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KG’s Blog Post #8 – 7/30/09 11:06pm

Hello my friends,

I truly have been a bad boy in waiting so long – spank me – left cheek only – no nuttin left on right cheek.

Status report – had first fitting yesterday.  It went well except for some bleeding, which means i must wait for the area to heal – about a 7 day wait.  If ur interested in how it went here is a quick recap:  plastic bag stuck over knee – a large type sock over that – then the first layer of gookie stuff – myself by cousin of gookie stuff – he rubs it in it gets hard where they then pull it off by the plastic bag – that’s where the bleeding came in – they also take a bunch of measurements.

Today we switched to a different PT guys – last one kept not showing up so we just went to someone.  Acupuncture was also used in the hope that we could reduce the pain.  First this guy scraped the hell out of my leg -descentising the area- (no idea how to spell that word), then the accu guy came in and flat out tortured me (i like acupuncture too).  it was tough.  We then worked on some small things to improve muscle movement.  They said i must improve both ankle and stump leg before we can start on the rest of the body.

I guess it was good, and we will start somewhere.

Take care and enjoy your day – swing hard and make every thing you can,

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  1. Jeff Moore says:

    I wish you the best. I was shocked when I heard what had happened. I was one of the guys that played with you at Stoney Creek during the time you were waiting to join the senior tour. Good luck in your future career and wish you a speedy recovery.

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