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KG’s Blog Post #51 – 4/29/10 9:44pm


So another day has passed and two of us are excitingly waiting for me to babble some more not so perfect English mumbo golf jumbo. So here I go.

Not sure if I told you but I had dry mouth for eighteen straight holes on Friday of the Legends. That has never even come close to happening to me. Pretty bizarre. That might be another reason the tour shouldn’t ban drinking from golf. I know not so appropriate, it’s the pills I say.

On a Masters note – how come everyone calls Phil’s shot from the pine needles one of the best of all time. I will give you Mr. Munch if that was where he was aiming. I say it was a solid shot that was off target. Don’t misread what I’m saying ‘cause he was clearly the best player that week.

Now back to my skank like shots. My pitches around the green were really good considering that I all most end up using a different stance because of the prosthetic on every shot. It will be a determined and figured routine for the rest of my time. 8,165 days left by the way. Hope it doesn’t take me that long to break par in a tournament.

Speaking of par, my early goal for the Dicks Sporting Goods event is to break par at least once and maybe twice. Not sure if I’m way off base, but I will have a better idea in one month from today. Alex Alexander who ran the BC Open for eternity and now the Dicks just passed away at the age of 89.  He had a great run and should be given credit for running a great event. The community supports that event and all the BC Opens like no other small community. I love going to that place.

It was just fantastic being a part of the Legends event and can’t wait for my next run.

Take care my friends. Munch giving me the evil eye.  


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