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KG’s Blog Post #58 – 5/15/10 3:02pm

Regions Day Two,

Well how is it all floating? Day two is done and over and I’m here to tell you that even though the score was higher, there were a lot of good old love, shots and no damn putts!!!

I was fortunate to play with Lietzke & Jacobsen and they are just good people to play with. Bruce happen to mention that he peaks at my blogs and wondered if I was gonna open my mouth again today. At the time I said I was kinda pissed and didn’t want to get myself fined again.

It was then that the big guy intervened with a classic wowsy moment. After I beat the 13th hole into a coma with a birdie from the trees, I had the honors on the par3 14 – 179 yards to the pin and a nice front pin over water. I calmly decided to power a 6, where I hit this fan shank into the water. When I arrived to survey the situation I was told it was swimming with the orcas. I was kinda screwed and trying to figure out where to drop it when I noticed that I saw the ball down in the moss filled pit was potentially playable. It was then I tried to figure out how to climb my one legged body down there. It was a 5 foot rock ledge climb where I held on to rocks, women and wine. Once I had successfully gotten to the bottom, I had to walk back up to the ball – the 10 yd. journey on moss, rock, water and little creatures was filled with numerous slips but not once did I go down. I then decided that I was there and was gonna see if I could get the ball that was completely submerged out and up over this 5 foot ledge to the pin which was a mere 60 feet away. With one quick slap I got the ball out and up and on the green to about 20 feet. Awesome!! My caddy, Mitch, then pulled my butt up and out. He of course showing his extreme athleticism and fell down. After I stopped laughing, I went over and simply knocked it in!!!! A par called ‘classic’. It was a memory hole!!

I look forward to trying not to finish last and to doing battle again tomorrow. We are making great progress and I’m so psyched. This battle with golf is keeping me going. It is giving me a reason to fight. People were just so nice. I’m thrilled that I can give someone a smile, it makes me feel like gold. Oh, the pain today was lower than yesterday, so I can only hope it keeps going in that direction. I can’t begin to tell you how much it hurts.’’

Be good,


18 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #58 – 5/15/10 3:02pm”

  1. Todd Peterson says:

    Get Mitch on TV, the Golf Channel would be a good choice, and recount this story with whatever video might be available. This story is unbelieveable. Actually it isn’t. This is the guy who went after an alligator to save Nip. This is Ken Green we’re talking about here…

  2. Mitch Gross says:

    Ken is understating what happened, though he is accurate about me falling backward to get his butt up and out of the creek. To this day the shots he made constitute the single greatest par I have ever seen, heard about, or read of. And that’s no exaggeration.

    Once we found the ball in the creek it was a foregone conclusion we would pick it up and take a drop. Peter Jacobsen asked the marshal four times whether the ball might have crossed the hazard and rolled back in. No such luck. The ball went in on the fly. Lietzke said, “Maybe you didn’t see it right. It looked like it crossed to me.” Again the answer was “no.” All this time Ken stood looking down at the ball twenty feet below the putting surface sitting on a moss-covered boulder. It was clearly beneath the surface and oscillating gently in the current. Jacobsen finally noticed a place where Ken could take a drop.

    No one, and I repeat, no one, conceived he would attempt to hit that ball. The marshal bent down to pick it up and Ken stopped him. “I really think I can get it out,” Ken said.

    When Lietzke heard it he was in shock. “Maybe you better rethink this, Kenny. A guy with two good legs couldn’t get down there.”

    Jacobsen echoed the sentiment.

    Ken said, “Look, there’s a low point about thirty yards away. I’m pretty sure I can make my way back to the ball.”

    When he started down, Rose Lietzke, who was caddying for her husband that day, pinched me and said, “Stop him. He’s going to kill himself.”

    Quite frankly, I didn’t know what to do. Nor did Mark Woods, the tournament chairman, who was doubling as a marshal. Nor did the Golf Channel cameraman, who had climbed down out of the tower and had come over, ready to jump in and rescue Ken.

    It took several minutes of slipping and sliding for Ken to negotiate the slippery rocks and make his way to the ball. All the while Peter Jacobnsen kept muttering to himself.

    Ken finally steadied himself and swung.

    Water and mud flew into the air. A second later a arched upward and landed twenty-five feet from the flag. There was a collective gasp from the people there. The gum the cameraman was chewing fell out of his mouth. One woman actually started to cry. I swear.

    Ken told the crowd, “I didn’t think I would hurt this leg,” he said, referring to his prosthesis. He then went on the make the putt.

    By this time it was obvious we weren’t going to win the tournament. But it didn’t matter. What I saw was the essence of guts, determination, and a love of the game so great, a man was not going to give in without a fight. He job was to shoot the best score he could and that’s what he did.

    On the way down the fifteenth fairway, Peter Jacobsen fell in step beside me and said, “I hope you know you just witnessed a miracle back there.”

    That night, I wrote to my agent about what had happened. He sent the email verbatim to a book publisher who called me and asked me to recount the events. As I did, he become choked up. So did I.

    There is an old expression that goes, “A man who won’t be beaten, can’t be beaten.” I never knew exactly what that meant until the other day.

  3. package says:

    Congrads Pro. Great tourny. You’re drive-to-achieve is an inspiration to so many others. See you when you come north.

