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KG’s Blog Post #73 – 8/5/10 8:45pm (KG Golf Editorial!)

I”m Out of Control,

Holy fly on a pig’s pork belly! I”m typing again. I have been given orders from far away in Europe to express myself once again. So, today I will spit on myself and comment on some interesting news in golf…

First out of the lion’s mouth is Alexi Thompson, the 15 year old female golfer who has created some news on her turning pro so soon. It is her and her family’s decision on whether to turn pro. No one else. LPGA player Stacy Lewis may have been drinking vodka when she said “it’s not a junior tour”.  Age is irrelevant when playing golf. Ask Tom Watson who lost in a playoff at the Open at age 59! Did they say sorry Tom you’re too forking old, go back to the toilet seat?! If you’re good enough and want to play, go get’um!

In a Ken Green way of the tongue, did anyone say it’s not a lesbian tour when many were expressing themselves in a different manner?  Classic point I say. Now onto the CEO of Turning Stone who caused such a bulldong of news when he was granting himself an exemption. On a side note, those pinheads never even had the courtesy of writing back to me when I asked for an exemption a few years ago.  Back on subject – did it ever occur to anyone that he was doing this to strictly drum up publicity for the event?  Brilliant move. He withdrew his exemption at the last minute. Go figure.

If Lee Westwood wins this week he goes to #1 in the world.  Now you understand my complaints about the ranking system. Craphogs I say! We must now talk about the “majors”, the holy grail of golf. More stink on perfume! When Jack reinvented the theory that majors are the only thing that matters, did it ever dawn on anyone that this too was a brilliant strategy on his part?  He only wanted to play a small number of events, so maybe he thought that this was a better way to go down in history. Majors have changed throughout the years.  How and why if they were majors could they change? The best field in golf is the Players and Jack & Co. refused to acknowledge that as a major because of their dislike of one of my favorite dopes in golf, ex-commissioner Deane Beman. The Masters is the easiest one to win multiple times as it never has a “fluke” come out of no where. A very small field too.

To go down as great in history, you must win many tournaments.  Larry Nelson has won 3 majors, but no one ever talks about him as being great. Andy North 2 U.S. Opens; Dalyhas 2 majors – I hope your seeing my point.  I”m “golfadoging” too much. Common sense says you need to do both. GIVE CREDIT TO ALL WINS.

Should I start another subject or wait ‘till Friday? This no golf thing and waiting around is gonna put me in the blender. Be good and shake well. I have only a few marbles left.  Wait till I tell you I”m talking to energy spirits from the other side.

Be good,


6 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #73 – 8/5/10 8:45pm (KG Golf Editorial!)”

  1. Bob Carbone says:

    The best player in the world today, it the guy who Won on last Sunday, no matter what.

  2. Bob Carbone says:

    Ken, we love to hear from you all the time, so let us know what you’re thinking as often as possible. Your unique insights about all things normal and para…. are a real treat. If you connect with the other side, ask Hogan how I can draw the ball. Everything I tried from the advice I received from golf earthlings has not worked; and it’s been 30 yrs. of listening.

    Be well.


  3. Justin says:

    Ken, who do you think the best player in the world is today? My persoal vote is Philly Mick..has been for a while. I think every part of his game that contributes to scoring and winning tournaments is superior to everyone else. In my mind the guy is a genius.

  4. I’d say…if you have no marbles left, you would not be blogging and certainly not about any *other side…I would love to hear about that….Europeans…what do they know anyway…..?
    Stay close to your heart strings…and ..you will be alright <3

  5. N.G.Simon says:

    WOW!Kenny,tell us how you really feel!!Eldred sure had a great day today,huh!!!

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