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KG’s Blog Post #57 – 5/14/10 6:21pm

Round One Done,

Wow! So excited yet angry too! I’m really pleased with my round. I hit a good shot on the 2nd hole and the ball went over the green and we lost it. I was really in a panic because I was scared to death that this was a disaster that was about to begin. I fought back and was really happy that I picked off 4 birdies. The leg went nuts on the last 3 holes, but I managed to get out of there without destroying the day.  I’m going to go relax and recoup but wanted to send a quick note.

Thank you all for caring –  it  means the world to me.


18 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #57 – 5/14/10 6:21pm”

  1. marky mark says:

    Way to go Kenny!….keep moving forward…Great job!…we all appreciate your grit….awesome!

  2. Bruce Berlet says:

    Ken: Great to see how many people think so highly of what you’re doing. We here in Connecticut have always known you were a little “different,” but this is “different” in the best way imaginable. Terrific inspiration for everyone, with one leg or two. Keep up the good work and hope to see you at the Travelers Championship next week. God bless!!!!

  3. HEAD says:

    Hey Green,

    Just a quick “THATA BOY” after 2 rounds in the 70′s. I think you mentioned in one of your articles that you would be happy to break 80 once. Well, I guess thats all done and now its time to match the 2nd and 1st round with another low 70′s round. If anybody can do it I would put my money on you. Keep on swingin and you too will be atop that leader board soon.

  4. Larry Abrams says:

    I was shocked when I picked up the morning paper and saw Ken Green listed as playing in the tournament. I have followed your career since the day way back when I watched you play at the L.A. Open. The thought of you back on the course is a great inspiration to me, let alone playing competitive golf. Way to go!

  5. Pam says:

    Way to go Ken….good round and great courage….keep up the good work!! We are pulling for you!!!

  6. Ken,
    Has to rank with one of the greatest achievements in all of sports…They say that Paul “Bear” Bryant kept a copy of a poem in his wallet as a life lesson…It goes like this:
    This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes this day will be gone forever…leaving something in its place that I have traded for it… Want it to be a gain not loss, good not evil, success not failure, in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it.”
    That is exactly what you have been doing since the accident. Your life will make a difference in the lives of others…

  7. Mernaugh says:

    Great round today Ken. Truly amazing! Wishing you continued success on your comeback. Very inspirational.

  8. Matt says:

    Great job Ken! Very proud of you. I have been a fan of yours since your early days and I am very excited about your future.

  9. Larry Mowry says:

    I knew I needed strokes from you!! LOL Driving it 282!! Holy Rolling Adams driver Batman!!!
    You looked good in that outfit…you get the nod for BEST DRESSED!!! Glad you are resting and playing with your dog…LIFE IS GOOD KEN!!!

    Smooth and easy tomorrow pards!! I had my fierce CORGI Mazie at my side watching you play. Scott Simpson gave you a Derby Rose Rug of compliments…said you are an inspiration and an asset to the tour. Good guy ol’ Scott

    You are an outstanding player…this is a win-win for you and The Regions!!!! God Bless you Ken Green!!

  10. Tom Batewell (Fort Mill, SC) says:

    So excited for you Ken! I was keeping track on the web and had anxiety as well on the front nine. What a turnaround from there, you got to be the talk of the tour. I am sure you are mentally and physically tired but what you have done these last 11 months or so is amazing! Your family and friends both here with you and in Heaven with you are really proud of the courage and determination you have displayed. Guts man….just plain guts.

    In future blog talk about the challenges of playing out there today, what is working well with the new swing….

    Huge fan and always will be! Good days are ahead!

    Tom in Fort Mill, SC

  11. hanne raby says:

    Resending the 100.000′s for tomorrow!!!!!

  12. Chris Brion says:

    Good round today Kenny boy, especially with the lost ball episode. 282.0 on Driving distance….Say what????? You never hit it that far with before? That is only a yard less tham Sindelar. I think that was a great round to build on. Just take it one swing at a time. And remember, Mr Munch loves you no matter what you shoot, and the rest of us do too. Good luck throughout the weekend.

    Chris Brion

  13. Bags says:


    Great comeback today!!!

    Rest up & have fun the rest of the week.


  14. Steve says:

    Mr Green,
    For you to come back and play competitive (very competitive) golf the way you have is nothing short one of the greatest comebacks in recent sports history. Very simply said, you are an inspiration to all…those who may have experienced hard times and those fortunate enough to have escaped tragedy. I hope that you continue to find the strength to light the path for others to follow. Best to you always and regardless of the outcome of this or future tournaments you may enter, you have my utmost respect.

  15. Justin says:


    GREAT playing today! I just finished watching on the Golf Channel and had seen your scores throughout the round. I too thought it was going south early after the double but you played really solid after that. You were about a foot away from another double on 9, but that was an awesome shot, probably not many birdies there today other than yours! I have to be honest, I believe you can be successful in your comeback just as much as you, and everyone else does, but I was expecting anything from like 79 to 85. 74 on the longest course all year, in your first round of your first individual event?! That’s just flat out nuts! Ken, just for fun I went back and looked at your rounds since you began the Champions Tour. On 2 legs you shot 75 or higher 16 times. That little saying about no pictures on the scorecard holds true again! Great job, can’t wait to see how the next 2 days go for you! Keep that putter going and you’ll be just fine.

  16. Chuck Almond says:

    I responded to your morning email regarding todays round, sorry about that, after all it is “Friday” afternoon!

    Hope you enjoyed the day, great round!


  17. N.G.Simon says:

    super!We know you can do it,keep on keep oning!We’re rootin for you!Great job,Ken!

  18. Bob says:

    GREAT!!!!!JUST GREAT!!!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!… a LONG COURSE, YOUR FIRST EVENT AND 4 BIRDIES…..IF THE LEG IS GOOD TOMORROW, MAKE 4 MORE. Every time you hole out, you are stepping closer to your personal goal and impacting more people across the US and the world with inspiration to FIGHT ON…..WELL DONE….

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