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KG’s Blog Post #72 – 8/4/10 1:28pm

Getting Married,

Shocking news in the world! Mr. Munch and I are gonna tie the knot. I had to cave in once I came home. Damn it!  This third marriage is going to work, I just know it. The date is going to be Dec. 7 as we our going to honor all the service dogs who served our country in all our wars – a sometimes forgotten sacrifice made by our friends, dogs. I feel like such a bozo for having have left him for so long. We kissed and made up.

Now to the not so interesting news, my neuroma… As of right now, I can say that there has been no real difference. I’m waiting patiently and soon it will be like my income – zip.

Now there are some thoughts on the NFL.  Brett Favre use to be respected by me, but after this most recent handling of his “retirement”, he has dropped to just a few notches ahead of M.Vick. I think that fans of all sports should just boycott for a day so we could remind them all that we play these games for the people not ourselves. And that includes Golf! I’m hoping that the owners & players can’t come to an agreement so the whole 2011 season gets cancelled. Lessons are lessons. NFL, Neuromas forking live on.

I’ve made really dumb mistakes in life, and I want all to know that I’m really sorry for those that I have hurt.  I can honestly say I didn’t intend to do it. This battle in life is quite the journey, I say. I do know one thing and that is if you can’t face up to your errors, you will never improve yourself as a person. Wow, I’m turning into a Ghandigreen.

Trivia #1: Do you know that I was once reported dead in a helicopter crash in Hawaii?

Trivia #2: I once hit balls out of my room thru the sliders into the swimming pool of the hotel across the street (not sure I should mention that tho – never said I was smart – never broke anything by the way – Hawaii also)

Trivia #3: I saved my sister from drowning in the ocean off of Molokai – also Hawaii – that was quite an adventure – she has never gone back in the ocean after that.

OK. so there are my thoughts as of this moment.

I think I’ve lost too many cells.


5 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #72 – 8/4/10 1:28pm”

  1. Bags says:


    Not to mention the drivers off the stack of quarters behind the El Dorado & Nip Opens up & down the stret in Augusta.

    Great Fun!!!

  2. N.G.Simon says:

    I remember reading about the golf balls between the sliding doors!As for Mr.Favre,why doesn’t the media just leave him alone,who likes those ”2 a days” especially at 40!!regards to you and Munch oon PearlHarbor Day!

  3. Ron Davis says:

    Hey Ken, congrats on the wedding plans! I’m one of your biggest fans from WAY back and I’m a wedding DJ. I’m offering my coordination, DJ/MC, live music services at no charge to you. Just get me there and a car to sleep in and I’m all yours……..

  4. Vee says:

    Trivia #4.5.6….. How about hitting balls down White st. And Firing balls ontop of the Mall? Not to mention Capt. morgans great window shot! Brickyard?……… Wad? Bags? Mcalbee, Comments? We love ya Green. Keep on keeping on! And don’t ever stop!

  5. Brenda Roberts says:

    You are great, Ken. Now I know why, way back when I started watching golf in 1986, I said you and Corey Pavin were my favorites. You are great.

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