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KG’s Blog Post #70 – 7/23/10 8:31am (Kryoblast Update)

More Boredom,

Hello good people of planet earth!  It’s only 7:50 am and I’m going insane again!

I’m on orders to accomplish nothing for a few days so here I am disobeying my orders by doing a blog, this is a semi violation of conducting unbecoming a professional patient. My kryoblast supposedly went well but I will not really know anything for a few days more

The CT Open [July26-28] is not looking real good but I still have hopes of doing something stupid.

Speaking of stupid I have no choice but to mention how idiotic some of the announcers were in regards to lambasting Tiger for switching putters.  How on earth can they figure out what the best putter on the planet is doing wrong in regards to why and if he should have ever switched? He managed to change women all the time so why not putters? Then they have the audacity to critique all the guys who putted bad during that wind storm. It’s just impossible to putt in those conditions.

I would like you all to know that up to this point I actually thought I was the most unorganized dope in the country.  I do believe that the Obama administration may now have slurpped ahead of me after this Sherrod fiasco.

I saw recently that the 2 highest paid athletes in the world were Tiger & Phil – I’d like to say that its a testament to their integrity but I do say its just that corporate America wants to entertain their clients with these damn good golfers. I’ll have you know that I fell out of the Top 10 due to a recent slump.

Take care and I’ll keep you posted,


7 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #70 – 7/23/10 8:31am (Kryoblast Update)”

  1. Lianne Thayne says:

    Hey, Happy Belated Birthday!! Didn’t realize that you and Hayley celebrate 3 days apart. Sorry about the pain that you are in. Hang in there and keep your sense of humor. Like the saying goes “time will heal” and hopefully sooner than later.
    Take care.

  2. vee says:

    Happy B’Day…………….Many, Many More !

  3. markymark says:


  4. Richard Targett says:

    Just like clockwork, birthdays come just once a year ! Happy birthday !

  5. Hanne Raby says:

    Happy Birthday

  6. N.G.Simon says:

    the so called announcers experts have no idea what’s going on,be it golf soccer,baseball football,etc.Their ego trips rival rival umpires/referees!If blogging keeps you positive so be it!It’ll be great to make the scene in Ct.,but if you don’t Mr.Munch will be happy!There will be more tournaments,and I’m sure you’ll be there in time!Stay positive!

  7. Dick Cote says:

    ha ha liked the attitude Ken!Keep us posted as you find out more and keep those spirits up!

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