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KG’s Blog Post #52 – 4/30/10 8:23pm

Quick question to you, my friends & supporters…

I’m toying with playing the Regions in Birmingham in 2 weeks [ http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/s564 ]. This course is rather long and some what tricky with the bunkers. With that said, I need to learn to play courses all over again and it would be a great way to get me ready for the Dick’s event where I hope I can actually play well.

The question I’m trying to ask is do you feel I would be doing golf and myself a disservice by going and shooting some not so good scores (high 70’s I think) I don’t want to dishonor the game but it would be of great value to me for future events

Please give me your thoughts as I would really like some feed back from you. Thanks

I’m going to play Breakers from the back the next few days and see what I shoot. (7000 yards)


34 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #52 – 4/30/10 8:23pm”

  1. hotch says:


  2. Bags says:

    Go Play!!!

  3. Ronnie Aldrich says:

    Play ! Hell yes what else does a golfer do………….

  4. Karen Sawicki says:

    Kenny, stop questioning yourself. Disservice? Dishonor? These words should not even be in your vocabulary. You set out on a journey last June, and through every adversity a person could imagine continued on. Your spirit, humor, tenacity, (like Munch and baby Boomer) and golf skills are all a recipe for success! Continue to move on one legged wonder. Your journey will only get better and better. That was apparent at the Legends. Go play, have fun and be so very proud of yourself. You are an inspiration to ALL! The Ken Green Nation is behind you 100%!
    P.S. want a Yorkie puppy for Munch since he loves Boomer so much? Sorry Colonel only have boys left.

  5. Deacon Greg Sherman says:

    Greetings Ken !!
    Thanks for asking for our feedback. I agree with everyone else above. Of course you should play if you feel up to it!! Be prepared for some very possible pleasant surprises regarding your game and scores.

    Whatever your scores, truly all of your efforts and active participation in golf and the PGA Tour are great for you, your family, your friends, and the game of golf.

    There is NO way that you could “dishonor” golf or yourself: the contrary, YOU give HONOR to yourself and the game of golf.

    Perhaps more importantly, you are giving hope and encouragement to all those real human beings who are battling their own hardships, losses, and challenges in life.

    Be well, God bless, and happy golfing. Deac

  6. Todd Foret says:

    I hope you feel up to it.
    I was planning on driving down and watching the tourney, but only if you were going to play.
    Good Luck and hope to see you get to chat with you.

  7. marky mark says:

    Play and then play more….you can play …how does it go….Just Do It…Let’s go….no negative thoughts…none…play….and enjoy that fact that you can still play….and at a pretty good level..only to get better

  8. AJ says:

    Ken,I think you should go for it. I know you will do great. Peter is there to help you and we are there to support you. I think you should go for it!!!

    God Bless,

  9. Kevin Richardson says:


  10. Bob Carbone says:


    Are you kidding? Of course you should play if it will help you in the future.
    Go for it and just have fun.


  11. Sandman says:

    I think it was J Miller who said you are “the best fairway wood player ever”……take what is yours and enjoy the trip.

  12. Bob Griggs says:

    So many great responses, Ken.

    I think I also agree with a respondant who said you should do what you feel is in your heart.

    We played several weeks ago and I saw some flashes of the game you played on the few occasions that we have played together.

    I now you can do this!

    Just go for it! Enjoy it! Relish in it!

    “BE THE BALL”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the Griggs in Greensboro!

  13. Dave Dunville says:

    Ken, GO FOR IT! Don’t get in the mind set that your going to score in the high 70′s. Just go and do it.

  14. Colonel says:

    KG, all you have to do is ask yourself, can I go out on the Champs Tour and play like I did on the back9 at The Legends on Friday? You shot 1 under there, and that’s missing a 4-footer shoehorner. The 18th was 457 dead into the wind, and you wacked it dead-straight on with a beautiful, flush drove & 3-wood. You even snuck a drive by Mark O. on 16 – classical! I don’t see Distance as a problem!! I know you’ve been working with Peter on some swing chgs., and I know you didn’t have all that down yet at the Legends – so, accuracy & distance will get even better. Plus, you really looked good with the putter. So, you back to the Orig. Question – if you think you can play anywhere close to the way you did at The Legends last Friday, then there’s only one way to go re: Playing More Events on the Champs: DO IT, for YOURSELF, and for your Fans!!! You deserve it, and we deserve it!! YES YES YES, KG!!

  15. Craig says:

    Only Ken Green can decide for Ken Green. You already answered your question in your blog, only you know what is best for you. We will support whatever decision you make. Take advantage of all that is offered you.

  16. Rick Johnson says:

    Ken, you honor the great game we all love when you step on the course. Your score just like your situation is a journey. And I know by playing in AL, no matter what the score it will be another huge step in getting you to your end goal of playing at a competitive level.

    By the way, if you need a caddy for the event, I’d be happy to do it free of charge. I have a regular job, but caddy some on the Duramed tour to help me along with my journey which is to caddy full time when I leave the corporate world. If there is an opportunity to caddy for you, just shoot me a note to my email and we’ll correspond from there.

