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KG’s Blog Post #66 – 6/27/10 4:49pm (nerve pain too much)

Dick”s Titanic,

My 2nd round, 74, was  so very close to breaking par. A few bad breaks, lies, and a not so good putter, c0st me the goal of going under par.  I was eagerly awaiting the 3rd round as I really thought I could go under par.

However, my friend, mister nerves struck pretty hard throughout the night. This was the 2nd. night in a row, that I had to fight my “friend”. Upon waking this morning, I realized that the body had had too much.  I was convinced by friends not to play today.

I do believe it was the right decision. Sadly I will not be going to Montreal; instead it is my hope that I will be seeing a neurologist this week. Reality has struck, and I know that until we solve this dilemma, I will never know whether I can become a professional golfer again. The casinontrey.com inability to do things on a daily basis that you have to do to improve your game, just aren”t being done at the moment. So, with that said it is time for me to jump ship from competitive golf until my nerve problems are resolved.

My pride and competitive spirit, just do not want to handle the playing for show, disabled rights and the spirit of golf. I don’t want to be held responsible for anything I say in this moment as I am writing this with sadness and tears, so I may not be of sound mind.

I will certainly keep you posted as of what happens when I see the new neurologist. Please remember there WERE people that survived the Titanic and the RV. I will fight on.

Be good and be well,


13 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #66 – 6/27/10 4:49pm (nerve pain too much)”

  1. Todd Peterson says:


    You’re not playing for show. It’s not possible to understand your situation from the outside – the outside of your body, that is. Keep hammering away at it. We’re here with you in prayer and in spirit.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Hey Kenny!!!
    Haven’t talked to you in a while!
    I will see you on the first day of the connecticut open.!!!
    Good Luck (:

  3. Andy and Ruth Ann Peters says:

    Ken – know that there are a lot of fans that support and love you. Andy and Ruth Ann Peters, Hoover, Al.

  4. Rick says:

    Ken, Congratulations on the start of your comeback. I play regularly with people who are amputees like yourself & I’m constantly impressed by their ability, I’m an arm amp rather than one of the leg guys. There is an organization that I’m a member of, The Eastern Amputee Golf Association, that has several tournaments throught the year and the National Association has several more. There are lots of people, accident victims and war vetrens who have had to make similar journeys. In these tournaments the amputees are regular competitors with associates or “normies” who play for the competition & comraderie as well as to raise money to assist other amputees & provide scholorships for amputees & children of amputees. Sometime when you have a moment, check out the EAGA on your computer & see that you ae far from alone. You might be surprised at some of the scores. Best of luck, rick

  5. markymark says:

    Yeah Kenny…you have been a true inspiration to all of the golfing world…and your fans like myself appreciate your efforts….your far from done…no way…you have much more that you can accomplish…. the pain will subside…and the adrenaline will flow. Always the Best

  6. Bob says:


    We followed you for all 36 holes over the weekend and never once did we think you were out there for “show”. If you were wearing a pair of long trousers and we didn’t know who you were, we would have thought you were any another pro struggling to make a putt!!! Your driving was absolutely fabulous. Don’t forget that clutch putt to save bogey on No. 2 Friday and the chip in on No. 12 to go even through 12 holes. On Saturday you were a few putts away from breaking par. The pain issue will hopefully take care of itself and you will be better than ever. Hang in there and stay focused. There is a doctor that can help with the pain. You just have to keep looking.

  7. Gary Perkinson says:

    Hey, Ken:

    I know how disappointed and disheartened you must be by the pain, but when you take a step back and look at how things have progressed for you, I still think you’re right on schedule. June 2009–you lost your leg. June 2010–you’ve now played in three (okay, two and two-thirds) Champions Tour events. If the pain is making it impossible for you to go on right now, that’s fine–that’s your 2010 season. And it was a GREAT season. What you did was nothing short of superhuman, in my book. So 2010′s over, and now you’ve got to work on getting the pain under control and getting stronger for 2011. I have a feeling that you’re feeling pretty hopeless right now, but you’ve done your best, and you’ve absolutely succeeded. Give yourself a pat on the back and a break, and let life take you where it will for a bit. We’re all behind you….

  8. Bill says:

    KG, good luck with the new doc. Probably one person in 10,000 could have come back from what you have been through and competed even once. Hopefully in time the leg nerves will settle down and you can play “real golf” again on tour. Ya just gotta believe. Your fans do!
    Take care.

  9. J says:

    You know Ken, sometimes people in attempts to be sympathetic can be overly optimistic, and over the years I’ve come to realize that some situations just flat out suck! Everything you’ve been through just sucks, and there’s no other way to describe it. You may be doubtful about ever being able to be competitive again, and there’s not really anything wrong with that. You should be damn proud of the effort that you’ve given. I can tell you that you’ve given more effort than any other guy on Tour…there’s no trophies for that but you won wire-to-wire. And I know you’re not the ceremonial golfer, I wouldn’t be either. I know you have said that golf is what keeps you going through it all, but I still believe that even after everything you’ve been through, golf is not the end all, be all. I sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason, and us humans get the short end of the stick by not knowing the reason. Maybe there’s something bigger and better out there waiting for you, you never know. While I’m healthy and much younger than you, a couple years ago I had fully convinced myself to quit playing competitively, and quit golf altogether, and I did for about 6 months (til I realized I don’t know how to do anything else). But I remember that feeling I had when I actually made the decision to “jump ship” as you say, not just saying it but actually doing it. So with that being said, I genuinely feel for you because that’s a disgusting feeling and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I do know of a quick cure for that feeling though – a 6 pack and a big ass juicy burger! I wish you all the luck in the world, and even if you never hit a golf ball again, at the very least you deserve to live without pain.

  10. Anna Cooke says:

    When you’re going through Hell, don’t stop. Keep on going.

  11. Julie says:

    Hi Ken,

    Sometimes we just have to take a reality check much to our active spirit. Just a little hiccup and a moment in time to get things sorted. Keep your mind busy with other things that you can achieve while this time passes. Do those other things that you have wanted but couldn’t – study, ready help others pursue a new interest – Art – Music whatever tickles your fancy! But dont just sit there and think about golf and get depressed. Sometimes we need time out. Good luck

  12. Dick Cote says:

    All this is understandable Ken although disappointing to you I’m sure.A small step back is not the end of anything.It will merely lead to a new beginning somewhere down the road.With your
    will and spirit there is no doubt you will be back.Get well and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you out there again soon.

  13. N.G.Simon says:

    we know you’ll do what’s right,and we all support you while you work through this!

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