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KG’s Blog Post #59 – 5/18/10 11:53am

Final Look at Birmingham,

Well, it’s over and accomplished I say! I certainly did not make a fool of myself. I’m very proud of myself. Sorry to be so selfish on this point. I know in my heart that my “gang” is so proud that I have fought on and now trying so hard to play really good golf again.

On a technical point, the side hill lies where an absolutely nightmare for me to pull off. I believe they were responsible for about 80% of my errors. Maybe someday I’ll be able to hit pro-like shots from them, but I’m just not ready at the moment. I hit a boat load of good shots. Not as many as illegal’s crossing the border but it’s a goal. The driver was half way decent but I must get stronger and gain some yardage. I really think I can shoot par or better a round or two at Dicks Sporting event. That’s my goal for the moment.

I’m trying so hard to do something good for the game. The people in Birmingham were just awesome. It is the greatest feeling when they say that I have inspired them. It does my heart so much to hear that.

I struggled with Billy this week as that’s where we started our journey last year. It’s bizarre how things hit you at certain places. I really miss them.

Sadly as I skip from point to point, my pain was really bad for the week but I expected trouble as this place was more of a mountain than a golf course.  How they shot so low is boggling. I’m here to tell you there were a lot of just really hard holes. OK enough babble – I’m off to get better, stronger, and just veg a bit.

From one golfer, I say good day & enjoy,


18 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #59 – 5/18/10 11:53am”

  1. Michael Devo says:

    Ken – I scored for you one awful rainy day at the Greater Hartford Open at the TPC in Cromwell (many moons ago!). I have followed your career as Mr International and as a fellow nutmegger(sp?).

    Anyway – keep on going — you are an inspiration to so many!!!!

  2. Brenda Roberts says:

    I’ll see you in Endicott! Between you and Corey Pavin, golf is the best sport on earth.

  3. Ron Molles says:

    Ken, You are AMAZING is all I can say!!!

  4. John Nowobilski says:

    Ken, Congratulations on such an incredible comeback both physically and mentally. We go back to your days at Richter and looking forward in seeing you at the CT Open. Prayers are with you. John Nowobilski PGA Professional Tallwood CC Hebron, CT

  5. Tom Briggum says:

    The key to managing side-hill and down- and up-hill lies in the foot you’re using. Some are better at handling them than others. My leg guy says one of the best at this is the Endolite Echelon; that’s the one he’s going to try me on next. (I’ve got no ties to Endolite)

  6. Pam says:

    Way to go KG….rest a little then get yourself strong for the next adventure…you are doing a great job and your success is a great tribute to Billy, Jeannie, Hunter and Nip….stay strong, keep fighting and know we are all behind you 100%

  7. Bob says:


    Great job in Alabama!!! Looking forward to following you around in person at the Dick’s Sporting Goods tournament. Dick’s is now your home town event and I, and hopefully hundreds of fans from the Danbury area, will be there cheering you on. Everyone should have their KG caps and wear green in support.

  8. HEAD says:


  9. N.G.Simon says:

    it’s the ”Green” resolve that will continue to keep you going and help you succeed,in the meantime we pray for continued success!Well done,KG!

  10. Dave Dunville says:

    Your were far from making a fool of yourself. You did better then I am sure everyone would think an amputee could do. The Amputee Firefighters Association as received so many emails, asking if we knew about you, and how well you have done, in these past two tournaments. I could not even finish a bucket at the driving range, without, another golfer asking if I knew about you. You were also the talk of the clubhouse as well.
    You Keep Kicking A–, and showing them that you can return, to the same level if not better.

    Dave Dunville
    National Director
    Amputee Firefighters Association

    “They only handicap we have, is the ones we see in others”

  11. Todd says:

    GREAT JOB!!!!!

  12. Lianne Thayne says:

    Nice work! You did it…3 rounds under 80. You should be proud of yourself. As you get stronger just think what you can accomplish out there. Memories will flood back but they can be good for you because you know that “they” are with you all the way. Take care.

  13. drnorman says:

    I think that the biggest changes that I get from reading your blog is your honesty with yourself and your attitude about your role in golf…not wanting to embarrass golf, as you say. I say that because I remember the day when your “best” behavior wasn’t. Now it is. What a change. Great for you. Great for golf. Whether you play on tour for two years or ten, nobody will ever have anything but good things to say to you and about you because of your changed attitudes and behavior in the past year. You are an inspiration to all of us and whether it all works out perfectly, whether you reach each and every goal, whether you get frustrated more than anything, it will all be worth it because each goal has a more important ingredient. What is important is the process you embrace and how well you handle the road you will travel on your way toward satisfying your goals.

    I’ve prayed for you a lot, Ken. It seems to be working.

  14. Gary Perkinson says:

    KG: The fact that you went out and legitimately competed in a professional golf event on a prosthesis only 11 months after your accident is MIND-BLOWING. In my book, that’s Sportsman of the Year stuff…. Anyway, I’m looking forward to your next adventure. Go out and get crazy-strong and then show them that this was just the beginning. I’m going to go out on a limb here: I think you’ll win by the end of 2011. It CAN be done….

  15. Jude says:

    EVERYONE is proud of you. And you inspire many, many people…even non-golfers like myself. It will just keep getting better…and you will remain in my prayers. God bless you, Ken.

  16. Great job Ken. I knew you could do it and you will continue to get better with every torunament. You will have a bad round now and then but that is golf. When they happen just shake it off and go play the next one.
    Keep up the great comeback!!

  17. Chris Brion says:

    Cheers old man. I think you played very well considering the circumstances. They only shot so low because they “cheated” as I saw it on the telecast. The were playing a modified scramble format the last couple of foursomes but you had to play your own ball after the second shot. It made for good television and really screwed you guys who teed of early as you played in the proper amount of time. HAHAHA! I am just messing with you. God Bless.

  18. Dick Cote says:

    You deserve to be very proud and encouraged by your performance Ken.Onwards and upwards!

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