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KG’s Blog Post #61 – 5/27/10 11:04am

Reflections of stupidity,

Boredom has reached epidemic proportions in the Green mind. This no golf thing destroys ones reason for waking up. What the hell do people do with themselves who don”t play golf?

So yesterday, I decided to go play poker at the dog track. A wonderful way to waste some time. It’s been well over a year since I”ve been and will probably be another year before I return. I forgot how much people bitch and moan about every hand. They are constantly yapping on what they had, what you should do, what Phil Nagranpoop would do = basically stuff that never bothered me. I managed to win $330 and walk away shaking my head. It’s amazing how two horrendous accidents change how you see things. So that’s my reflection of stupidity.

Now to another real reflection. I”ve received some interesting comments on my Illegal comments. Please understand I have no problem with fifty zagllion people coming over to work in the best country on the planet, just do it the right way.

There is a man by the name of Stephen who I want you to know I”ve lost your contact info and can”t get back to you so please furosemide 20 mg call or email. It’s the pills I say.

David Stern and the NBA need to reconsider publicly stating how much they fine someone. Am I the only who think it’s disgusting to fine doxycycline 100mg someone $100,000 for saying something? They insult the average person by throwing this amount around like it is diarrhea of the arse area.

My body is now on 2 semi normal days, so cialis online I will slap it around Friday and start the fine tuning of this golf swing. Hopefully the putting against the wall for a week will keep my viagra online head from moving so much. Plus, I”m going to try a fatter grip so it match my fat gut a little. I”m getting too fat – can”t seem to stand up and see my right toes.

My tip of the day for you fat skulling chippers of the ball. Practice crosshanded chips – it will help you from the dosage of cialis right hand dominating which causes most of the problems. The other possible help for this is to chip only with the left hand when you practice. Do that at home with plastic balls and chip onto couch. These will help. I have saved the golfing world.


8 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #61 – 5/27/10 11:04am”

  1. William Siff says:

    Dear Ken, I caddied for you in Dayton some years ago and as a Psychologist I have been following you with interest. I would like to come over and see you. I’m in Sarasota, are you still in West Palm? Call me 941 586 8677 and I’ll drive over and see you. I would also caddie for you any time for free and i’ll pay my own expenses. Call me. Sincerely, William Siff, Ph.D. in Sarasota.

  2. Larry Clark says:

    I, too, am a right leg, below the knee, amputee (disease). I have trouble walking — my prosthesis Wobbles. I admired your strong walk when you were here for the Regions Bank tournamant.

    Will you share: where was your prosthesis made? (I’m particularly interested in the cuff or device that connects to your right leg.) and your walking coach (or physical therapist)?

    Thank you very much, Mr. Green. Good luck on all eighteen and lots o” birdies. You are a man of great courage. I”m glad to God for you.

    Lawrence B. Clark

  3. Justin says:

    In regards to Chris Biron’s comment/scorecard link: That is the most ridiculous things I have EVER seen! You know there’s certain things that the human mind cannot physically comprehend, like the distance of a light year, or the size of the universe for example; 25 for 9 holes on a par 36 certainly falls into that category. That is simply the best 9 holes anyone has ever played.

    Ken, by the way, I personally love comments about illegals. I know a few people who have gone through the immigration process. Our government doesn’t really make things like that overly easy, probably for a reason. But if you have a reason to be here in the first place, it’s not rocket science to be legal. And yes, a 100k fine is a bit over the top, but that’s like the equivalent of fining me 35 cents, that’s pocket change for those guys.

  4. Bob says:

    Jai Alai is another great time killer!!! (As most who were in CT back in the 70s know.) You can watch and bet on Dania and Miami Jai alai online. Really….

  5. Tom Briggum says:

    On-line poker was a lifesaver for me back when I was spending a lot of time in the recliner. Check out PokerStars, they take us Americans and you don’t have to smell the other players or listen to them bitch if you don’t want to.

  6. Chris Brion says:

    Kg I don’t know if you read about this guys but I would love your thoughts on his back nine/overall first round http://aga.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/aga10/event/aga103/contest/4/contestant/8416/scorecard.htm

    Homeboy was outta his mind!!!

    Good ‘ol PBKC poker room woohoo. Me and my buddies used to hang out there all the time and remember when the poker room opened. None of really knew how to play, but we would keep raising every card. It was hilarious to listen to the old people complain as they folded, but they refused to pitch in a quarter to get/see another card.

  7. Tom Batewell (Fort Mill, SC) says:

    Hey Kenny – great tip on chipping, I need to try it. I need one of those “playing lessons from KG”. I played 36 this weekend, most of my game was decent but I was spraying drives everywhere. It was scary,…..was in Chicago for business played an old classic track called Big Run, tree lined. Reminded me of Richter Park in CT!

    Hope the body come around so you can get out there and work on the game.

    Hang in there………..

    Tom in Fort Mill

  8. Chuck Landry says:

    Great tp learn you will play Ct. Open–I plan to be there to cheer you on


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