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KG’s Blog Post #83 – 11/1/10 11:35pm (Tour Tidbits, Bermuda Tourn. Coming Up)

A Call to Reality,

Good day to all! Just a quick note so I can try and get into the habit of babbling more to any who are bored and have me on their “boredolist”.

I would like you all to know that I asked the tour to reconsider and give me my “lost 13 months”.  Amazing, I was told – why I’m sorry Ken we really want to help but we are just so afraid that other members would sue because they were not allowed any medicals that they had requested. Wowsa me brain with slit in middle!!!  I have very little intelligence left, but why on earth can’t they just tell me to go pound sand in Yemen.

Speaking of sand – I suck out of bunkers now. No consistence on distance control.

Do you know I was once fined for telling some fans while I was signing some autographs that the coursed sucked?  I was the only one in the group signing and simply answered the question someone asked. Calc, Couples, and Stewart signed nothing and I not only signed autographs, but followed it up by signing a check to my buddy Tim. Go figure. I have been fined about 30 times on tour and about half occurred in the short period that I was involved in the lawsuit against the tour – strange coincidence don’t you think?

Speaking of fines – I hope that young Mr. Kim gets his act together before he turns into a John Daly. I’ve been told he is a very nice young man, but if he doesn’t get alcohol and partying under control, he will destroy his life. SAFE = sports-alcohol-fame-ego ad up to Mr. Tim pretending he is your pop – but this time he is correct.

If I’m repeating myself, forgive me as my memory is absolutely on 3-putt mode. Mr. Timmy tum once told me when I was disputing one of my fines that the truth does not matter. Ouch – the most honest game in the world and the “Allatimocon” told me that – I lost the battle.

I’m still hoping to go to Bermuda and play in a small event at the end of the month [Gosling Invitational – see http://goslingsinvitational.com ]. I have not played this course, but most all the courses there are hilly so it will be an interesting battle, although it is a short course which may help me.

I’m still seeking that first competitive round under par so that will be a goal of priority.

Be good my friends,


= = = = = = = = = = = = =
One more Important Thing, friends…

A little birdie (actually a BIG Birdie – ‘Big John’ Sanford, Pres. of http://www.sanfordgolfdesign.com ) whispered this NEW into my ear:

“Don’t know if you heard that KG was recently elected into the PBC Sports Hall of Fame. There will be a ceremony sometime in March and it would be great to get a bunch of KG supporters down here for the event. Keep hittin’ ‘em long & straight pards ! John S.”


Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame


2011 Inductees:

Ken Green earned his PGA tour card in 1982 and was a five time winner on the PGA tour from 1985-1989.  He was a member of the 1989 Ryder cup team, had a top 10 finish in the 1996 U.S. Open and is currently playing on the Champions Tour.

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  1. Bob says:


    Keep providing the updates on your progress however insignificant they may seem to you. Look forward to seeing you at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open next year. Did you notice last week a Monday qualifier won the Champions Tour event?


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