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KG’s Blog Post #64 – 6/17/10 1:58pm

Dick’s vs. Ken,

Well, stuck in my hotel room for the day, so typing I do says I. My leg is on strike with nasty rash and nerve pain, so I have decided to board myself up. Sadly, for you this means I have time to babble, moan and have no sex.

I played a small 9 hole course, Birchwood CC in Westport, yesterday and actually played have way decent for the fat one-legged old fartish kinda guy that I am. Shot 4-under on the 6,400 yard track that had tricky greens.

Played in an Easter Seals Pro-am on the 14th in Baltimore which was a good day, except in one day I managed to lose my car keys and then later my phone. Poster child levitra dosage for dope I is I say. I then managed to get a ticket on the way up, the old I was going to fast in a construction area, I was sildenafil generic pork boned I say.

I still think my goal of getting http://doxycyclinehyclate-dosage.com/ one round under par at the viagra vs cialis vs levitra Dick’s event is possible [June25-27].

Now onto the news – BP executive put the their foot in their mouth more than I do. They are amazingly dumb. Tell me why on earth are both parties beating each other up like little muskrats. Common sense needs to make a rally in this world.

Enough of that – how on earth can a man blow a 3-shot lead with one hole? I feel for the young man but that is just pure stupidity.

Obama may not be doing a great job at the moment but they need to relax and just let him do the job, leave him alone! He hasn’t made a quad yet – a lot of holes left. We have so many experts out there why on earth are we in so much trouble? Press sec Robert Gibbs is just a bit arrogant & condescending for me.

I’m going thru a “bad speed” stretch with the putter. It stinks when that happens, but will be gone by next Friday.

Mr. Munch is on the brink of serving me with abandonment papers, sadly he will win.

Do I skip around enough?

I have a new G15 PING driver that I am hitting really straight so that is good news, ‘cause straight is important at the Dick’s event. This course is not killer long, so that’s good for me, although I am getting a little longer.

OK I’ve gotta go hobble bobble to the potty potter gabapentin side effects poober place. Be good and see ya soon…


4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #64 – 6/17/10 1:58pm”

  1. Julie says:

    Oh yeah gotta love PING I love my Ping clubs they certainly hit straight…..good luck with the new driver

  2. Julie says:

    Good Luck tomorrow Ken and play well………enjoy! We’ll all be watching. Well not me no coverage in Australia, but will check the leaderboard on the web….is there anyway you can get those nerves blocked/severed? Or do you need them for your prosethis to work? Now I’m not comparing you to an animal but I did this with my horse who has severe arthritis. But she has 3 other legs you only have one! Go kick ass .

  3. Justin says:


    First comment…Obama may not have made a quad, but he’s got a tricky 8 foot downhill left to righter for a double, and just like you said, still a few holes left to get it back to even. Dude knows how to talk a good game if nothing else.

    Ken….ATTENTION KEN!!!! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! I have a secret drill I do for speed control that my instructor and I came up with. It’s so good that I’ve told it to NO ONE, not even my dad! Ken, I kid you not, I would swear to this on the Bible itself if I had to. It’s quite possibly the best putting drill ever! Go out to the practice green with 3 balls. Now you’re going to do this to different holes, with different breaks, and different lengths..but you’re going to be putting all 3 balls to the same hole, then just switch it up and go to a different hole, or different break. I usually start off from about 10 feet just to get a feel of what I’m dealing with. Now the first 2 putts are going to be the most critical, if you don’t miss the first 2 putts where you’re supposed to then you start over. The first putt you’re going to try to miss short and low, the next putt you try to miss high and long, and the third putt you split the middle and try and make it. You will be AMAZED at how much this will help your speed once you get out on the course, you can’t imagine! GUARANTEE!!!! No doubt whatsoever! I would bet my life if you do that for an hour it will drastically improve your speed control. Gotta trust me!

  4. Vee says:

    Very good driving of the ball yesterday, Green. I was, as our opponents were, very impressed with your ball striking. Putting was suspect, but only because of sticky greens. Stroke looked fine! Nice Win!


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