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KG’s Blog Post #5 – 7/21/09

Hello my fellow humans,

History in the making – my fifth blog.

I believe i didn’t tell you that i received a call from the King and the Bear while i was in the hospital.  Sadly, i was high on morphine and was unable to talk to them.  I’m truly honored that they called – i wasn’t even sure they even remembered me.  I was able semi-alert when i received a phone call from So.Africa – no bullslap – Gary Player was on the other line – another stunner for me.  I’m not exactly sure what we talked about but my sis says i was ok.  Another honor.

On the medical issues, i had a 2nd opinion for my left ankle.  He also said no surgery – time and a boot.  Sadly will take about 4 months to fully heal, but it shouldn’t slow down my stumpo training.  In the exercise world, i swam in the pool today – surprised myself with my speed – can easily beat a turtle.  It is a start – my stump leg actually had more kick than my left one – i was barely moving i think.  I did 5 laps in the pool and on the 6th i almost drowned in the middle of the pool.

Next Tuesday they are going to set a mold for my leg and soon after i will take my first baby steps.

Be good and stay in contact,

11 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #5 – 7/21/09”

  1. Jim Nelford says:

    Hey Kenny,
    I am so proud of you and your spirit during this challenge. I know you will succeed wonderfully in your quest to play our game again. I can’t wait to watch you swing a club! You shouldn’t be surprised at the outpouring of love and support you are receiving from your fellow Tour players, after all we are a great big family out there. The support I received after my accident certainly helped me through the tough times. There will be tough times, but your resolve and sense of humour will serve you well. We are all pulling for you and praying for you. The moment you step back out on that golf course, the whole golf world will be standing and applauding you!! The tears will fill an ocean. Keep up the great work! We anxiously await more good news.
    Your friend,
    Jim Nelford

  2. Carroll Blackledge says:

    Hey Ken – GREAT to see the blog. And glad to know you are well on your way to a full recovery! Following your comeback will give an entirely new meaning to the now frequently heard phrase “Go Green”! All of us in Jackson are praying for you, cheering for you and looking forward to seeing you back on the course. Rachel says “Hi”.

    Carroll Blackledge,
    Jackson, MS

  3. Ken, I just found out about the website tonight. We have been praying for you in Jackson and hope you are making progress. You’re doing a great job with your blogs and that’s coming from a longtime sportswriter. Remember Isaiah 41:10 — “Do not fear for I am with you. Do not be afraid for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will hold onto you with My righteous right hand.”
    Ken, remember you are NOT alone. Keep the faith, brother!!! You have a lot of people in Jackson praying for you daily. God bless you and tell Shelley and Slugger hello!
    Standing Firm in Christ,
    Robert Wilson

  4. Kevin Richardson says:

    You can still beat any Northener in the swimming competition of the Civil War.

  5. gene-mark h says:


    Its Gene Horow, hang in there you got a great story to tell. Look forward to seeing you once you get to Ark’s house. Take care. You are the most interesting man in the world!

  6. Rick says:

    A blast from your past:

    Greenie – keep your chin up man. You have a huge group of friends out here thinking and praying for you. I know from past interaction that nothing will keep you down – never has, never will. Can’t wait to see you on the golf course again soon!

    Your ex-roommate,
    Rick Pearson

  7. Francis says:

    Kenny, you better request the kiddie pool next time with floaties! You are an animal your attitude is one of a kind. I am convinced God chose you because out of all the people you know there is no one that could take on this challenge! You have a heart and a drive the size of Texas.


  8. Jim Prim says:

    Go Greenie. Just remember a drop of water can wear a rock away over time. I will be looking forward to following your comeback. I’m sure I wil still need 2 a side to be competitive with you. God Bless. JP

  9. Bob Carbone, Danbury, CT says:

    Michael Phelps look out! Maybe olympic swimming can be your next goal.
    Keep positive and try not to swallow too much water.


  10. Bob Griggs says:

    Hey Ken, this is such great news! I am so glad to read your posts and a, looking forward to seeing you again soon.

    Love from the Griggs in Greensboro


  11. Mike Farmer says:

    great news KG – keep up the great work – looking forward to following you on PGA’s shot tracker soon – in our thoughts and prayers here in Naples


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