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KG’s Blog Post #7 – 7/26/09 11:50pm

Good day friends,

My brain has still been on slow motion for the past two days as my nerve leg has been basically machine gunning me into “stupidly” behavior.

I think i may be bringing my current bad luck streak to the White family – Shelley as been sick with a stomach issue, Slugger’s back is going ballistic and Cortney had a baby pony die today at work.

Now for the ouch it hurts story. I took at bad spill today as i was going from one seat to the wheel chair – i evidently sat to close to the edge of the wchair and it immediately turned over and sent me flying forward where

i hit a wall and went down – as i was falling i realized i was about to fall on my stump so i did a spin move to avoid the leg impact and landed on my left hip area – a great move but it had a little ouch to it. This just happened so i hope things won’t be sore when i wake up tomorrow – a beautiful story of more “stupidly” behavior.

I think the amputee police have been profiling me.

18 laps in pool but obviously still to weak as proven by story above.

Be good and i look forward to your “sympathy” on my most recent trip,

10 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #7 – 7/26/09 11:50pm”

  1. peter thorpe says:

    Dear Ken,
    When it comes to falling down travelling between two relatively stationary objects, I can act as your consultant!!
    Normally in my case it’s travelling between the bar and my chair.
    Glad to hear the swimming is going well and strength returning.
    Look forward to golfing with you very soon.
    Best wishes,

  2. Gary Perkinson says:

    Hey, Ken:

    The KG hats rule! I’ll definitely be picking one up…

    Sorry to hear about your spill. That spin move will probably come in handy when you get to your first tee-box, however, and hopefully they’ll have the Biz Hub there to catch it all in super slow-mo…

    Hang in there!


  3. Shane says:

    Uncle Kenny i want to thank you for writing about me in your blog. It is a lot of fun to have you here in the house, and hopefully we get to play golf togather in Conneticut. see ya in the morning!!

  4. P. Russo says:

    Just wanted to wish you well.

  5. L Danielian says:


    Just received your card—thank YOU! Well done with the improvement in the pool……up to 18 laps after almost not making it through 5!

    Now that I know about this site, even though I totally “suck” with computers—I will try and log-in to keep tabs and “bug” you a bit.

    Those really were awseome things to read about Bear, King and PLayer calling you————

    Keep working at it—sorry about your pain, both physically and mentally——but you are going forward! I’m proud of you

    Your friend,


  6. J Hodgin says:

    Nice! I think you should try out for so you think you can dance?
    I agree with the McElbee comment. We were the Par 3 champs.


  7. Bob Carbone, Danbury, CT says:


    Sorry to hear about your trip; but you get no sympathy from me, because it is very courageous of you to do what you are doing. Good news is that you are not taking this laying down. Your determination is something to be admired. Whatever comes of this will be an inspiration to all.


  8. McElbee says:


    Good save, keep practicing those spins and the American Ballet Company will be knocking at your door.


  9. Deborah Homan says:

    Hey Ken!
    Sorry to hear about the “mishap”, but I applaud your quick thinking!!! Hopefully, soreness will be the only repercussion from this.

    Progress always involves taking risks, so just remember: what counts is not how many times you fall, but how many times you get up.

    So proud of the 18 laps! You ARE progressing,so keep your faith.

    Your strength and perserverance prove that you are a real champion.

    Keeping you and the family in my prayers-


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