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KG’s Blog Post #79 – 9/17/10 9:49pm (2nd procedure, random musings)

0-6 on Spots,

 Straight out of the doctor’s office and filled with juice – so I speak again! We won’t know for about 4 days as to whether this 2nd procedure will work, so I will just calmly pray.

I must relay the news that, despite what the PAC and some sponsors think, I’m coming off 2 straight wins which means I still have some game or my competitors truly stink.

First, I partnered with Dr. Ron and won the Hunt-4-Bill 36 hole par3 golf extravaganza, and quietly followed it with a 36 hole win at the Richter Park Member Guest. My partner Bags and I managed to birdie the last hole to win by a half a shot over my friends Ramey-Bussey. I might be just a better partner than golfer these days. Maybe I should have been chosen by Mr. Pavin for the Ryder Cup.

Now that I have carefully slid my way into that arena, I will say that I believe that his choice of young Mr. Fowler is a disgrace to the game of golf. Please understand I believe that he will have a tremendous career, but in no way did he deserve this invite. I think he was chosen simply to try and excite the game to whatever degree it does. With that said, understand that the difference between him and the 64th guy is so marginal it will not make a difference one way or the other. It is simply the right thing vs. the wrong thing here. In an era that winning is supposed to be the end of all ends, how do we pick 3 guys that have not won this year?  (I think) Tiger is automatic and correctly so. Off the top of my head, you leave off Ryan Palmer, Charley “stole my shoes” Hoffman, Anthony Kim, and probably a few more that have won this year for so-called experience and youth that. if you ask them. will very well tell you they have not played well.

The best player to ever play in bad weather and on the other side of the world should be there as some sort of help period. Tom Watson that is. It’s October in Wales we should plan on strange weather – he would be an asset. I wish them the best – I will not be rooting for the other people – despite my love for their captain Mountfullofself.

Now. some quick points for unknown reasons.  The USGA should be getting the ball back that goes left & right when you miss it, not shorter. Let them hit it far, but pay the price if the swing is off.

I have to comment on the recent ad run by the Hollywood actors in regards to illegal immigration. I’ve all ready stated that Munch is smarter than me – he is now smarter than many.

My Yankees and Jeter have pulled off more dishonesty and everyone is fine with it again. For the first time in 43 years, I will not root for them – a 2 month time out.

I have to teach someone how to putt this weekend who has never played golf before, I’m clearly dumber than those actors!

I’m also getting the feeling that its time to get another dog – Munch, Dream, and Knight need a Hunch I say. To the Pound I will go. It is my hope to someday have a place where I can let some old and abandoned dogs live out their days with this old & fat dog. The complex will be named Baby’s Place – after my love, Jeanne.

Be good my friends and please remember that I will never forget what my friends, family and strangers have done for me so I may continue this fight we call life. I’m so lucky and honored. 


7 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #79 – 9/17/10 9:49pm (2nd procedure, random musings)”

  1. Ramey says:

    Half a shot? Or half a leg? Who you kidding! You had a leg up on us.

    Love Ya,


  2. Larry Beattie says:

    Congrats Ken, you now have more wins in 2010 than the World’s Number 1 golfer. Not sure what that means other than the ranking system is messed up but your win always gets the adrenaline flowing. Keep up the wins and the positive thoughts. Jon Hoecker says Hello.

  3. N.G.Simon says:

    WOW!!that’s the Ken Green we love,honor,and respect!Great blog with many positive comments.Our thoughts and prayers continue for more positive results,and we know you’ll continue to give it your best shot!God Bless!

  4. Bob Griggs says:

    Ken, great blog!

    Sounds like your spirits are running high and deservedly so!

    Keep up the good fight. You are an inspiration to many.

    The Griggs/Greensboro

  5. Ed Martin says:

    Good to hear from you again, Ken. I suppose I’m one of the strangers you refer to above. There are many, many of us wishing you well and hoping for the best of possible outcomes for you and your golf career.

  6. Lianne Thayne says:

    Way to go Ken!! Had a feeling that you and Greg would win at Richter. It was only fitting that you did. Congrats!!
    Good luck with the new treatment! Something has to work soon.
    See you next month!……….Lee

  7. Gary Perkinson says:

    Your Wardrobe + Billy Glasson = Charley Hoffman

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