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KG’s Blog Post #53 – 5/1/10 8:23pm

Sunday Blues,

Good Lord in shank ville!! It’s been awhile since I’ve opened my metal foot and put it somewhere. So today I will pull the vocal cords out.

Great round from that green Irish type green man Rory McIlroy to win the PGA event. I’ve heard good things about him and his skill level is obviously damn good. Monty was supposed to be good and never pulled that off. Monty is a dope too.

Now for some interesting stuff. I played the back tees at Breakers on Saturday, 7,000 yard adventure. I up & downed it to shoot a 71, damn decent I say. My home track and perfect greens but what the hallo finchem I say again.

Because I’m in a wee bit of a down stretch, I’m going to tell you that I’m the only person to cry at Clash of the Titans movie. I just lost it a few times thinking about my family that I’ve lost. Sometimes it just slams you and you have no control of yourself. A man must have seen me losing it and snuck up behind me and gave me a hug and just said hang in there Ken. Really nice. Really nice!!

Anyway, back to golf and your responses to my Birmangham question. You have all been so positive and I want you to know that barring any physical issues, I intend to give it a whirl. It will be really hard, but I so look forward to doing battle at the Regions event, I don’t bank there. I suppose Finstump might fine me for that. Please be advised that any fun I make of our tour commish is only meant to be bring a smile to ones face. It’s better than putting up a picture of my hairy butt too!!

OK, continue on. I need a little help from some other legless people, or two if they really got boned. Anyway, I’m starting to get a pretty good rash and I hear that these are really bad for us as it is really tender. Does anyone know what I should be throwing on this so I can get rid of it as fast as possible. I know it sounds like a dumb question as you should put the normal stuff on it but with all the ointment I put on I don’t know if it will work.

Now I have to say one thing for all these nuts who have been marching because of the new AZ law on immigration. I being the genius of my home say this – during a concert, golf event, football game, DNC convention etc., people wear some sort of badges and no one is protesting some sort of discrimination dog poop stuff. I say why don’t we all just wear a simple ankle or whatever bracelet which would indicate we are in the USA legally or better yet an official ‘I’m legal’ tattoo? We bald guys could put it on our heads. We one foot guys could throw it on our one foot. I believe I’m brilliant.

Take care and I just got the video of the award dinner but I’m afraid to watch it. I’m such a woosy.


= = = = = = = =
May 14-16, Regions Charity Classic
Friday May 14 – Sunday May 16, 2010
Robert Trent Jones Trail at Ross Bridge, Hoover, AL

9 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #53 – 5/1/10 8:23pm”

  1. Tom Briggum says:

    There’s a good chance that rash is fungus, it loves to grow in the moist, dark, warm environment of the liner. Prescriptions for it are Oxistat and Naftin. You can also use the drugstore stuff for athlete’s foot and jock itch. It goes away in a couple of days.

    Tom Briggum
    LBK in Virginia Beach, fighting the same fight only 18 strokes higher.

  2. Todd Peterson says:

    It looks like you’re getting some advice on the rash. An amputee in my family recomended the the Amputee Coalition of America for info. On amputee-coalition.org they have a fact sheet section with info about these sort of issues. I saw stuff about the topical steroid creams and such as well as the issues about cleaning liners and such. I was told about the possibilities of allergic reactions to soap as well.

    Get sfter it in Birmingham! I’ll be firing off a letter to Finchump on your behalf. I wish I had a green envelope to send it in just to irritate that little troll… I’m still hoping for an online petition for your cause.

  3. Pamela Boyd says:

    Dear Ken,
    I have been looking for a way to contact you and here you are… Bob and I saw you last week on the tube and you look great. A definate warrior. So glad to see that you are back on the course and hope that it will only get better. We have all come a long way from that unoffical olympic event at Wild Dunes so many years ago….Calc, Sander, Green and Boyd!! A great time was had by all. Hope we run into you soon. Let us know if you make it to the Carolina’s. Would love to be a groupie for ya!! Be well and stay blessed on your journey!!

