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KG’s Blog Post #49 – 4/26/10 9:26pm

Subj: Aftermath. . . Savannah didn’t burn this time!!!

Hello everyone!

I’m just going to type what comes to me so excuse the style…

It’s Monday, the day after Savannah, here comes Green.

The past 3 days have been the absolute greatest days of my golfing life.

Friday was the most amazing day my life has seen to this day. I was filled with anxiety, nerves, joy, fear, excitement, friendship, love, pain, skill, and any other emotion I can’t think of at the moment. I’m thrilled that I hit the ball solid off the first tee and then proceeded to play a rather pathetic 8 holes of golf that was purely, “I’m so nervous I can’t play golf“.

That being said, I was having a blast. Mark Omeara, Nick Price (they won, they owe me a cut for not hitting them and knocking them out of the event), and my partner Mike Reid were just complete pros and human beings, as they inspired me to fight on no matter what I did.

Then out of no where I whacked this 6-iron from the rough (me & fairways were not getting along) on the green and the next 10 holes were actually real golf. I mean pro golf. I was stunned and shocked.

When done and replaying the round, I realized that I can do this again. I just need some time to make the changes to my swing that my friend and teacher of 3 decades [Peter Kostis] has me doing.

I’m so excited I can’t even explain it to you properly. My skipping from point to point may show that by itself, as I make little sense.

My much older and almost ancient sister did a great job caddying and it was just awesome to have her with me at that time. She is without a doubt the best person in the Green family – small family though.

Anyway, I wish everyone could have experienced that feeling on the first tee – I was fractions away from loosing my marbles. The feeling I had when I made my first birdie were just stupid awesome, but just WOW.

My hope is to compete in the Dicks Sporting Goods in late June, that will give me 6 weeks to hopefully get a bit healthier and then get these swing changes down a bit.

I missed my Jeanne so much this week – those emotions were hard to keep inside me.

The nut jobs from the health trailer did a great job keeping my real ankle from falling apart, I was taped like that King Tut nut

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I ended up renting a house because we had a so many people that it seemed to be the way to go as it would save us money vs. the hotel rooms. Now, I didn’t exactly know where this house was and it ended up being in the “things aren’t exactly working out great neighborhood”, if you know what I mean. No offense meant to anyone, by the way. I wonder if that nice man Mr. Finchem would have stayed there after he flew up on our private jet. But, I must say we did all manage to survive and only had the police ask us the old “did you see this guy run by?”, 3 times for the week.

My good friend and nephew slept under the bed and not on it for the week. My young Mr. Munch became a mandog, as it was his job to alert anyone who came within 50 feet of the house that this was a Mr. Munch property and STAY AWAY!

I will now stop so this does not go on to long, but I will babble on tomorrow with some more thoughts from the week.

Damn, it was fun. People were just fantastic and I will talk to you soon.


14 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #49 – 4/26/10 9:26pm”

  1. Dave Dunville says:

    Ken, Thanks for helping me win a bet against my brother, the past weekend. You play was not big news here in Michigan, as I received calls from only 8 TV stations about your play. Next time you get ready for that first tee, remember what I tell myself about being an amputee… It’s Mind over Matter… I don’t Mind and It Don’t Matter.

    Great Job Kicking Butt, keep it up

  2. Patrick says:

    All I can say is BRAVO Ken! I am rooting so hard for you. I just know that you will at some point not only play the Champions Tour again, but compete and WIN! God bless you my man.

    Pat O’Dell

  3. Kim Adele Hastert says:

    Dear Ken,
    P.S. If Shelly ever needs a week off I’m available to loop 4 you. :) :) Sincerely yours, Kim Adele Hastert

  4. Kim Adele Hastert says:

    Dear Ken,
    I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. WOW ! Your description of your week made me feel like I was right there with you. & I know that Jeanne was right there with you too. :) You’ve got a guardian angel that will always be there for you just by thinking of her.
    I AM especially glad to hear that you proved to yourself that YOU CAN PLAY PRO GOLF AGAIN!! CONGRATULATIONS!! That is FANTASTIC! I feel like doing cartwheels for you & after I’m done writing I believe I will. Best wishes for some productive time off. Please read Deepak Chopra’s books Golf for Enlightenment & The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. I know that they will help not only your golf game but will improve your life as well. :) CHEERS TO YOU! Sincerely yours, Kim Adele Hastert

  5. N.G.Simon says:

    Well done,and BRAVO,Kenny!!We knew you could do it!It was great seeing Shelly carrying the bag again,and we know there is more to come.We’re looking forward to your return to Endicott,and know you’ll do your best!

  6. Lee (Southborough,Ma) says:

    Words cannot be found to describe the accomplishment you have already achieved—–so deserved these accolades—-now get ready and kick some ass!

  7. Bob says:


    See you in Endicott in June. Already have our tickets, hotel reservations and “KG” caps. It was great seeing you back in competition. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Flo Godino says:

    Dear Kenny: Wish we could have been there to watch you play. This was probably the greatest boon to your spirit and just plain guts that ever could have happened. You belong inside the ropes whenever you can be there. Jeanne, Bill, Hunter and Nip as well as Mom and Dad are cheering from above along with all of your dear friends here on earth.
    We love you
    Flo and Jim

  9. Andy Macleod says:

    Ken wish we could have seen you play… no coverage this side of the pond,
    the old magic obviously still there.
    Agree with others lets get online petition going you deserve to have exemption but I’m sure you’ll prove to everyone and to yourself more importantly, that you’re still good enough to compete no matter what.
    Now remember Listen to the Physio or I’ll be over to sort you out.
    Troon Scotland

  10. Todd Peterson says:


    Seeing you on TV again hitting a ball and making few putts was awesome. Seeing you and Shelley together was like the good old days. I nominate Mike Reid, Mark O’Meara, Nick Price and Shelley for the Nobel Peace Prize – They actually deserve it. As to Mr. Finchem, I hear there’s a few vacancies down in Gitmo. Plenty of sun and companionship there I’m told…

    Any chance of getting an online petition going to help get you your time back? The time is right to get some heat directed towards the brass!

    Ice that real ankle down and keep swinging. You’re doing more for the game than most ever could or ever will!

  11. Joel Wilcher says:

    I awakened from my Apnea stupor. Good golfing and good luck. Hang in there. I can hardly wait to hit a bucket of balls myself. May be this week if the rain stops.
    Joel in Oakmont

  12. Norman says:

    I loved watching you play. Loved reading all of the incredibly positive articles about Ken Green (not the guy with the green shoes, must be another guy, right?) The NY Times did a hell of a great article on one occasion. Just wonderful to see you fighting the good fight and, for once, writers getting their facts mostly straight and giving you props for handling enormous adversity with class and humility (sure it’s the right guy; can’t be printing stories about the wrong Green. There is more than one, right?). Bravo, Ken!

  13. Tom Batewell (Fort Mill, SC) says:

    Congrats Ken! So happy for you, I know the feeling must have been awesome. Courage and plain guts Ken….good days are ahead!!!
    Tom in Fort Mill, SC.

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