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KG’s Blog Post #82 – 10/20/10 9:26pm (Chelsea Cohen Award)


 It has been awhile since I have spoken words of wisdom. Things will not change after you read this.

I was lucky enough to receive the Chelsea Cohen Award on October 18th.  For those of you who do not know, Chelsea was a 17 year old young athlete who lost her life to cancer about 4 years ago.  From everything I have learned about her from people and her family, she was a wonderful girl and fighter to the last breath. She and her family endured a 2 ½ year battle which must have been absolutely heartbreaking on her family. Take a minute and think about the emotional pain that her family, friends and her herself must have gone through.

I was proud and honored to meet her family and will always cherish this award because of her and not because of the “so called courage” that I received this award for. Another reason we need to step back and stop bitching about the little things that go wrong in our lives. I will fight to never do that for the rest of my days.

Now just for normal Ken Green points of interest. That Monday, the 18th, I did not have one ounce of pain. At 4:00am the next morning it has been back to its usual.  As most of you know, I have had less then 3 days of no pain. I believe with all my heart that there were others on my side that day and would not ruin that day for the 600+ people that were there.  I hope this makes sense…you know how I type!

Other than that, nothing much more has happened.  It has been a rough few weeks. I will head back to Florida and we will go fight the fight some more. Eventually we will win this fight and then I will be able to go play and work on the golf game again. I am only assuming that all those rejections happened for a reason, and hopefully it is for the betterment of my health. I now have 4-5 months to solve our problems and play golf again.

That is pretty much all I have to say. Please be good and take care.  I don’t believe I’ve done this before, but if anyone wants to write, here is my email address if you want to say hello:



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  1. Montana Mike says:


    When you are ready to visit “the other side” of life, let me know. Talkeetna, Alaska! (I own a small lodge) As a FORMER PGA Professional, who walked away from golf, I know “withdrawals” from the game of a lifetime can take awhile. We got snow, snow machines, snow plows, fishing, moose, bears, wolves, and THE MOUNTAIN! (Denali) Talkeetna, quite a unique village.

    Come visit!

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