  17. Ray Bodine says:

    Kenny, most of your fans say: “Go for it”; “I say, Go for whats in your heart”, the good Lord has not let you down yet, look within…and you will find the answer! Cheers and Continued Blessing from Houston! Ray

  18. Ralph Salito says:

    My dear friend Fred Kolakowski 22 year PGA Head Professional at Mill River Country Club passed away in April at the age of 50-PLEASE play, as was said, it is only a number-If you feel well enough and can stand the pain, the number can’t hurt anyone!
    Will be looking for your name there!
    Sincerely Ralph Salito

  19. Bob says:

    As long as your exemption is up in July, you should play every tournament you physically can. The more you play, the better you will be prepare Rememberd for Dick’s. Go for it.

  20. McElBee says:

    Green, go for it, look what Tiger did today!!

  21. Chris Brion says:

    * that should say keep God in your heart.

  22. Chris Brion says:

    Go out and play. Having been a golf professional for 10 years I can tell you IT IS YOUR duty to get out and play. Don’t worry about what you shoot. If you let God lead, then the scores will come. The only diservice is the fact the tour will not grant you a medical extension for the time you had earned already. Keep the chin up though, and keep Gof in your heart, and you will be back to Chamions Tour. I saw you wearing white shoes at the Legends and I almost passed out. I figured you were unable to find a green one to go on the prosthetic so you stuck with white. HA!!!!

  23. Jim Curley says:

    Tiger shot 79 today. Go play!!!

  24. Dick Cote says:

    If you feel up to it you should certainly try and if you don’t get great results you’ll at least have a better idea where you are now and how to proceed.I too have watched most all your appearances in CT. NY. CANADA,and Vegas.Enjoyed every minute and plan on seeing you back on the
    Champions tour in good time.

  25. Gary Perkinson says:

    I would base it strictly on an honest appraisal of how well you feel physically. If you think you can get through the Birmingham tournament without suffering the kind of pain that would cause a serious setback in your recovery and development, then I’d say go for it. The more you expose yourself–sensibly–to Tour-level obstacles (course length, hazards, etc.), the better condition you’ll be in for continued play at this level. Good luck!

  26. Ralph Johnston says:

    GO PLAY.

  27. Lianne Thayne says:

    I say go for it! You’ll never know until you try.You’ll learn a great deal from the experience that you otherwise would not have known.

  28. J says:


    I’m a long time mini tour player. So I’m just going to think like a golfer to help give you an answer. I can’t begin to imagine what you went through, but if I tried, I come to the conclusion that you have a lot of fun playing golf, and simply love to play, but enjoy playing well at the same time. You’re the kind of guy; just like me, who shoots 78, launches his bag into the trunk, slams the trunk, gets into the car, mumbling and yelling about how bad you suck, starts driving for 2 minutes and can’t wait to go play again tomorrow…..You finally have the opportunity to play, GO PLAY! If you’re physically able to play the event in Birmingham in 2 weeks, go for it. It doesn’t matter what you shoot, it never mattered before what you shot. I try to think about that after ever lousy round of golf I play…what does it REALLY matter what I shoot? Nothing! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a hell of a lot more fun to shoot 68 than 78, but at the end of the day, or the end of the lifetime, whether you go out and shoot 69 or 92 will make no difference to anyone/anything. So just go out and play some golf, and enjoy yourself, and enjoy the fact that you’re still a professional golfer.

  29. drnorman says:

    You need to play. First, you will get very important feedback on what you need to work on – right now this information is as important as actually working on Peter’s specifics. Second, you need to continue to develop your mindset so it is appropriate for the task at hand. In this case, you want to look at it as practice and information gathering. Third, for you not to play is asking for trouble. You need the challenge.

  30. NZ says:

    I think you have to play for yourself. All you can control is hitting it chasing it and hitting it again. I believe that you have a great following now and many people will look at you for courage and personality. If you play well thats a bonus. From the looks of last week you did great. Golf is not like riding a bicycle you feel different everytime on the first tee and you will learn from every swing, hole and experience. Show the tour(mr finchem) how many people are pulling for you and how you will entertain everyone. If i wasnt caddying that week Id be there to watch myself.

  31. Bigcat says:

    I remember watching you I think in the early eighties and late seventies in CT at the GHO. Now that was a dishonor. Just kidding had a couple of cocktails. I’d love for you to play realizing it may go either way. Heck you had good and bad tournaments in the past (as do all the pros). My thought is you can’t hit a home run if you don’t get up to bat. Thinking of you and hoping for the best and proud to be a Ken Green fan of over 30 years.

    Rich Scaffa

  32. Chuck Almond says:

    Ken, At the end of the day wheather you are at the Breakers or on the road it’s just a number. If you feel that you are up to the challenge and it will help you with your confidence then go for it.

    Best wishes!

  33. Montana Mike says:

    Course/tournament selection according to ones personal games “strong points” is a must!

    Ego, saying ones (“professional”) game should/can play all courses, fits very, very, few.
    (look at the “no names” who win the US Open – not all “no names” but a lot)

    Certain players “win” on certain types of courses repetively, mainly because those courses “fit” the players “eye” (game).

    Players “skip” some venues and play on others for those reasons, common sense, not ego!

    Course selection for ones game!

  34. N.G.Simon says:

    As a friend and supporter, I say it’s all on how you feel. Don’t ever use the word dishonor when it comes to what you are doing. Eldred shot 79 today, so give it your best shot, and we know you’ll make us proud! You’ve got what it takes!

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