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KG’s Blog Post #69 – 7/16/10 9:55am (Having a ‘Kryosomething’ July19)

Freeze Me Up Doc,

Well, it’s Open week and at least I have something to watch as I slowly rot away into a ball of stupidity.

I’m ready for step 2 in this idiotic trip I’m on! I will be getting a Kryosomething done on Monday. If this works, I may get anywhere from 1 week to 3 years of relief. I’ve got to give this a rip before we do the surgery, as I might get lucky and have some painless days ahead of me.

The sad thing is that I’m not sure I will be able to play in the CT Open on the 25th of July. I really wanted to play, but it’s just not up to me at this moment. I may be able to play or not, it just depends on how my body reacts to all the big arse needles they stick me with. However, even if I’m able to play, it will be with absolutely no work done on the game. I would be asking for a mini miracle just to make the one day cut.

So, I will just have to patiently wait and see. This is clearly one of my strong suits, patience. I must give props to the doctors as they are all going out of their way to give me a chance to slap that square ball around.

Now on a side point – how is it that in all the other sports cheating is ok, but in golf we are the most honest people on the planet. Except for Finchem.  Anyway, M Young of the Rangers last night struck out last night and then they threw him out as the catcher dropped the ball. Wait! The umpire then ruled it was a foul – OK, he thought it was. So now Young gets another chance and gets a hit, then he scored and the Sox lose. My point is he knew he did not foul tip it, but says nothing. We call things on ourselves that no one sees in golf. I know this is dopey on me by bringing this up but wouldn’t it have been great if he turns and says “no sir I whiffed it, I’m out”?  Now I hate the Sox, but damn why can’t we do the right thing?!

Calc is in great position after 2 rounds and maybe he can fire it up over the weekend. I loved Daly’s comment in the interview room, “I’ve never run away from my mistakes” or close to that. Wow, is he kidding us. That’s like saying my ex-wife is not wrong in the head or I’m missing a leg and a brain.

Mr. Munch called me last night and has said either get home or he’s out. So I’m going home soon. I’m anxious about Monday as I’m just worn down by these days of pain. I complain too much, sorry.

With that I wish you all good days and smiles to all.


6 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #69 – 7/16/10 9:55am (Having a ‘Kryosomething’ July19)”

  1. Todd Peterson says:

    Best of luck with the whole procedure(s). You are in a lot of our prayers as you have been for the last year. BTW, I’m a Sox fan – that’s my mental condition. :)

  2. Joel Wilcher says:

    Hang in there and my thoughts and prayers are with you. I’m heading for step three in my process with neuroma. I have to wait for six months and see if the sliver of tumor left behind is growing. I figure they mix up the eggs and now they want to fry them with radiation. I never thought of rozen eggs. God bless KG.

  3. Sommersea says:

    Good luck with the kryo—you have been doing great!
    Take care…you and munch …

  4. Lianne Thayne says:

    Ken, hang in there. This could work like a charm and you’ll be comfortable. You have been so strong all of this time. I’ll be thinking of you on Monday!

    Take care.

  5. N.G.Simon says:

    after watching the Open today I can’t imagine playing in those conditions and concentrating on the main objective.Talk about a game of inches,look what scores could have been,Watson,Daly,Els,Tiger,etc.Watson was the classiest,no complaints,loves the course,loved the challenge!
    You’ll beat this ,Ken,and Mr.Munch will be happy to see you!

  6. Bigcat says:

    I’ve got a prostrate biopsy on Monday. maybe 719 will be lucky for both of us. Hang in there.

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