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KG’s Blog Post #81 – 10/3/10 1:15pm (Ryder comments, neuroma question)

Cup of Insanity,

I just watched a thumb kicking. The USA just played poorly. How do you ever figure out that the 2 best players have a very bad losing record over all their Ryder Cups?  I’m certain that from now on they should just put those 2 together and hope they can win one match out of 2 they should play, rest them on the others.

Points that need to be said by me cause I’m bored out of my bird like brain:

1) NBC coverage was pathetic – golf and the 2439 commercials

2) Johnny Miller is clearly losing his brain – he used to be out spoken with knowledge, but now he is just coming out with idiotic comments that are just dumb and wrong

3) PGA/Pavin should be hung out to dry for their error on the rain suits – no excuse, especially when they knew about it on Tuesday

4) Mountclassless has reconfirmed my opinion of him by not showing the American holes won on the Megatron for ALL the people to watch (not right away). These people sit on a hole just to see some guys play one hole in person and watch the rest on the megatube. Just the ultimate in classless behavior.

5) The out showing of highs by players is a little strange. I have no problem expressing yourself after you have won a match, but going nuts through out the round is foolish.  If you don’t go on to win your match you look like a dope. I certainly have acted like an idiot numerous times, but I have never done that when representing your team, country, and golf.

6) R Fowler has to be so pissed at himself for that error that cost them a hole

7) The golf knowledge of the fans over there is far better than ours over here – the majority here are there just to party

8) How bad have the Americans chipped so far?

9) There is still no doubt they can come back to win

10) That little “risk reward” is too easy – not one player has elected to layup.  More people used to lay upon the par3 16th at Cypress Point, although I never did – I’m not too smart

11) Take care and know that as of right now I’ve had 2 decent days in a row without stupid attacks

12) I’m trying to figure out whether or not to have this neuroma cut out or just see what happens – any clues out there? I’ve had a few yes and a few no it could get worse -no idea!

Be Good,


4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #81 – 10/3/10 1:15pm (Ryder comments, neuroma question)”

  1. Larry says:


    Check out info on Micro-Z Mini or ask your prosthetist (probably Stan)

    It is electric stimulation device that is often effective

    Best to you


  2. Tom says:

    Neuromas are a tough problem, treatments are not often effective. If it was me, and the thing was standing in the way of doing what I wanted to do (or the pain was driving me bananas) I’d try surgery after the freezing thing didn’t work very long or well. A second and third opinion from other doctors is a good idea. I’d also get a different surgeon than the one who did the original job if going with the cutting option.

    Bottom line, if things don’t seem to be getting better after a sufficient amount of time, I’d try something else.

    Boom, baby.

  3. cr says:

    You are so right on. I will watch tomorrow…

    Hope that you are pain free soon. Thanks for all you do for golf and life..

  4. Mcelbee says:


    If there are no or minimal risks, get rid of the nueroma. the other procedures don’t seem to be making progress.

    Nows the time during a lull in the season.


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