thought.
    I am sure you will have the opportunity to say a few words during an acceptance speach at the Ben Hogan Award ceremony in Augusta, April 7th. Will there ever be a better opportunity or a better audience than the collection of golf writers at their Golf Writers awards banquet? What a great time to politely state your current situation regarding your medical request, and the outcome that has befallen you! You could definately turn a bright light on all members of the PAC and board who have denied your rightful opportunity. Screw them and they deserve any and all criticism that comes their way!

    Keep the faith, talk to you soon!


  13. Montana Mike says:


    You are wrong not to sue. You are one of “many”….remember the fiasco on the Tour a few years ago about “handicap” using a cart, he won. Set a precedent. (and go after these self indulgent, self serving, elitist)

  14. Todd says:

    UN F-ing Believable. Why is it conmen & thieves always end up holding the purse strings!
    Mr. Green,
    I doubt words of encouragement hold much value @ a time like this? Perhaps you will turn to our comments as we have turned to yours. Today I went to the cemetery to visit my parents. While walking to see my mom I came across the headstone of a local sports hero. I wrote down what was written to post on my MS run blog tonight> hopefully it helps, in time:


    As always thank you for being REAL.

  15. Flo Godino says:

    Kenny, I am so disappointed in this unfair decision. I have to believe that politics has taken over humanity. Well, let’s not give up. Write for exemptions–I know that you will get them. If I can help you, you know that I am always here for you.
    Your second Mom

  16. Dick Cote says:

    Sorry to hear about the decision Ken.To me it seems grossly unfair.Like so many other things in life that seem unfair one just has to go on and deal.I hope that the good wishes and encouragement of your fans will be a comfort to you and you will go on from here.I know there’s
    no quit in you and you’ll keep fighting to get back where you want to be.This is just one more
    obstacle to overcome.Get after it.best wishes always.

  17. Julie says:

    Sorry to hear Ken, isnt a shame that a game of golf can become tied up in legal protocol! Just play and do your darn best Ken, dont let them beat you just keep going on……..
    At least the computer is working! Hope you feel better soon.

  18. Brenda Roberts says:

    The bastards.

  19. Cindy says:

    Ken, I’m sorry to hear about the PAC’s decision. Man, just keep your chin up, and trust in the Lord. He has good things in store for you, I’m sure of it.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Take care!

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