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KG’s Blog Post #65 – 6/25/10 9:41pm (Dick’s Rnd1)

Dick’s Round One,

 I am trying to swallow my anger pills 5 hours later.  I still have immense anger and frustration from day1 at Dick’s at En-Joie. To be this angry 5 hours later is actually a good sign that my competitor juices are still intact.

After chipping in on #12 to get back to even par, I managed to play my last 6 holes in 6 over. It sounds strange but I actually did not hit it that bad. I putted the ball like a hippo on Valium. I have to relax and not try so hard on my putts. The old “the harder you try the worse you putt theory” was in full bloom!

I have one small correction to make in the swing and if I can accomplish that along with just relaxing on the greens, I still believe I can shoot under par one of the last 2 rounds. So this hippo must take a warm bath and relax for tomorrow is a new battle.

I will keep you posted, be good and take care.


10 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #65 – 6/25/10 9:41pm (Dick’s Rnd1)”

  1. Kenny–Okay,time to put you back on the prayer list up here in Kennebunkport. You are an amazing guy! So many are cheering for you.

    Many Hugs,

    Patricia and family

  2. Chuck Almond says:

    Good Morning Ken,

    Good luck on Sundays round!


  3. Tom Briggum says:

    A work in progress, just keep on keeping on. It’ll happen.

  4. Bob says:


    Great playing today. You really had the driver going. Now, all you need to do is get the putter going. We will be out there cheering you on again tomorrow, I predict a 3 under 69. How’s that sound?

  5. Justin says:

    Good job Ken! Obviously the way you ended the round was less than stellar, but you’re hanging in there. You get that putter going even just the slightest bit and who knows! It almost seems like I saw you were hitting it 275 off the tee, ranked 29th in the field? C’mon!! Boom Boom Green!

  6. N.G.Simon says:

    we know you’ll give it your best,and your best is good enough for us!Have fun and enjoy what you have!

  7. Mcejbee says:

    Hey Green, I used the Davis Love approach yesterday, line up and look at the hole during the stroke. Only made a couple birdies, but the par putts went in and the rest were on the lip.

    You advised, left eye shut, but I remembered this which is easier. give it a try during practice.


  8. Brenda Roberts says:

    I believe in you Ken……

  9. Montana Mike says:

    I wish you nothing but the best in your quest!

    From someone who may have some knowledge, the “secret to scoring” is in putting – I am a PGA Professional – I have shot 31 on nine holes in “senior tour school” – hint – putting my man! Not so much ball striking, but short game skills is how one scores!

    Best of luck – enjoy!

  10. Gary Perkinson says:

    Hey, KG:

    That was a helluva first 12 holes–and I say that in all sincerity. You’re a work in progress, but the progress you’ve made in just a year is RIDICULOUS, by anyone’s standards. You can obviously play with these guys (on one good leg, no less), so go out tomorrow, relax, have fun, and kick the course’s ass. If you can do it for 12, you can do it for 18….

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