  4. Chris Brion says:


    I am happy to hear that you are gonna tee it up in Alabama. I pray that just remember to enjoy the ride. Take with you the lessons from that book I sent you and you will be fine. Let the Lord guide you and ease your pain (and worry, and stress, and everything else) and you will be fine.

    This is off topic but what happens to all the PING putters made out of GOLD???? Inquiring minds wanna know. Just shoot me an email if you have an answer to that.

  5. Great news that you’re going to give it a go in Birmingham. I don’t know if you need any help in the pro-am but you know that like St. Reid, there are those of us who would love to help you if we can. It’s a hilly course in spots, and so it wouldn’t have been my top recommendation for you to play. But with a cart, thinking about it, most of the fairway landing areas are pretty flat and playable. I think it’s fantastic that you’re progressing so well with your golf game, and sure hope you can find some good ointment for the rash. Great seeing you at Savannah, and the Regions tournament is really a well run great community event. You’ll have some fun, and make some birdies!! PS: You sure do crack me up with your blog, and have some great friends who write some funny, encouraging responses. Keep it up!

  6. Patrick Murphy says:

    Hoping you can keep the faith Ken. In the past 20 years the man upstairs has decided to take from me my wife, my daughter, my sister, my brother in law, my dad, your dad, your mother in law, and my cat. They say that He won’t put more on you then you can handle but damn if He didn’t decide to take my mother two months ago. Right now I don’t know if I should feel honored that He thinks me strong enough to handle all of this but I must say I am now tending to feel more numb than anything else. Praying that I can get back to the honored part before I go for the pissed off at the world part. Enough venting from me. Good luck on your journey Ken.

  7. Jim Curley says:


    I’m the amputee golfer from Malvern, PA. DO NOT use bleach on your liner. Those things cost $300 and you’ll ruin them with bleach. Just wash them with warm water and a good antibacterial soap. You don’t even need to dry them, just towel it off and throw it back on the leg. They are impervious to water, so they dry immediately.

    Wash your stump at least twice daily and put a little medicated Gold Bond powder on the rash area at night before bed, and it will clear up quickly. Don’t put the powder on before you put the liner on, you’ll lose the grip on your skin. The key is keeping everything reasonably clean. It’s always going to be a problem as long as you are sweating and active.

    When you are on the course, go behind a bush every once in a while and pop off the leg and liner and towel the sweat dry. It will help a lot.

    Check your old PGA emails, and call me if you have any questions.

    Jim Curley, PT
    National Amputee Golf Assn Life Member

  8. Dave Dunville says:

    Ken, Contact your Rehab DR, ask them is you can use “Ketoconazole Cream 2%”. The other thing is going to be your liner. You may want to put together a bucket, with a mix of 10% bleach/ water mix. Dip the inside part of the liner in the bleach water mix for about 10 to 20 seconds. Then wash & Dry them as normal. Just keep doing this untill the rash goes away.
    I found that using the cream on the stump and the bleach/water mix together, works best. I can get ride of the rash in just a couple days.
    Also there is a product called “Adaptskin50″ from Adaptlabs, that helps take away the scrachy feeling, at times as well. It’s about $25.00 and the jar will last a good long while.
    The other thing that may help out on the course is called “Biofreeze”. Your Rehab Dr, should beable to hook you up. Ask for the spray bottle, I find it works better.
    Just remember all amputees are different, so these things that work for me, may or may not work for you.

    Being an amputee is mind over matter. I dont MIND and It don’t MATTER

    Dave Dunville
    National Director
    Amputee Firefighters Association

  9. Bruce Berlet says:

    Ken: Great to hear you’re progressing well enough to try an individual event next week. And don’t worry about those comments about the commish. You’ve always said what you thought and have enough fines to prove it. :) :):) Take care and God bless. Your longtime reporter in Connecticut.

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