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KG’s Blog Post #75 – 8/23/10 12:08pm (good news on the pain front)

Niagara here I come,

I’m about to open my mouth again so I might has well go in the barrel and enjoy the ride.

Before I do, I will talk about what is important – my pain. After 5 days of torment I now have had 4 days of really decent days (minus one). It’s kind of strange to actually almost feel semi-normal. There is still electricity in the stump but the levels are so much calmer.  I’m not sure if it can hold up yet under the physical regime of daily golf, but I’m gonna go slap it around this week and find out.

I’m hoping to get into the Pebble Beach event [ Sept3-5, Home Care & Hospice First Tee Open, http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/s616 ] because it’s my favorite place in the world and has even more meaning because I can still see my son Hunter playing the loop holes of 9-13 five times as Jeannie and I sat on the 13th green and just watched him. It was our last trip together and I can’t get it out of my head. I haven’t heard yet, so I’m not so sure that’s a good sign on whether I’ll get an exemption.

First, to the Dustin Johnson and the PGA flap. The PGA of America continually makes decisions has bad as I do. With that said, you must remember that sometimes has a player you are in a different mindset when trying to win a tournament, so I have no problem with him being in “dumb” mode. However, his caddy, who makes a boat load of money, should never have made that mistake. This falls on him for the most part.

Now, to my good old moral-less Yankees. Ironic again that a player refused to admit the truth in battle. Jorge Posada was given credit for tagging a guy out at home and he never had the ball in his glove (umpire didn’t see it). He knew it and just smiled. If we can’t get the little things right in life what chance do we have on the big ones?

Speaking of the big things – Tiger Woods and the gang still seem to be missing some common sense. There is a bit of debate on this mandatory obligation to play 1 of 5 events every year. This is a no brainer – how on earth did Tiger never go back to Milwaukee when they gave him his first ever exemption? This event is now gone and wouldn’t it have been a great PR move if he stepped up and said he would actually cough up the money for a couple of years so they could find a new sponsor (not even coke money for him)? The PGA tour has lost and is losing too many locations that have been sponsors for evers. The players need to show more loyalty. This concept that golf is hard and it’s tough to play 20 events a year is a crock of skunk goose. The top players have jets and travel is like stealing. They spend more hours with their family than any other person who works. Golf is in trouble.  In my opinion when the people my age 50+ die off in 15-20 years or so, the population of golfers will drop dramatically. The younger population does not play enough to come even close to what we old hackers do. The next batch of CEOs will not be so interested in golf if their clients don’t care about it. We have to do more to get the middle and lower income kids into the game. It’s way to expensive – it must be cheaper. The tour, PGA, Tiger, Phil and all the other people who have stupid money should be building 9-hole facilities that are for kids only. Educate, teach and play golf all in one. Lets be honest – Black and Latin kids are not into golf, and probably won’t be – other sports are top on their list of fun. We have less American-African players than ever. Where is the Tiger effect? Golf is the best sport for all kids to play as it teaches you all the best qualities in a person, which in turn keeps you out of trouble. The First Tee is a fantastic organization but it’s still trying to figure out how to do all these things economically.

Once again I have jumped around like a case of diarrhea. I am what I am. Be good.

Love to all,


5 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #75 – 8/23/10 12:08pm (good news on the pain front)”

  1. Todd Peterson says:

    Your commentary on the future of golf is pretty darned lucid and thought provoking. I really think that your manager should shop some of your thoughts around to print or online venues. How about Sirius/XM radio? I’m serious about this. Kevin might be able to get you a paying gig. It’s worth a try…

  2. Brenda says:

    So right about golf loosing interest, I like golf but no one that I know(women)plays. Several schools don’t have any programs for golf either, especially in the rural areas.
    I wish golf & other sports would take a step back in time and bring respect and morals back………..

    Keep Jesus on your focus & he’ll see u through all things!

  3. Dick Cote says:

    Hi Ken, Great to see you in such high spirits!I certainly hope you get that exemption.Couldn’t agree with you more about the future of golf also.Boy when you nail it you nail it!Best wishes always.Your spirit is a constant inspiration to an old duffer like me.Go get ‘em!

  4. Sandman says:

    Green Machine , Well said on the future of the game…….if any high rollers out there want to put up the doe for a 9 hole kid course we’ll design it for duck ! Hope to see you at pebble.

  5. Chuck Landry says:

    Hope you get exemtion for Pepple-that would be great. So glad to hear the stump is starting to behave–praying it keeps getting better.

    Your insight into the future of golg is right on-would be great if the big money guys on the tour catch on.


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