  4. AJ says:

    Only u could do something like this(with one good leg)!!! Congrats… keep on keepin on! U will be in the sixties before long. I hope to see u soon.


  5. Julie says:

    Congratulations Ken…..I love the story about the shot out of the moss! I have nothing to complain about and you inspire me! You must be a bit chuffed the moment keep going.

  6. Justin says:


    What a wonderful beginning! You accomplished EVERY SINGLE goal you set, and you should be overly proud of yourself! Didn’t even come close to last, in fact you moved up a few spots in the final round. And 80 was so far away I bet Munch couldn’t even sniff it! Obviously your ball striking is coming along…I’m assuming much better than you thought it would if you were worried about just breaking 80.

    I don’t want to be critical because you’re doing AMAZING, but just the fact that you can go out there and have a Godzillion putts and still average 75 for the 3 days, given all the circumstances, it’s crazy good! Just don’t ever sell yourself short, because I gotta tell you, after watching you this week I think you can easily get your game back to where it was, without a freaking doubt. The last time I saw your golf swing prior to this week was in 2003 at a Nationwide Tournament. Low and behold what happens? You loose a leg and your swing gets better. Only Ken Green! Seriously, 100% honest to God truth from one pro golfer to another, your swing is better. I’m guessing Peter must know exactly what the hell he’s doing with you. You’re plane is perfect on the way back, getting it right in the slot and turning through the shot…if the 20 handicappers only knew how easy it is. I’m sure the timing is difficult because it’s so new for you, but so much better! And by the way, the amount of natural talent you must have to be doing what you’re doing is utterly disgusting ~genuinely jealous of your talent~. After getting this tournament out of the way, the words “last” and “80″, shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary anymore. Set some higher goals and just put your mind to it and you, and everyone else will be amazed at what you can do.

    One final note/question. Has there been any change in your so-called medical extension they gave you? Will you be able to get in any tournaments after July? Is there ANYTHING you or anyone else can do? I have no doubt you’ll get you’re share of sponsor exemptions, but hell! You know!? You played on tour God knows how many years just to get 2 on the Champions and they take it away. Some greedy bastard wearing a suit and tie telling you when you can and can’t play. Do you know how stupid this situation would sound to the average person who knows nothing about golf? You should put him in contact with your doctor, maybe he can give him a heart.

    From one rambler to another, stay patient, go to the practice green and keep up the good work!

  7. Colonel says:

    Sun. May16 3:21pm…
    I just sent this Text to KG after his Even-par Back9 75 today, following his 74-76-75 7-birdie CHAMPIONS INDIV. COMEBACK in the Regions/Birmingham…
    = = = = =
    Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2010 3:20PM
    To: KG
    …AND MORE!!!
    Congratulations, Champ!!!!
    You ARE Amazing!
    (PS: I can still whip you in a chipping/putting match)

  8. Larry Mowry says:

    You are doing great Ken!! Proud of you and thrilled your attitude is so upbeat. You are on your way to a fabulous comeback. :)
    You are right…Bruce and Peter are nice guys…tops in my book.

  9. marky mark says:

    sub par rounds are on the way….no pressure…..but i love your desire….good things have to happen….actually by playing so quickly…and this well already…….i would have to say that good things have already happened.

  10. Andy and Ruth Ann Peters says:

    Ken – You certainly are an inspiration to us and I am sure a lot of people – we followed you this morning through hole 5 before our shift as marshalls on hole 12. Hit em straight tomorrow – we will be your fans for life.

    All the best. Andy and Ruth Ann Peters

  11. Lianne Thayne says:

    Hey Ken,

    You’ve got to be pleased with your performance for the past two days. What a thrill for you to be back out there again. You’re looking good too and for you that’s the real stretch! Ha!
    How many birds today?? It took four of us in a Scramble format to make three with eight legs.

    Go out there tomorrow and just have fun and smile all the way!!

    Take care.


  12. Jude says:

    Great going, Ken. I prayed for you all day…and will continue tomorrow. So glad your pain level was down some but your spirts are high. That’s a great combination. God bless you.


  13. Jim Prim says:

    Sounds like the shamrock was resurrected. go greenie. JP

  14. N.G.Simon says:

    KG,you are the man!!Once again we say we know you can do it!It’s all there for the taking!Enjoy,have fun,we’re with you all the way!

  15. sarge says:

    You keep this up and I get ALL my shots back

  16. Todd Peterson says:

    Great stuff! For a guy who wanted to break 75 once you averaged it for the first two rounds. This is great for golf, I wish it was a bigger story. Too much of Tiger’s neck, who’s gonna be his swing coach, etc. Maybe the scribes ought to focus on something more life affirming for a change. OK, rant over…

    My family and I want to tell you how proud we are of you. Sounds a bit corny but it’s the truth! Something will come out of this situation. I don’t know what it is, but keep swinging.

  17. Todd says:

    Mr. Green,

    Great battling out there today! Especially, that “easy” par on 14.
    Good Luck tomorrow!!!!!!



  18. Chuck Almond says:

    WOW, what a great day for KG!! and to think you had thoughts of not playing in this tournamant.
    You took the challenge and what great acomplishments you’ve acheived the these 2 rounds.
    Keep it going!

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