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KG’s Blog Post #78 – 9/5/10 11:08am (Go, Dr. Regenbaum, GO! & Political Proposal)


Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve opened the trap of doom. I have been afraid to give myself the greenhexodoom.

As you know things have been down right ugly in my leg world so I went in for another block, hock, and I don’t know what he called it. When I woke up from my sleep of love the very first thing I said was “I don’t feel a damn thing”. For the first time in 15 months I had no electric feeling zapping me. I was stunned. He said if this worked it would only last 12 hours but that we could do it again wear it would last maybe 6 months or so.  For the next 29 hours I felt like a human being. It was just incredible – I had forgotten what it felt like to just be some what normal and no constant juice running through the body. It has returned and we will hopefully rectify the problem next week when I return from CT. Even though it has returned, I have not had the “shoot me” voltage so that is good in itself.

I’m going up to play in the member-guest tournament at Richter Park in Danbury. It has been my course for a whopping 35 years now.  It is just a beautiful place and if you have not played it you need to get your butts up there and do so. I feel for my lifetime friend Mr. Greg “Bags” Begler, he needs to play well.

Now, on to more exciting news – I have been rejected from 5 events in the sponsor world. It has not been since high school that I’ve been rejected so often. Truth be told I was never once rejected in high school, never asked anyone either. The tour decision infuriates me even more, but I have to work that much harder when we stop this leg pain and just play myself back onto this tour. I so look forward to the time when I can just look into their faces and smile.

It won’t be right if I went a blog without mentioning something about our political issues. I’m amazed that no one has run with the Joe Biden theory of splitting the country in three. The dopey name calling democrats can have Montana, North & South Dakota, and let’s throw in Alaska’s Anwar so they can hunt for food. The pot calling republicans can have Louisiana, Mississippi, ‘I never had sex with that women’ Arkansas and Hawaii, so they can keep stabbing at the fish. The rest of the normal Americans can just have the rest, where they can politely figure out our issues. (I mean no disrespect to anyone in those states – they are just points).

I can’t wait to have this procedure done again and desperately prey that Dr. Regenbaum has found gold. I so want to be human again and not a miserable old fart.

Be good my friends,


4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #78 – 9/5/10 11:08am (Go, Dr. Regenbaum, GO! & Political Proposal)”

  1. J says:

    Just a quick update to my previous comment..just found out Finchem finishes top-5 on the money list every year. If I were making 4 mil a year to screw over my employees I could probably find a way to get some zzz’s at night too! That guy might be the most overpaid person on the planet! I was thinking he probably made like 7-800k..but 4 mil..you have to be kidding me!

  2. Bob says:


    You are taking the right approach playing your way back on tour. Don’t be surprised if the sponsor’s exemptions come as your play gets more competitive. I am sure there is favoritism in the sponsor’sexemption selection process but they also can’t overlook a player who is playing well. Keep us posted on your scoring.


  3. J says:

    Ken, love the optimism! If only more people..including myself could do the same. You talk about playing your way back on tour: I’m assuming that if all is well with the leg we’ll be seeing you at q-school? Speaking of sponsor exemptions, I had a little disheartening chuckle when I saw who they picked at Pebble..that deserves a big ol’ what the f-bomb is wrong with people!?
    Still don’t know how Fim Tinchem can sleep at night.

  4. Lianne Thayne says:

    Hey Ken,
    Good luck with the procedure. I am hopeful that you will in time make a full recovery You have the “grit” that it takes. Patience will also play a huge role in the recovery too of course and we know that you have that.
    Hope that you & Greg win the MG at Richter Park my favorite place to enjoy this game that we call golf. Let us know the outcome, we are rooting for you. God Bless! Lee

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