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KG’s Blog Post #47 – 4/10/10 6:08pm

Hogan meets Green,

Hello good friends. I hope all is well as I’ve been on another weird stretch. I was sick in bed for a week when my sister got smart and told a friend to pick my arse up and go to the hospital. So, our Nip Open champion Jim Mercer dumped me in the furnace. They decided I should stay a bit as I had pneumonia.  Palms West Hosp. did a good job and they never even knew who I was.

Four days later I was ready to go to the Hogan award at Augusta.  OK, so now I head to Augusta.  Shelley was running late so she did not get to the hotel until late Wednesday afternoon. That meant that young Shane did not attend is first Masters.  

So off we go to the Hogan dinner. I was the only one there in shorts. I guess no one got the memo that it was hot. My speech was a blur as most everything I say is these days. I was told that it was a tear, humor, love kind of speech. I know it must have been special as my brother-in-law even said that I was great – this is shocking news.

I was honored to be thought of.  Tom Watson was wonderful and let’s face it:  Hogan, Watson & Green don’t actually make sense. I want to simply say that we all have some things in common. 1) we are all way short of Jacks majors 2) we have all gone through the yips 3) we have all won in a foreign country now. 

Two of us have some things in common:

1) H-G = bad car accidents

2) H-W = Open champions

3) W-G = we both were scary good putters in our day

4) W-G = we both went belly up with our marriage

5) H-W = they were both fine sippers

6) H-G = we are known for our fairway wood skills.

…So that was just some stupid thoughts – hope you didn’t mind.

Now I will tell you my true feelings on the Tour’s decision to bone me. The tour has a promotional deal that says “Together, Anything Is Possible” = minus Green of course = Tis a bit bizarre that the most honest game on the planet, tour players are always turning themselves in on rule violations. The tour is run by an individual who cares nothing about truth. Strange. Someday day Finchem and I will be at the gates waiting to enter heaven and Saint Truthoman will say, “he who has not boned Mr. Kenneth Green has the right to enter the holy gates”.  So that will leave Finchump alone wondering, how did Green pull that off?  In all honest dog wags, I want to say that I’m disgusted & saddened by their decision.  They failed a member of 20++++ years.  Just awful.  I know this from my heart.

Finally, I will say good day and let you know that I will be seeing Peter Kostis next Thursday & Friday.  I prey that he can invent our new swing so I won’t look like a fool in the Legends.  Sister Shell will be caddy of the week – coming out of a 20-year retirement to help her baby brother. She is the best (yes ellen you were the worse – they were all right).   IT will be a scary but exciting week. I hope we play decent.  Take care and if you don’t mind throw a kiss to the golf Gods for Mike and I.

- Ken

9 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #47 – 4/10/10 6:08pm”

  1. Steven Amiel says:

    you are an inspiration and an extraordinarily man. I will be at the legends in Savannah. I was so looking forward to meeting Watson and Couples and now… well, my trip will be made if I get to meet you and tell you what you represent to a generation of your peers. How you play at the Legends pales in comparison to the fact that you will be at the Legends. That sir, is the big deal. I am part of Greens Army.

  2. rex cress says:

    Hey Ken,
    It will be great seeing you at the Legends. Maybe I’ll get lucky and draw you and Shelly for the Pro Am if I’m lucky enough to play. It was great playing with you last year,Lots of fun.

    God Bless Rex

  3. Pam says:

    Glad to hear you and Shelly will be back together again…The Green Team!!!! I always loved watching you two together….keep up the good work…everyday is a gift!!! good luck at the legends…..we will send a kiss and prayer to the golf god’s!!!

  4. ellen (the nice one) says:

    Best of luck at the Legends. You are always on my mind and in my prayers.

  5. Ken all of Savannah awaits your return to the Legends. You can count on a lot of support from us locals.

  6. Colonel says:

    KG, slight error in your #47:

    “Palms West Hosp. did a good job AND they never even knew who I was.”
    Should have read:
    “Palms West Hosp. did a good job BECAUSE they never even knew who I was.”


    Hey, see you & Radar on the the 23rd. I’m bringing my SW – I’d like to take You & Radar on in a friendly mini Nip Open after the round Friday. I think I can handle both of you pretty easily. (BAGS too – I’ve heard he’s coming – he’s definitely no problem)

    Till then,

  7. Brenda Roberts says:

    A kiss is on the way!!

  8. N.G.Simon says:

    thanks for posting.I wanted to know why with all the hype going on this weekend,and Watson playing so well,nothing has been said about the Ben Hogan awards.We know with Shelly out of retirement you’ll do well!

  9. Montana Mike says:

    Think about working on putting – I shot 30 on the back nine at Sr, Tour School (68) = 11 putts! Ask Tiger – take away three 3 putts today at the Masters (Sat) for him and then look at his score. Putting is the key to scoring. Ball striking counts, but if ya can’t make em,,,,

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