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KG’s Blog Post #68 – 7/10/10 5:41pm (curr.score: Doc-Koi 1, Neuroma 0)

Neuro Update,

Doctor Koi stuck me with gentle precision which caused complete pain.  However, the good news is they feel that they have definitely located the source of my problem. This psychotic neuroma, who has declared war on your humble writer, will be taken care of in one of 2 ways. The first will be an injection of freon, which will freeze the neuroma temporarily. If I go the temporary road, it will maybe allow me to play for a couple of months, before the inevitable. I am going to have to have surgery which will cause a 2 months recovery period.

The question now is: when will I do this?  My dilemma is, do I try to work hard and play in a few tournaments, or do I have the surgery right now, and bypass the temporary process. This is where the Tour’s decision really affects me, because I have no guarantee that I will get any exceptions to play in these upcoming events. So…do I bust my butt now to get ready to play in a few events, to find out later that I might not even get into those events? So, now I must decide on what to do on this pigoroma.

My doctors, who have been fantastic by the way, will discuss this early next week, and determine my best options. It is a very tricky decision and quite honestly I am not sure which is the right route to go. All I know is that I can not play professional golf @ this point with this pain.

It would not be right if I do not open my mouth on Lebron James drama…all I can say is, it is a downright shame that these great athletes do not know how to swallow their egos and do things the right way.

That is my bit of news at the moment. I will keep you posted.

Be good,


10 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #68 – 7/10/10 5:41pm (curr.score: Doc-Koi 1, Neuroma 0)”

  1. Pam says:

    Hi Ken, tough decision but if you can get the pain under control things will really start to pick up….stay strong and know that we are praying for your continued recovery and return to the tour….you can do it….keep up the good work.

  2. Steve Rice says:

    Hi Ken:
    Looks like one way or another you will be making some significant progress. Your love of the game may just persuade you to do it now so you can get in some rounds. Either way I’ll hope for the best and wish you luck. You’ve managed to hurdle every mountain so far. Even though this is yet another one, it gets you one step closer to fairways and greens.

  3. Lee D says:


    In the “long run” which is better for you physically? I have to believe that if you had the surgery now and recovered-you would have a better quality of life and SEVERAL tournament sponsors would grant you exemptions (which you have more than earned)!

    Just a thought…………….be well, am thinking of you!

  4. N.G.Simon says:

    IMHO,Ken,I’d say look at the big picture and go with your gut!We know it’s a tough decision,but in the end you’ll prevail!Concerning LaBron the egoes of these street smart,social ignorants is beyond comprehension!Would be nice to see them just once work for a week!

  5. Dick Cote says:

    Hi Ken,Of course only you can make this choice.Listen to the doctors opinion and then do what
    you feel is best for you long term.Best of luck with whatever you choose to do.

  6. Gary Perkinson says:

    I’d say surgery now….

  7. Bigcat says:

    Do what makes you happiest. I believe you’ll get the exemptions. Will never root for LeBron again. Will continue to root for you!

    Rich Scaffa

  8. Tom Briggum says:

    Just to kick this around a bit, your right leg isn’t the only problem, the left one isn’t working all that well either, as I remember. Would two months of recuperation help the left leg heal better as well? It’s hard to put yourself out of action right now, but one step back might lead to two steps forward. Both approaches will cut back the pain you’re experiencing now, but one approach will be permanent and you’ll have to go through it later anyway if you don’t do it now.

    A lot of amputees wind up having to make this decision about revision surgery. When you’ve spent so much time and effort getting the original injury to heal enough so you can wear a prosthesis, it’s seriously difficult to cut it open again. I wish you luck as you figure out what’s right for you.

  9. Joel WIlcher says:

    Dear Ken,
    I had my Acoustic Neuroma Surgery last Sept. I am doing fairly well now. I started playing golf again just this past month. They had to leave a sliver of the tumor behind to save my facial nerve. I went to my doctor yesterday and he said that it may be growing. I have to have another MRI in December to determine if in fact it is growing. If it is growing I may have to have radiation. I just want you to know you’re not alone. Good luck with the come back. Also, good luck with your treatments.

  10. Tom Batewell (Fort Mill, SC) says:

    Hey Ken….

    This is a tough call isn’t it….does the Senior Tour schedule benefit you where if they were to freeze it and allow you to play through the early fall – have the procedure would have a couple of months before the 2011 season kicked off? Something tells me if they say it is a couple of months of recovery you will beat it, look what you have been able to do to date. Can’t say that I would have thought you would play the way you have after everything you have been through…amazing really. I guess you need to weigh everything out but clearly solving for the pain is important to allow you to continue to play consistently.

    How about those low numbers the field is throwing out at the JD….still remember when you flirted with 59 (at Brown Deer I think)…must feel like you are MJ “in the zone” as you athletes like to say.

    Thanks for the updates, I enjoy keeping up with you…..

    Tom in Fort Mill, SC

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