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KG’s Blog Post #48 – 4/11/10 7:41pm

Masters Thoughts,

Quick note to all – Phil deserved to win – he played the best.  I’m not a big fan of his, but you must give him credit. Tiger showed he does have some human in him with that quick damn it 3-putt on 14.  I have never seen the greens so soft.  People are worrying too much about this groove issue.  I remember those greens turning blue out there.

I played for the first time in 3 weeks and ouch does Mr. Reid has some work to do – play hard my friend.

I’m not sure I have mentioned this, but the Champions Tour players are donating the pro-am purses to me for the rest of the year – a wonderful gesture that will help me immensely. It’s about $80,000.   

As I skip along on my thoughts, the leg has fired up hard and I assume the golf was the problem – that plus it was cart path only which created even more issues. I shot 79 from 6,800 yard course but putted like a Norwegian duck. My hope is to play the Dicks Sporting Goods Open in Bunghampton NY in June – this will be my first individual event.  When things go decent there I will play the event in Montreal on July 4 week-end. I might as well be the first in Canada with a prosthetic leg also.

To throw more strange news at you, I hope to play in the event in Korea also. Another first. This will only happen if I feel like a can shoot par. I’m thinking I can win the Russian senior Open in Siberia this December.

I’m looking forward to my new set of PING clubs. There is a miracle out there. By the way, my exempt status ends at the end of July so anything I play after that will be by sponsor exemptions. I also want to play the event at Pebble Beach – my favorite place on earth. It has a special meaning as I vividly remember Hunter playing there with me and having such a fantastic day.

I’m skipping around so much I feel like I’m smoking drugs or something. I will keep you posted on what Mr. Kostis does with my swing has we desperately try to find length and a swing in one week.

Be good and SHK to all. I’m already getting nervous. Damn this is some sort of world we have!!


PS: Typo in my #47 – should have read:
“5) H-W = they were both fine sippers” – just a test to make sure you were reading all of me.

15 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #48 – 4/11/10 7:41pm”

  1. Kim Adele Hastert says:

    Dear KEN, I AM SO PROUD of YOU! Great show & play this week! YOU ARE TRUELY AMAZING! You are an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work & I look forward to cheering you on again the next time you decide to play. Enjoy the personal victory you must be feeling. Sincerely yours, Kim Adele Hastert. PS one of the golfers I coach in positivity played his first tourney of the year in the UK & won !!! woo hoo!

  2. Romie says:

    Great to see you back out there! Play well, be well.

  3. Joan Macijunas says:

    Hang in there :) You’re an inspiration to all us. No one knows what ‘the’ journey holds for each one of us.
    in light and love,

  4. Bob Bradley says:

    Keep your head down and have fun tomorrow. The Big Guy will be with you.

  5. Kim Adele Hastert says:

    Dear KEN, I just wanted to send you a note to say GOOD LUCK this week! I BELIEVE IN YOU & I know you do to, or you wouldn’t be out there. Keep your focus on the positive. Most people in your situation would have just quit. but NOT YOU! You are a fighter (in the good way) you are a CHAMPION, & YOU CAN DO IT! Keep your chin up & Get ‘R DONE! If you need a pep talk, please feel free to call me. 816 442 8298. Sincerely yours, Kim Adele Hastert

  6. Ken can you bring a bunch of your hats to Savannah when you arrive on Tuesday? A number of volunteers want to buy them.

  7. Dave says:

    Ken, good luck this week at legends tournament. Glad munchie & Deborah are with you, god bless, strong will and faith helps tremendoulsy. You’ll do fine, keep your chin up, we’re cheering for you. We’ll talk to you ya’ll soon.

  8. Jean says:

    Great post Ken! Norwegian Duck?? If you get to Pebble Beach, say hi to my dad, he works one of the liquor tents and has been there for years. He would get a kick out of knowing his daughter sent you to say hello. He is a fan! Roger Wiseman! Golfs lots!

  9. Brenda Roberts says:

    Bunghumpton, huh? You signed my ticket there one year. I wanted Lee Westwood to win on Sunday. It is wonderful that the Champions Tour is giving you money. Yippee Kai Ya!!! (no mf though)

  10. Deborah Homan says:

    Ken is soooo deserving of the Ben Hogan award…His attitude is amazing, as he continues to journey forward,despite the obstacles, distractions, and roadblocks encountered.
    Nothing but love and respect for you, Ken, and look forward to seeing you very SOON.

  11. Mark says:

    Why do many of the players on Tour seem to appreciate Phil’s accomplishments but dont seem to be close to him?

  12. Craig says:

    Norwegian duck? That’s funny.
    Have you considered the stack and tilt swing? 20 years ago, when I had time to practice and play tournaments, I was a +4, I now only play about once a week and have no time to practice. Last year I started experimenting with the S & T swing, no lessons just reading,and within a couple of weeks was breaking par again. The short game still suffers a little because of lack of practice but the ball striking, accuracy,fairways and greens in regulation are better than ever. I’m having fun again and am considering finding some time to work a little harder at it. I Just turned 53, so an semi-old dog can learn new tricks.
    Good luck

  13. J says:

    First off, congrats on your award! Great picture of you and Watson. Watson would win every tournament he played if he could have you knock in those 5 footers all day.

    I agree Ken, not a big fan but absolutely Phil deserved to win. He hit some of the most ridiculously good shots over the weekend. Only Phil and Seve could have pulled off that shot on 13, but Seve would have made the putt! I was disappointed though with the lack of fireworks on the back 9 Sunday. Phil kind of started running away with it. The hour stretch on Saturday when the eagles were flying was I swear on my life, the most entertaining golf that has ever been played. That will be very difficult to match.

    I have no doubt you won’t have any problem getting sponsor exemptions. Hopefully at some point in time, the Champions Tour will realize how…stupid is the only word that comes to mind, their decision to not give you a medical extension really is. It’s beyond ridiculous. But, what might be even more ridiculous regarding the Champions Tour, is that Jim Thorpe was suspended. Ken, what the hell is wrong with these guys?! The guy is in prison for tax evasion, which has no bearing on anything other than him being an idiot. Does not paying his taxes have anything to do with golf or the Champions Tour? ummmm, No. So they suspend him so he can’t play for 2 months before he heads off to prison for a year, you have got to be kidding me! Where is Tiger’s suspension in all this? All he did was be an idiot, yet I sure didn’t hear anything about a suspension. Through common sense, one could predict a Tiger suspension over a Jim Thorpe suspension. But I think common sense does not exist at the level in which suspensions and medical extensions are handed out. Pile on them not giving you a medical extension, plus all the other stuff no one ever hears about, and you have a big smelly pile of crap.

  14. Bruce Berlet says:

    You’re right that Phil deserved to win, especially with what he has been through with his wife and mother the past year. … Great gesture by your Champions Tour colleagues. Now if only the PGA Tour and its official would come to their senses about the major medical exemption that you requested. Still can’t believe they turned you down previously. … Good luck with finding length and a swing with Kostis. Regardless of what you find, just enjoy yourself in the Legends. Mike might be thin, but I’m sure he’ll be supportive as possible. Besides, you’ll always be a legend in your own time. I know from all those years covering you. Will never forget that 68 you shot in first round at Augusta to tie for the first-round lead with Kratzert and then struggling the second round until holing out from a bunker on No. 18. Or that classic line when asked about your thoughts on your first trip down Magnolia Lane: “I’ve seen better drive in northwestern Connecticut.” That’s why we always loved you. Take care, Bruce

  15. Fay Brantley says:

    It’s very simple.. great having you in Greensboro for the weekend.. She was looking down on you and missing you too..

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