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KG’s Blog Post #77 – 8/30/10 11:47pm

Mount this,

I have no choice but to open up my mouth again. How on earth does Mountdopey leave off Justin Rose & Paul Casey from the euro side? Rose has only won twice this year over here. Their qualifying system is obviously flawed. Casey is also much better than the other euros. Monty has never won over here, which is stunning in its own right. So it will be justice if they lose and you can clearly blame him and their system for their potential failure. More important is the disgrace of leaving that young man off the team. It has to be personal with not taking either one. Nothing against the Italian but it’s very possible a PR stun to help European golf – brothers is a story. Clearly, you might be able to tell I’m not a Mountdopey fan – he has been an ass for as long as he has been around. I will wager that he will someday be elected into the hall of fame and never have won in the United States.

Now, for some even for stunning news. My leg has come back firing and has been stupid ugly. We believe it might be connected with the ‘sympathetic nervous system’. There is no doubt in my mind that the recent news has affected my system. The emotional stress I have put on myself is waking up the pain gods I guess. We are gong to do another block tomorrow, and if that does not work we will be putting in a spinal implant that will hopefully help me cut off the pain.

Very glad for Matt Kuchar – he is a good kid and has fought his way back from the bottom.

Be good my friends.  Also, also someone invited me to play in Nashville but I have lost his email – thank you and think of me next year, but I will be in CT playing a member guest with one of my dearest friends on those dates. I may be a regular on that circuit – MG, I mean.


5 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #77 – 8/30/10 11:47pm”

  1. Jeff Bruce says:


    From all the guys at Stoney Creek GC in Greensboro, we are pulling for you and wishing you the very best. I clearly think back at the times you played golf with us and of course the marvelous stories you told. I wish you nothing but the best and from all of the golf fans around this planet, give em !!!! and I hope you can get back to playing.

    Your Friend


  2. Todd Peterson says:

    Good to hear from you again! As to Monte, I can’t see leaving Justin Rose off the team and Casey is #8 in the world. Oh well…
    I actually had it in mind to write you about the spinal implant before the kryoblast. Medtronics makes a blocker that, if I’m not mistaken, Jerry Lewis has to control his pain issues. Yes, that Jerry Lewis. His physical comedy pratfalls beat him to pieces and he had horrible pain problems.
    Keep after it and we’ll keep praying.

  3. kt says:

    hey call me after you get the new block and let me know how it went. and are you coming through gso on your way to/from CT? miss you, love you, hate pga officials.

  4. Justin says:

    Absolutely, how the hell do you leave out Paul Casey? But better yet how the hell do you pick Padraig Harrington over Paul Casey? Luke Donald makes sense I guess, dude is solid and can roll it! Casey is one of the best Match play competitors EVER! Justin Rose has had a great year but I would take Casey over Justin Rose, way more experience with Match play. Justin Rose can miss some short putts! Ken, you know just as well as anything the Ryder Cup is 90% putting. I don’t think Rose was worthy of a wild-card, but he should already be on the team from points! How can Justin Rose have the year he’s had and not be on that team? It makes no sense. Between Casey, Rose, and Harrington, wouldn’t Harrington be the last guy you would want on the team? It’s Monty-the-robot picking Paddy-the-robot to be politically correct. Harrington has won Majors, but the last time I checked the Ryder Cup isn’t stroke play, and he hasn’t played good for a year! Molinari was given, especially how he played in Scotland, and with his brother being on the team already.

    So how bout this for a team; revise the qualifying system so Justin Rose qualifies instead of Peter Hanson, that leaves a decision between Harrington and Casey, and obviously you throw in Casey over Harrington. Then you get rid of Luke Donald and throw in Bernhard Langer. Dude is ON FIRE! At this moment in time there is no better golfer on the planet than Langer, he’s the current best player in the world, you can’t argue it! And Langer is only the face of the European Tour, how the hell can you not pick Bernhard Langer over Luke Donald?

    But I’m really looking forward to the matches now! Europe had the opportunity to just run away with it before it even started, and they ruined it. Montgomery thinks the Americans don’t like him, but we LOVE him now!

  5. N.G.Simon says:

    we’ll put Colon in the hall of shame with Funchem!!
    Keep fighting,you’ll beat this pain!

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